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Personal Statement
Pride is a strong emotion. When you defend your pride do not fight against someone. Move away from them! Because if you do they may laugh. But your pride will reward you for making the right choice of not starting a pointless fight.
Personal Info
The person you can talk to.
18 years old
On my Laptop ^_- Where else?
Born Dec-30-1995
Classical and Orchestrated Music, Rainy Days with a nice cup of tea, Sitting by a warm fireplace, Spreading my wisdom and joy, Playing the Piano, Attempting to play the Violin, Searching the forums for people in need, Watching Spice and Wolf, writing a new part of my novel and planning Story lines.

I guess you can say im old at heart ^_^
Other Information
Primary Language (if not English): English
Creator Type: Writer
Favorite RPG Maker: RPG Maker VX
What YEAR did you start RPG Making?: 2011
Favorite Games: I honestly can't think of any O_O I must admit I enjoy more making games then playing them.
Favorite Game System: None
RPG Alignment: Lawful Good
Currently Playing: Twilight Princess
That Game's Rating (1-5): 4
What I like/dislike about this game: I do really enjoy playing this game as the storyline is very strong yet I can move about freely when I choose so and thus complete the game at my own pace after a bit of exploring. The main reason I enjoy it is the music! ^_^ I can listen to Midna's Theme on end.
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About Me
My Content
Welcome to my page!

If you do not know me my username is Honoris (Stands for Honor in Latin) And I am generally a very calm and collected person. My game making abilitys lie in storylines and simple scripting. I also play the piano and have Printmusic 2010 so I can make basic music for your games for free.

If you do not know I am British! happy.gif And ill make three things clear. 1). Yes I love tea. 2). Yes I love Fish N' Chips 3). Yes I live in the countryside

I am if I say so myself very old at heart. I listen to classical music such as Mozart (I can hum the whole of Symphony 40 in G Minor), Beethoven and Chopin while people find this very odd for someone of my age I really do enjoy listening to them and I hope to keep the spirit of the classical genre alive.

My personality is very calm. I love to relax myself. I am also very kind and understanding in any situation and I always tend to be the neutral, passive person who sets a argument aside.

I also send welcome messages to new members of the community as well as birthday messages happy.gif You would be amazed at how you can really make someones day with some gentle kindness.

If you do need any help at all if it is new ideas for your game or personal assistant for a serious matter I am more then willing to help in any situation so please don't be shy!

--- My Stuffs! ---
Things I have made! (Or making!)
Empty... =P

Things I support

Random Tests I have done.
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Thanks! Happy belated St Patrick's day to you as well.
18 Mar 2012 - 22:45
Meh. I call myself old at heart due to me always making friends who tend to be a lot older then myself XD
2 Oct 2011 - 12:34
well i'd rather call that matured heart ;)
2 Oct 2011 - 9:43
^_^ Anytime
1 Oct 2011 - 15:53
Thanks alot man :)
1 Oct 2011 - 11:20


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