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> Note for Early Project Feedback Threads

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> Lush Beneath A Shadowed Sun, This project loosely follows the plot of the first two chapters.
post Mar 27 2012, 03:53 AM
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This is what I've been working on over the past three or so years. I'm trying to work out the glitches in the Fight or flight system. I hope it goes well. Anyway this is what I have so far:

Game World

The landscape is what was left over after a large scale civil war in the distant future. The lakes and oceans have been infected with radiation, and have a slight green color. The animals have mutated to where they can survive living on the surface. However the humans that once lived here have been forced to live underground. Slhouette Man doesnt know this, and thinks its a barren planet.

He eventually came here on a rescue mission, to find an operator for the group MK731. However as of yet Silhouette Man has only found creatures that barely resemble a human being at all. When he arrived in the abandoned city, it looked at bit like modern day Chernobyl. What was once a fast food place processing ratburgers, has been fed upon by the rats the themselves. Who knows, maybe the coffee is still good?

Story Synopsis

Narrator: I was driving along this burnt forest road for what felt like an hour. The road landscape was like a lonely dying bush in the desert. In a split second, I was driving and then a blond girl in a white night gown walked across the road. I swerved off the road into crator. Boom! And then blackout.

I woke up with my body tied up to a surgeons table, wrapped up with duct tape. A bright light shined in my face, and grew dimmer. I could see a reptilian skinned doctor smiling at me with his yellow colored black slitted eyes. I was grabbed by the other surgeons, and then held me down while the chief was drawing a black line across my forehead.

And then my snapped open, and I was lying on the cratored ground starring into the sun. And then I saw a white void, and then saw that blond girl standing in front of my, with her back to me. She had her palms in her face, and she was crying. And then I saw blond on her hands. I tried to walk to her, but she dissapeared.

I climbed out of the crator, and then walked into the forest. A deer walking along the forest trail, was starring at me blankly. And then a storm erupted. The rain burned through my shirt. I needed to find the nearest cave....

Character Bios

Silhouette Man - Silhouette Man was given a prisoners parole from an MK731 prison colony in the Northern Sauna Creek Colonies. He was sent here as a condition for his release, on a rescue mission to find a missing MK731 operator. He likes to wear camo pants, a white wife beater, and sports long black hair and red eyes. Silhouette Man has a surprising amount of knowledge about surviving out in the wild, and eating things one would not normally expect a man to eat. Though some might wonder whether we should be eating them anyway. Silhouette Man is a Mesomorph.

Samantha - Silhouette Man first encounters Samantha at a gas station, where she was starring at him blankly, with a white night gown covered in blood. She was initially hesitant to get to know Silhouette Man, As evidenced by the fact that she keeps pushing him off when he tries to take her somewhere save so the parasites wont get her. She obviously knows something Silhouette Man does not. She currently likes him ok surprisingly enough, considering that she believes he killed her parents during she war she speaks about, that our hero himself apparently doesn’t remember. Or is it that he doesn’t want to remember? Samantha is an Exomorph.

Parasitic Girl - Richard and Samantha encounter who she effectionatly calls Susie living with the other parasitic people in the humanoid parasitic nest. However there are hints to suggest that Samantha knows Susie more than whats evidenced right away. The parasitic girl is about 5'7, and has evolved to have sonar, due to the near total darkness in the caves, and crawls around with her feelers to move around. Like Samantha, she has some difficulty with speech. Parasitic girl is an Exomorph in truest since of the word, and the outer skeleton has a texture much like reptilian skin. She loves to eat giant centipedes, and cave shrooms.


The gameplay involved rationing food, weapons, and medical supplies, so that you can last just long enough to find out where the MK731 operator is. However sometimes a bigger challenge comes about when you find the occassional landmine. Sometimes when a parasitic humanoid is chasing you, because you can't kill them, you got to either knock them back long enough to run away, or push something in the way. In the story Silhouette Man throws a rock at a wall to distract them.

Screenshots on the bottom.

http://www.mediafire.com/?gs8b02nye25asrd Early demo, just for the battle system. A story demo thats 15% of the game coming soon.

Edit: Story is slight hiatus, due to other duties involving graphic novel production, slightly changing story, and so forth.
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