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> Item Selection Number Fix, One item charge use per battler per combat round.
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post Jan 27 2009, 06:19 PM
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Item Selection Number Fix
by Mithran

This script is desinged for the default battler only and will probably not work with other battle systems.

Okay, here is what the script really does. You know how when you have one potion left, and you have Ralph use one? Then you pull open the item window for Ulrika, and you still have one? Why? Shouldn't there be no potions left, since Ralph already selected to use one?

If you answered yes, then this script is for you. Of course, the item shouldnt actually be consumed until it is 'used', so I have accounted for this as well.

- Only one actor can use any given single item (read: one item use) in any given combat round (this includes non-consumables)
- Items selected are NOT consumed until they are actually used. Actors will see a reduction in quantity as they select their items, but if anyone selecting to 'use' an item cancels out, the item will be available for use by someone else.
- completely plug and play

How to Use
Place it in the materials section above main and below scripts that alter item numbers.

# Item Selection Number Fix
# v 1.0b
# By Mithran
# Created January 27, 2009
# Only tested with default battler system.
# Subtracts 1 item for each member 'using' the item in the command selection.
# The items are NOT really 'gone', but will be unavailable for the next actors
# to select.
# In other words, if Ralph selects to 'use' the last potion, there wont be one
# Ulrika wont be able to select it.  If for some reason Ralph doesn't get to use
# the potion before the combat round or battle ends, it is still available for
# use the next round or after battle.  If Ralph cancels using the potion, Ulrika
# can then use it.
# Also dissalows multiple actors from selecting the same non-consumable item
# (there must be one for each actor selecting the item)

class Scene_Battle < Scene_Base
  alias start_actor_command_selection_item_number_fix start_actor_command_selection
  def start_actor_command_selection
  alias process_action_item_number_fix process_action
  def process_action
    $game_temp.action_processing_item_number = true
    $game_temp.action_processing_item_number = false

class Game_Temp
  attr_accessor :action_processing_item_number

class Game_Party < Game_Unit
  alias item_number_item_number_fix item_number
  def item_number(item)
    n = item_number_item_number_fix(item)
    return n unless $game_temp.in_battle
    return n if item.class != RPG::Item
    return n if $game_temp.action_processing_item_number
    for member in members
      n -= 1 if member.action.kind == 2 && member.action.item_id == item.id
    return [n, 0].max

q. How about one for (insert custom battle system here)?
a. Shoot me a name and a link and I'll look into it. No promises, though.

Credit and Thanks
- Mithran

Author's Notes
This script is a purely optional addon. Feedback is welcome.

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post Jun 26 2009, 01:29 AM
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Using just Equipment Extension from Kgc + your fix:
Script 'Game Actor' line 142: SystemStack ErrorOcurred
stack level too deep

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post Jun 26 2009, 01:53 AM
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Changing equipment before the group members were fully set up was causing a recursion. Should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting.

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post Jun 26 2009, 04:52 AM
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Very nice job with this little script Mithran.
That is very useful for not having the annoying do nothing when you already used that potion.

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