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Full Version: The Great Kingdoms: A Legacy of Resair Game
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You made the face with facemaker program... The story itself is interesting. But what battle system will you use?
ziifee's WGB system. at least until i get more comfortable with using scripts, then i'll try a SBS.

as for the face maker, yeah, i know. i lack the skills to draw sad.gif, otherwise all 3 of them would look a little more......closer to what i have them really. sprites are the same thing, i used the sprite generator for them (the RTP stuff doesn't really cut it for half, if not, all my characters sad.gif
Screenshot Update!

I finally have enough made for a few screenshots. Here's 4 from what I recently made.

Taken from Editor Part
Resair's Fayl and Giane Regions (First Areas of the Game.)

Fyan, the First Official Town

Taken from In Game
Bandit Leader Speaking

Bandit Leader Fight (The HP is story related, just heal ASAP when you fight him)

that's all for now
I'll try this game once the demo comes out ^ ^. Your mapping is good as well. You're using the normal SBS+ATB huh? With some overdrive. I'm looking forward what the skills like!
i'll make a demo when i get far enough to consider it a demo, right now, it's a bit early in the game for anyone to get a real taste

i chose to use the SBS+ATB after my brother figured it out, and i love it. too bad i have no clue who to make the player sprites Minkoff (i don't have that part in because of it)
Interesting.. This seems like a very interesting game, Xalidier.
I can be a critic/beat tester if needed...?
by all means, you're welcome to it. i just need to get to finishing off the translating/transferring part and then get to the point where it's good for a demo
Paulcell x
Hello Xalidir laugh.gif
I liked tbe history of your game, but you can make it better.

Also with the Resair's Fayl and Giane Regions (First Areas of the Game.)


Want to make it better than it looks? laugh.gif
Try mixing the grass tiles with the trees tiles.
Don't put them togetter.
For example look this ones taken from Mistridk:


You can see that the tress and grass are mixed right? try to do that.
I mean, try to not put the trees togeter and the grass togeter into one group separated from each others.
That's not right. laugh.gif (Sorry if i were offensive)


Your mappling skills look decent and acceptable laugh.gif
But that blue text box that you are using is very common.


Whant to change it? It will make you game more proffesional.
Here is a link on a program were you can create your own text box!!! laugh.gif

Well, that's all for now. laugh.gif
I have to go to school and i don't have much time laugh.gif
Anyways! keep it up!!

Have a nice day
Paulcell X
i appreciate the feedback Paulcell, and I agree with a few things. unfortunately, the text box thing will look weird if i remove it because i have Final Fantasy IX's menu, so changing the standard text box will make it a bit off, just trying to keep it simple (my first offical RPG i'm working on).

as for the world map, i'll make some tweeks here and there. still in the early stages of this game, so i can make some changes where they need to go.
been a long time since i even looked at this, nothing really new to report, but i do have a fresh shot from a building i created (it's also in the Screenshot thread)


kinda took a long break from working on my game to help give me more ideas (usually how it works for me)

edit: here's two pics from the major city, Halian, it's original look and the new look

the original look for Halian

and it's new look

take a look at all of them and rate them, my mapping skills are still a big work in progress, but i feel i'm getting better, only time will tell smile.gif

yes, both maps are incomplete, still working on it, well, the new look anyways
major content update bump.
New things added.
All 9 party members
Revamped Story Synopsis, World Development, and Screenshots
New thing added: Features.

check the first post for all these things
(Pineda and the staff would have my head on a platter for posting the entire thing in a second post)

ignore the screenshots below the first post, those were from months ago. the most recent pics are in the first post under the screenshots (will be changing those around when i add new content)

Bump once again.

Completely redid the game, and the first post shows the changes. It's not much of a change there, but I'll keep everyone posted when I get new info (assuming this doesn't become a topic of interest as it was between end of April and early May 09)

It's amazing what a year and some months can do for a project.


Yep, this bump is because I added a demo to the first post. Enjoy and feel free to give some opinions.
So far so good, but looks rather like visual novel. There is event-graphic missing: something with arc ($ sign is the first letter of file).
i removed it and forgot to delete that part. i'll reupload the file with the item in place. sorry about that

edit: fixed the error in game, new demo link added in first post, removed old demo link
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