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Creator Type: Artist
Favorite RPG Maker: RPG Maker VX
What YEAR did you start RPG Making?: 2006
Favorite Games: Eternal Sonata, Tales of Vesperia, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts..
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Currently Playing: Eternal
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Without giving away to much of the story.... The journey starts with a group of C ranked guilds men on a quest to hunt for medical ingredients only found from a certain monster. As the story unfolds the group is cast on a long travel on an unexpected adventure.


I wanted to make more refreshing, less generic characters then usual RPG's. I didn't want it's hero to be a blond guy with blue eyes and a sword and shield, but I still wanted wide range of characters so that any body could play and have at least one they could really relate to or at least enjoy.
(I don't have my scanner or Pen Tablet so I had to generate Face sets for the time being....)

The leader of a lower ranked team of guilds men. Domenic is extremely level headed for his young age.
He is a well balanced fighter and the most agile of the whole party. He has much to learn but shows limitless potential.

Fighting style: Melee
Status type: Attack and Agility
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Weapon of choice: Spears and lances
Free hand: Bow and Arrows

Domenic's loyal side kick and best friend. Torry has a natural gift for magic and can master difficult spells with very little effort. Torry can act air headed at times and doesn't take anything seriously. But he remains positive and looks for the best in every situation.

Fighting style: Magical Offense
Status type: Spirit
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Weapon of choice: Staffs, Scepters and Wands
Free hand: Spell books.

Arnet is a rookie fighter but a fast learner to say the least. She can act over protective of her brother and some times comes off as unpleasant even tho her intentions are pure. She is the newest member to the party but seems to have some sort of chemistry with Domenic.

Fighting style: Ranged
Status type: Balanced
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Weapon of choice: Bows
Free hand: Arrows

Denet is the most experienced fighter in the group. He is a know it all and a smart ass. Sometimes negative but always realistic. He is always full of knowledge and usually the first to figure out the right path or plan of action. His impressive strength allows him to lift huge, powerful weapons. He is also the older brother to Arnet.

Fighting style: Melee
Status type: Attack and Defense
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Weapon of choice: Axes, Hammers and Polearms
Free hand: Shields

He is a well balanced fighter with a special and unique gift. Healing is a rare, usually genetic talent Bray was born into and is a very valuable member of the party because of it. He is handsome and charming but extremely arrogant and much to cocky for his own good.

Fighting style: Melee, Magical Protective
Status type: Balanced
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Weapon of choice: Swords
Free hand: Relics, Pendants and Amulet


This game has countless new animations. A customizable weapon system. Each character has several costumes. Unique weapons and ability's.
All monsters are moving sprites not lifeless looking over sized cut outs. All members of the party interact during cut scenes not just the main character. Just to name a few.......

Game Completion:

Story and Dialogue. 20% (Writing a story is the hardest part for me.)
Mapping. 70% (The funnest and easiest part)
Weapon System. 60%
Face sets. - (I still have to make unique non generated faces when I get the time)
Unique Character abilities and combination attacks. 90% (I only have 3 more to do.)
Enemy Sprites. 60%
Eventing. 50%
Cooking. -
Fishing. -
Icons. (Completed)
Character Sprites and changing costumes. (Completed)

Thanks to.........
So thanks to RoelfMik for making my music theme song,
Timmah's awesome animation,.
Mr. Bubble for the various difficult scripts.
And xbrokensin for that dark cloud script [OMG THANK YOU!]
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