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This forum is for recruiting for games in development. Please do not post threads about games being made here.

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> In Need of Some Resources/Help, A request for some resources, and help in a future project.
post Mar 22 2012, 11:50 PM
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Hello! I'm writerfanatic, and I'm new to this whole RPG thing, however making games seems like a lot of fun though it also takes a very long time. biggrin.gif I guess I should get to the point then...I'm in need of some people to help me with a current project. This will involve a lot of communication between us to finish it, because I was hoping that this project would turn out well! I myself am a writer, so creating characters, getting creative idea's, figuring out a good plot...that's not really much of a problem! Anyway...here's some information about the project:

Title: Night's Dawn
Genre: Romance, Adventure, RPG
Description: This games is romance RPG (kind of like Otome and Harvest Moon combined) about a young girl (name unknown right now. All names in this game will be in japanese!). She suffers a tragedy when her perfect life dissapears. Her parents and younger brother die in a car accident, and not long after a man appears claiming that she's the heiress of a actress who had recently died. The story follows her life after this, when she's taken in the rich and will deal with romance, bullying, and other possible things!

How long will this game be? It all depends on how long the storyline is, I'm hoping long enough to allow the player to enjoy the game!

How many characters will there be? Enough of them! We have four boys (the player choses which guy they want to woo at the beginning, which branches off into slightly different storylines), plus there's one main female who gives the main character a hard time (she's the bully), then the man who is known as "Butler B" (the person who reveals that our female character is the heir), a sister that is left with the inheritance our female hero obtains, then it goes from there.. smile.gif

Will music be a big deal? ABSOLUTELY! Like any other game, the title menu will have a song, the beginning will have a song, the end will have a song, introductions, sad moments, etc.

What style is this game? Is it a free chose, or a drama? Both. The game is a mix between an otome (a anime romance for girls) and harvest moon (a farming, free chose game). However, the game runs on a storyline, and there are times where the characters choice may end the game, so it's also kind of game with puzzles!

Do you have RPG VX? I'm currently trying to get ahold of it...but failing COMPLETELY! So, I may need someone whose good with RPG VX to help me organize everything! Don't worry, I'm good with communication so that shoudn't be a problem! It sounds bad that it's my story but I need someone to help with actually putting it together....However, creating the worlds, inside the houses, the environement, school, etc. is all your freewill so you can do whatever you want. smile.gif My only request will be on whether it's shabby, exotic, tropical, if the school is grand and all!

What will you be doing? Organizing and gather everything from all the creators, assigning who does what based on what they're good at, creating the story (with some idea's from everyone else if possible), finding proper sound effects, checking everyone's work/making sure it works, creating the characters...and more that I probably haven't thought of! We'll all be working hard!

Who do you need?

If you're interesting in helping, theren here's a list of what I need:

- A person to take charge of the RPG VX (if i can't get ahold of it)
- One or more who can create anime styled characters.
- One or more to create music
- One person to work second in command.
- Other people, however I've never done this before so these are all the jobs I can think of.
- If scripting counts, then one or more to help with that.

More information will be revealed when you've been accepted! Please provide examples prior to accepting. If you have any questions you may ask, however I do not ever kow if this was posted in the right forum...yeah... smile.gif
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post Mar 23 2012, 08:57 AM
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Type: Undisclosed
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Hi Writer fanatic.

You know usually we have trouble with people requesting resources with so little game information.
But this is kind of two different things.

One is Project recruitment. That goes somewhere else, and I'm moving this over there.

You'll need to start another post with very specific requests for resources if you want ot make resource requests.

Have a blast!

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post Mar 23 2012, 08:36 PM
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Dusk Fighter
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Type: Musician
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I'd like to be a composer, I messaged you about it =D.
I have rpgm vx so I can help with that too.
Not sure if you got my 2 messages though because my inbox loading screen looked glitchy.

Music Composer needing a job, hopefully a commercial project where I can get some money and credit.
Message me or hit me on skype novafighter07 if interested.
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