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> Note for Early Project Feedback Threads

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> Convicted Criminal, A new game (Under Development)
post Mar 31 2012, 04:38 PM
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The Story takes place in 2200

Leon is just living a normal life so he goes to work everyday and hes wife stayed always home
to clean the house and do some cleaning jobs at other peoples home.
But one day everything changed..
Leon just went again away for his work it just looked like a normal day.
Until some one broke in the house and killed Leon his wife.
Leon came back later that day and discoverd the dead body of his wife.
So he decided to take revenge on the person that killed his wife.
Leon was getting paranoid but finally he found out who the killer was.
A few months he found out where he was and killed him.
he left the body on the ground without hiding it..
Leon was having mental problems he couldnt think normal anymore
it was a reliefe that he took revenge but it didnt brought back his wife..
One day he was alone sitting in his hotel room when there suddenley a swat team fell in
and they arrested him. And brought him to the judge.
They decided that he was guilty for the killing of a person.
He tried to convince them that it was the killer of his wife and that he took revenge.
But they didnt believed him and convicted him for 25 years for murder.
He went taken to the prison. But this wasnt a normal prison.
The judge found him a paranoid and crazy killer so they decided to throw him in the
inter galatic prison. This prison was in space full with the dangerous and phycopatic killers.
In this prison he meets up with Newton.
Newton tells him that he was convicted falseley.
He said it was only self defence..
Newton would completeley change his life...


Leon: 35 years old.
Hes a person that is done with his life.
He is convicted for 25 years in the prison.
Because he killed the killer of his wife.
Hes father died at earley age and his mother
was an addict to drugs and Alchol.
He lost all his friends and has no other familiy left.
So he has simple nofing left to live for.

Newton: 28 years old.
Hes a very active person.
And hes every day thinking of an escape.
Hes already in this prison for 3 years now.
But all hes attempts had been failed.
He says that he is falseley convicted for killing
a innoncent human. But he keeps saying that it was only self defence.

Richard: 32 years old
Hes one of the security guards of the prison.
Newton and him have very much contact with each other.
You could call them some kind of friends.
He has already tried several times to help him Newton
with his escape plan. But however all those attempts have failed.
Richard him selfs is very compassionate with some of the criminals.
And would like to help some of them.

Stuart: 50 years old
Hes the director of the prison.
He doesnt care anything about the prisoners or
the security guards. You could also compare him
with a heart less asshole that only gives something about
him self. He tried to get advantage of every single situation.
His history explains why he became like this.

This game wont have any fights in like in mmoprgs or rpgs.
Everything will be depended on the decisions that you make inside the story line.
So this game wil have multiple endings. Very Bad ending,Bad ending,Good ending and Perfect ending.

Screenshots and character sprites will follow later.
I bareley have started on working it but dont worry i will do it soon.

Please tell me what you think about the story:)
Maybe more characters will follow soon,

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post Apr 7 2012, 09:19 AM
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I think the storyline is pretty good, but well, I guess you have to improve your English... or is it just typos that I saw?
I'll be looking forward to the screenshots, etc, because it looks like fun.

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post Jul 21 2012, 05:30 PM
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This project has some long delay.
Its because i am working on a horror games for rpg maker vx.
Which is getting close to a demo.
So after i finisch this game i will start working
on this one. Sorry for the delay but i am making some great progress
with the horror game.

You will hear more of it very soon.
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Mark Avon
post Aug 13 2012, 04:40 AM
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Interesting. I would love to see some more screenshots of this. Will there be some custom graphics? : O
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post Aug 26 2012, 05:24 AM
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Seems interesting can't wait for screenshots and demo. biggrin.gif

I support:

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