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> Advanced Text Input System + Response [SOLVED], found a script after random research
post Apr 11 2012, 12:32 PM
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Hey everyone, it's been a while since I last dropped by, and now I'm in need of little help. I was tinkering with RMVX's options and came across the "Name Input Processing" event option, and is a match for a conditional branch called "If [actor] is named [name]". Its purpose is to change a selected actor's name in-game, but I noticed that the Name Input can hold up to a maximum of 16 characters, while the conditional branch can hold 20 characters. I was planning on using these functions for a mute character who uses a notepad to talk to people, but with its current limitations, it would be impossible to tell someone "Can you tell me what happened 20 minutes ago?" using these options. And so, here's my request:

>> I'd like to request a script that lets you input a specified amount of characters, similar to the Name Input Process, and something that would handle the input for use, similar to If [actor] is named [name].

Example: The player (playing as the mute character) wants to ask about tomorrow's breakfast is. The player must then type one of the ff:


> "What's tomorrow's breakfast?"
> "What will be tomorrow's breakfast?"
> "What are we having tomorrow morning?"
> "Are we having something delicious for tomorrow morning?"

Depending on what the player types, each will have a different response:

> "Bacon and eggs...why'd you ask?"
> "Are you fine with having bacon and eggs?"
> "We're having bacon and eggs for tomorrow morning."
> "I hope you like bacon and eggs, because I'll be preparing that for tomorrow's breakfast."

And, of course, asking anything else other than the expected questions would result in a so-called "error handling", like this:

>>Player is supposed to ask tomorrow's breakfast, but made some mistakes (like mistyping a character). Then the process would go to an error-handler, which would randomly choose any of the specified handlers:

> "Sorry, I'm quite busy at the moment."
> "Let's talk about it later, okay?"
> (player was ignored)

You may be wondering "why not use choices instead of this?". It's a bit simple in my perspective, actually. The reason why is because I want to make the game's difficulty as close to reality as possible. And to give you a spoiler, the character who would be using this function is mute and cannot speak, and to make matters harder, the player won't know what goes through her mind, so you're left to wonder and think for her on your own.

To summarize it all:

>>> Create a window for character input with maximum characters defined in script
>>> Processor of the input, whether to return a "good" response or a "bad" response
>>> Script may be processed in events, combination of self-switches

If I missed on explaining some things clearer, please do tell. I wouldn't mind being criticized. Thank you for taking the time to read and, if ever, fulfill this request.


Solution: I found the scrip I was looking for during my search for a sit-down scrip (which did not go well), but found a solution to this instead.

Script Title: "Input Text v1.1(Update)
by: OriginalWij
link to script: Input Text v1.1 by OriginalWij

To OriginalWij: Thank you so much for having such compilations like these, as well as to those who helped and read this request. Now, back to creating DOALA character sheets.

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post Apr 11 2012, 11:48 PM
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I don't think this is what you are looking for but you might be able to convert it to work
as I said you might be able to convert this

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post Apr 12 2012, 07:55 AM
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I have a copy of that script, as well as many other scripts and demos for reference and ease of finding them. I've seen its capabilities, and, well, it's close to but not exactly the one I'm looking for. But then again, checking it once more, I found out that it's worth trying after all. But it still has two functions left unsolved:

1. Even if I were to type something, how would it be stored, the input I mean?
2. How will I be able to say "Show It"(commonly called 'Accept', so that the player can get a response based from what he typed)?

I'm no scripter, actually. I only do scripting if there's some minor editing needed, like making the Notes Input window to show in the game menu (which I did once but forgot to make a copy), or practically removing the normal attack command during battle (which leaves you to just using skills, takes effect on all characters however). I'm really not quite familiar with the syntax RMVX uses.

Still, it was nice that someone took time in trying out (it was a good suggestion, actually). Thanks for the reply, though I might need someone (or Jet himself) to make the Notes Input script capable of returning the inputs and the NPC gives out a reply.

I do hope some would be capable of doing it...


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