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> An ejection status "ailment"
post Apr 13 2012, 03:17 AM
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Hello, this is my first time posting on the forums, but I will try to make my request(s) as detailed as possible.
Furthermore, I have searched this forum and various sites on google to find many intuitive things, but they're just not the things I've had in mind.

Scripts I am currently using:


What ejection does:
The ejection status is applied through skills that target one enemy.
The effect will make the opponent absent for an x amount of turns. (If not customizable, then two turns will do.)
When this effect is applied, the enemy is not visible (because they're not currently present).
The enemy cannot move, however, they cannot be attacked either.
They ARE however, able to be targeted in the convenience of viewing the enemy's status.
When those turns have passed, the opponent "recovers" and returns back from the side of the screen they were ejected from, standing back in position.

Conditions of ejection:
When the player encounters only one foe in a battle and uses an ejection skill on the enemy, the enemy is ejected and the battle is won.
Against multiple enemies, the ejection's effect to temporarily remove a foe occurs, as earlier implied. The monster will return after the allotted turns to recover from the status have passed.
When a foe is ejected from a battle that has multiple enemies, the battle is instantly won IF and only if all other enemies are incapacitated. Example: Random encounter with Foe A, B, and C. Player uses a skill that ejects Foe A from the battle. While Foe A is ejected, the Player defeats Foe B and C before Foe A returns. This therefore results in the battle being won, because no enemies are either present or alive at this point.
This will never work against boss monsters (or certain enemies that have this notated in the database to signify their immunity to the effect).

For those who have played Final Fantasy 10, you will know what I am talking about. An example of this is Auron's overdrive, "shooting star", which ejects virtually every normal monster. Though the version of what I am requesting may be a bit different.

P.S: I'm sorry, but I just realized I also needed something else. A script that when applied to a skill, it makes the enemy fly off the screen on hit. The trajectory can be a simple straight line that angles maybe about 30 degrees in the direction where the enemy should be flying. This goes in conjunction with melee attacks that ejects enemies and should be able make the enemy fly off the screen when hit by the skill to produce a transition between the normal and ejection status that would make sense. (In other words, it would awkward to see a melee attack make an enemy disappear on the spot, so this script it supposed to make a transition between the melee skill and the visual disappearance of ejection make sense to the player.)

Thank you for reading, I hope somebody is able to answer me c:

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