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> Ragnarok's Edge, My Completed Game
post Apr 2 2012, 01:31 AM
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Type: Writer
Alignment: Neutral Good

Story Synopsis:
The mercenary group, known as the Renegades, have been summoned by the king to retrieve the fabled sword that will bring about the endtime, the Ragnarok. After being charged with this task, the group heads to a nearby port to get a ship. The group ends up having to fend off bandits and are given a boat as a reward. The group uses the boat to go to the NW island where the Blademaster's Tomb is. After going through the tomb, the group finds the sword and is challenged by its spirit. The group defeats its spirit and makes their way back to the king, who takes the sword from them and then...

World Development:

- Renegade's Base: this place serves as the home for the active party. There is a den, and two bedrooms (to house each member), as well as a well kept yard.
- Castle Villa: this serves as the town which leads to the castle. This place features three crosses representing the gods, two stands where the player can buy equips, and a save crystal along with a tutorial.
- Castle: This is where the player will get the initial quest. This place features the throne room where the king and queen are. A dining room where a friendly chef will greet the player. The King's chambers where a maid and the prince, Cerulean, will be mindlessly wandering around. Finally, there's a guard barracks where the guard captain stares over his proud battalion.
- Port Hymir: This port features a battle hardened Harbomaster and several open doors, that lead to a warehouse, for ship supplies.
- Blademaster's Tomb: This is an expansive dungeon, harboring all of the usual enemies that leads to a Sword Sanctum where Ragnarok may be found.








Character Bios:

Kaine - Leader of the Renegades. He is a veteran from a long forgotten war in which he lost the use of one of his eyes. He's brash, blunt, and sometimes sarcastic, but beneath his tough exterior lies a protective warrior who will fight to his last breath. His class is Deathblade, a class that specializes in Darkness-type attacks and attacks that cripple them with status effects.

Selena - Second-in-command of the Renegades. She's a former court magician, expelled after concocting an illness poison and accidentally killing a few animals. Her smile can brighten any saddened day and her quirky antics often get her and the group into serious trouble. She is never seen far from her bear, Mr. Fluffykins. Her class is Sorceress, a class that specializes in Elemental magics and some crippling status effects, her most notable skill is Mana Drain, which could be used to provide mana for magic by taking it directly from foes.

Emil -The latest recruit in the Renegades. She doesn't talk much and always refers to Kaine as 'sir' even though she has been asked not to. She's soft-spoken and kind-hearted and believes in the power of the light to cleanse evil from her foes. She excels greatly at the bow, because of her indomitable patience and she's always innocently asking naive questions. Her class is Priestess, a class that excels at healing and a few magic attacks, if her level is high enough, she will learn the ultimate Light-type ability, Saint.

Link to Completed Game:


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post Apr 10 2012, 04:07 PM
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Type: Coder
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Hey Zenophoenix, I played your game.

First things first: alas, the game is not winnable. There is a crash to desktop problem when you pick up the Ragnarok sword, because the game cannot find the audio file. I hacked my way past that problem, but there is another unfortunate error where the Ragnarok boss will fight you over and over forever.

I did still get to see some of the game though, so I can give you some feedback. The mapping is solid, and the battles are not frustrating. The Ragnarok battle is about the right difficulty, and you used a custom battle system, which is good. Perhaps the random encounters are a little easy, but I only played the first dungeon and it's better to lean towards easy rather than hard battles. The dungeon was not frustrating, but was a little short and could have had more loot.

Also, I don't know if this is deliberate, but it was a bit strange that I couldn't change anyone's equipment in town.

I think you should focus a little more on making the plot a bit more original.

All in all and leaving the glitch aside, what I played was a solid start, but there is room for improvement.
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