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> Notes for Complete Game Threads

This forum is for completed RPG Maker VX games. Please do not post threads about games being made in other engines here.

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> Mont Asall, Oceans 7 day RPG
Oceans Dream
post Mar 19 2012, 04:40 AM
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Type: Spriter
Alignment: Neutral Good

Mont Asall

Platform- RMVX
Was made in 7 days for the 7 Day Roguelike challenge!

You are caught and accused of the murder of Sir Edmund. A trial happens which determines whether you are set free or whether you end up in Jail. Being as you aren't the one who did it, it becomes a search to find the true murderer, and the feud between the temple and the palace.

*Main character
Player defined. Was accused of the murder of Sir Edmund even though they weren't responsible. Has to go clear their name and fight off various assassins that want them dead.

*Judge Pascal
The judge who is questioning the suspect (you) on the murder

A priestess of the temple. She will help you out and guide you through the adventure, usually pointing you where to go next.

Priest of the temple. He's very loyal to the god Mirannal and devout. He is very serious and dedicated to his work.

Not a friend of Fernand. He is the Baron in the land of Mont Asall, and is upset over the loss of Sir Edmund.

Screen Shots

Beach map. You uncover more of the map as you explore.

Character Creation! Choose from male or female, from various hair styles/colors and initial items. Then a name.

A skippable intro!

Items you find in treasures and stores are all randomized. They vary greatly from playthrough to playthrough.

Battle system! Move your character close to the enemy so they can attack or use a spell. You can even hire a character to help if you find one.

You can have different armor and weapon types which can affect your movement steps and range, as well as stats.

You can create your character in the start. Being a roguelike, a lot of the elements are randomized. Where you go, what items you find in chests, how many chests appear in a floor, what items are sold in shops, all of that is randomized. While the areas you go to are randomized, the maps are hand designed with custom tiles.

NOTE: when selecting an item in the intro, press UP and then Z at the item.

In battle, you can move up to the enemy. Depending on what armor and what weapon you have will determine how many steps you can take and how long your weapon range is. You can hire a mercenary to join you temporarily, though they may leave after you fight the boss of the area.

You can move around up to the amount of steps you have. Press Z to bring up the attack cursor. If the enemy is in range, you can select them to attack. X to cancel out.

Press X while its your turn to bring up the submenu. You can use an item or spell (unless you have already attacked/used an item or spell in that turn), Pass your turn, Leave the battle (if you're as far south in the battlefield as you can go or have defeated all the enemies), or view the enemy names.

You can hire a helper into battle too. So you go first, then your ally if you have one, then the enemies go.

This is an experimental game which I wanted to try when I saw the roguelike challenge! This is a short game that can take a little over an hour to play through the first time so I hope I can be forgiven for not posting pages of info about it!

Graphics custom made by Oceans Dream
Title screen by Marimo
Music by Vicman

Other credits are listed in the game

Mirror: Mediafire

Since it was done in 7 days, there are some glitches, some which are known, but will not be fixed yet until I get the results from the 7drl challenge.
Known bug: Spire Boss battle has the airship battle background
Known bug: The last boss's name in the View command is incorrect
Known bug: Enemies may target a dead ally
Known bug: Allies can level up in a battle that they died in

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post Mar 26 2012, 06:43 AM
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Type: Designer

Hmm wow! :D
Im suprised no one has comented on this yet, these graphics are real nice x]
Ill give it a go and tell you what i think! :)

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Oceans Dream
post Mar 28 2012, 02:39 AM
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Type: Spriter
Alignment: Neutral Good

Thanks, look forward to hearing it!

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post Mar 28 2012, 03:10 PM
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Type: Designer

I recognized the style from your site, I'll download it now and try it. Seems lovely.

If you need help with maps feel free to contact me. Sorry, I can't do much, but I'll be happy to help you.
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