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Full Version: Wait for the Rain
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Been away from making games for a while, and had recently came to thinking about some game ideas and got this one.

Wait for the Rain is story-centric Puzzle ARPG.

Said in first person as a narrative motive.
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  • ABS - In the vein of Zelda, but not with quite so many tools. This kind of battle gameplay helps put an emphasis on involved battles. You literally run away from enemies, or sneak past them. Additionally, it allows the game to disregard the arms race as the weapons are almost always the same weapons and your skill matters more.
  • Inventory - Like those seen in Quest game, an inventory that you take items out of to use with objects on the field. This is to make the player think about how to apply items. Each item can be used at different places, and sometimes even expended in doing so, which allows a totally different gameplay.
  • Intricate Puzzles - Complex puzzles that test your logic and perception. I hate it when a game doesn't put up good puzzles in front of me. I like the challenge in figuring out how to cross a bridge or how to get from one place to another in 3 different ways.

I'm aiming to make a game that doesn't make you race to level X to beat enemy Y. The game will have few bosses and not that many fights.
The center, as I said, is the story and puzzles.

Battle System Breakdown
Meanwhile, I developed the battle system a bit, theoretically.
Battle will be handled similarly to Zelda - 2 tool buttons and a number of tools.
Unlike Zelda, the primary attacks are split into 3 different types + defensive attack.
The attacks are gained from the stones - simple form on starting the work on them and the chargeable form on finishing the work on them.
The attacks are as follows, while not saying what the chargeable form is:
Amber - large forward shot, consumes a lot of spell power.
Quartz - small 360 degree blast, consumes medium spell power.
Emerald - long spike, hits through enemies, consumes medium spell power.
Opal - forward shield that damages, gradually consumes spell power.
Besides these 4, the first spirit you talk to also gives you a simple attack spell akin to Link's sword. It upgrades to chargeable after you finish the first stone.

How does it sound and any questions about it specifically?

I would like feedback on the idea.
Shameless bump due to content update.
I love the storyline, and the whole premise in general. VX has a lack of artistic games, and from your description, this sounds like a good candidate to fill that hole.

The traveling merchant character reminded me of RE4. "What're ya buyin', stranger?" xD
Ummm... I'm not using VX.
I'm using Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer.
Kung Lavos
QUOTE (Anaxim @ Mar 8 2009, 06:29 PM) *
I'm using Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer.

I think you may have missed the notice.

This forum for discussion RPG Maker VX games in development. Please do not post threads about games being made in other engines here.

You might be able to get feedback for this on another part of the forum, though.
I checked the description of this subforum, and it says nothing about VX.
Not in the description or rules. Later it will be moved to the other subforum - projects in other makers. So far, I'm following well in the right rules.
Kung Lavos
While that's true, I think it's generally to be assumed that rules applying to a certain forum are also supposed to apply to its subforums, unless it is specifically stated otherwise.

To be fair, though, you've mostly just got a plot and feature rundown right now, so you might be alright for the time being.

I'm not trying to be a jerk here; I'm just letting you know that this might not be the right place for your project. If the powers that be see fit to let it stay, though, well and good.
The idea is interesting all the same. Good luck with it!
When it gets to the project progressing into the visual phase, I'll ask for it to be moved. Till then, I want feedback on the idea - precisely the purpose of this specific subforum (Mind you, though, that the other maker projects is a subforum of the VX project development forum.)
Thread moved to appropriate area.
Oh, ok. No matter.
Thanks for the move.

Mind the comment though - feedback on the idea? <- spoken to the general public. I want to refine the idea.
Kung Lavos
I have to be honest and say that I'm a bit of a philistine when it comes to "artsy" endeavours such as this one, but nevertheless, it's refreshing to see a concept that doesn't follow the old "Bad stuff happens, fight monsters, save the world" formula. (Not that I'm in much of a position to say that.)

It's difficult to predict where you plan to take the idea from what you've said, though (this could be a survival horror for all I know) so I'm not really sure what else to comment on, other than the fact that if you're using a Zelda-like system and the game is set in a garden, you'd damn well better have a sword to cut up plants with and find money underneath.

It takes inspiration from Zelda, yes.
The art part comes from the fact I will be recruiting (possibly hiring) an artist to make a visually pleasing game.
About cutting up the garden - it's a dry husk currently, nothing to cut. Also, the game is more of a puzzle game than anything. Puzzle quest, even.
Finally, I'm doing it primarily for the sake of experimentation. I will explore the workings of MMF2D and while that also make an interesting game.
I like the sound of your game!

A nice artsy, story and puzzle driven game that isn't too stereotypical pleases me.

Keep it up.
(Uh, I hope this doesn't count as necroposting, this being such a slow-moving board and all... my apologies if it does.)

I love this idea. I've never heard of a game centered around a garden, much less one with focus on the story - so congrats on being the first. It sounds like just the kind of fresh, innovative game that could be huge if you play your cards right - I'd definitely try it out.
Old topic, but the idea returning now is nice.
I might go through with it, now that the topic's resurfaced.

Still a necropost though.
Mod reading this - don't be harsh since that was a productive necroposting.
Whoops xD

Yeah, I would go with it, it could be awesome.

*waits for mods to scream at me xP*
I like the fact your game will be story-centric. Too many games around here focus so much on gameplay, the stories become second nature and in my opinion, I've always felt stories were the strongest aspect of an RPG. I like the fact it's going to have puzzles - I'm a Wild Arms fiend and that series had a slew of puzzles, so seeing another game focus on it is fresh. The Zelda-esque battle system looks like it will compliment the puzzles as well, so I'm looking forward to that, if you are indeed going through with continuing this game.
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