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Full Version: [Demo 1.1] Future of Stratos [Sci-fi Drama]
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A new series by Z.B.Darkflame


About 900 years ago there was a war that would one day engulf much of the Galaxy. At it's center were the worlds of Mircandia and Helios.

Helios was a planet renowned for its ability to produce both large numbers of starships and starships that were relatively inexpensive. As such, it became a huge trading hud, and the economy of Helios flourished. Unfortunately, this increase in the economy also meant an increase in the amount of raw materials needed. In its search for resources, Helios crafted trade agreements with many of its neighboring systems...and those that did not form agreements were either subjected to destructive economic sanctions, or the military fleet of Helios, known simply as the Star Forces.

Mircandia was one such world that refused to form any trade agreements. Mircandia was a highly introverted world that refused to work with most of the outside. There were a few ship manufacturers that were allowed to trade, but that was the exception to the rule. Unlike the other worlds that Helios sanctioned, Mircandia was self-sufficient. It also produced ships that were more powerful than any other world, but those numbers were few.

Helios eventually declared outright war on the Mircandia. The result was both a weapons race, and the taking sides of many worlds. Many worlds whom Helios had forced trade upon took the side of Mircandia, while most who had openly agreed on trade with Helios stayed allies with them. As such, it was no longer a simple war between two worlds, but rather a war between all the major economic powers. Mircandia, with its new found allies opened up its world for trade and as such, Mircandian hybrid ships began to surface.

About 800 years later, the war had ended. Helios was the victor, winning with sheer numbers. As a result, the Confederation of the Galaxy was formed, with Helios at its center. Mircandia was essentially destroyed in the war. Most of its peoples either fled to other worlds, or died in the war itself. Also, all Mircandian ships were destroyed, and the technologies lost.

It has been 100 years of peace and trade since then. This is the backdrop to the main story, and still people remember that war. There is fear of another economic war, and yet, there is also fear of the military power of the Confederation. Although most of the military ships have been redesigned for scientific missions, there is still the potential for great violence and power. Such is the beginning of the future.


Stentson is the son of a successful ship builder, who has minor connections to ancient Mircandia, and the heir of the family business. But instead of taking his position as head of the family, Stentson left to join the Star Fleet under his long time friend Marylin, who is captain of the Star Ship Stratos. Because of his sudden departure from his family, Stentson's younger brother is now the head of the Stargazer family. There is constant tension between the two, and this hurts Stentson greatly as he truly loves his younger brother. There is also a little sister whom Stentson is very fond of. The reason Stentson left is unknown to all except Stentson himself and his father.

On the ship Stratos, Stentson works as a diplomatic officer. He has quickly become friends with the entire crew, especially the Technologies Officer Alestin. Stentson has found a new home, but the strings of his old home still hold him, and it pains him greatly, though no one seems to be able to tell, except maybe Marylin.

This series is the story of Stentson, and the Stratos. This is the story of their adventures in the outer reaches of the galaxy. This is the story of government conspiracy, treachery, friendship, and finding ones own place in the vast stretches of the universe.


Well, my chapter idea is no longer...mostly because it is just not feasible. So, I'm going for one game. I'm hoping that it will still be done in episodes, but still one game. So, over all, I guess length of the game will be between 10-20 hours depending on how long it takes you. I'm hoping that with all the extra free time I'm going to get soon that this will be a doable goal. So, sit back, relax, and watch me put out a, hopefully, awesome game.



Name: Stentson Stargazer
Age: 26
Height: 72in.
Weight:164 lb.
Rank: Officer (Diplomatic)
Station: Star Ship Stratos
Stentson is the son of a successful ship builder and the heir of the family business. But instead of taking his position as head of the family, Stentson left to join the Star Fleet under his long time friend Marylin, who is captain of the Star Ship Stratos. Because of his sudden departure from his family, Stentson's younger brother is now the head of the Stargazer family. There is constant tension between the two.

Stentson is an outgoing person, and because of his level of education, has an understanding of all of the galaxy's major spoken languages. This has lead to Stentson becoming the Diplomatic Officer on the Stratos. Because of his mostly positive attitude everyone on the Stratos has become friends with him, especially the ships technologies officer, Alestin, who likes to tease the young officer.

Stentson, when he is alone, often thinks about his family and especially his little brother whom he loves greatly. The growing rift between the two hurts him greatly. He also has a little sister whom he is very fond of. Even so, Stentson does not think ill of his decision to cut ties with his family, the true reasons of which have not been disclosed.

Stentson is also very learned about ships designs, especially those of his families origins and can easily tell the manufacturer and most ships statistics.


Name: Marylin WolfNight
Age: 29
Height: 62in.
Weight:137 lb.
Rank: Captain (Stratos)
Station: Star Ship Stratos
Captain of the Stratos, Marylin has been active in the Space Force for nearly a decade. She quickly rose up in the ranks, with only her nemesis Selence matching the pace that she had set. Marylin was more than glad to learn that she would be given one of the Atmos Class Starships. Yet, when she learned which one, Marylin felt more than betrayed.

The main mission of the Stratos is to patrol and explore the outer galaxy, a huge section of the Galaxy that is mostly underdeveloped and overall highly uneventful. For Marylin, being given such a position was more than just a small insult. Even though she begrudged taking her position, she did not complain, and instead shifted her goal to becoming a fleet admiral.

As a person, Marylin is very forward, strong, stubborn, and brilliant. Marylin's leadership can get her ship out of almost any possible situation, and her plans, though often crazy sounding, and quite good. This has made her crew respect her greatly. Especially Alestin, who quickly befriended the captain.

Marylin and Stentson have known each other since they were little. Both coming from highly respected families, the two often met at important dinners, state affairs, and family events. There was even some talk about arraigning a marriage between the two before Stentson left the family. Marylin knows Stenston very well, and can usually tell when he is hurting, even if no one else can. She hates Stentson's father even more than Stentson does.


Name: Alestin Freeman
Age: 32
Height: 74in.
Weight:173 lb.
Rank: Officer (Technologies)
Station: Star Ship Stratos
Alestin is the technologies officer on board the Stratos. Being the son of a major weapons and defense systems manufacturer, Alestin has had access to some of the highest level technologies all his life. As such, he has become extremely proficient in his use of computers. He can hack, code, and do just about everything in between.

Alestin joined the Star Forces after an incident within his family. Alestin was not always the most studious person, and had done drugs and drinking. His actions angered his father so much that Alestin was disowned by the family. Shortly there after, he joined the Star Forces since it could supply a steady income.

Since then, Alestin has become an officer, and a great friends with the captain of the Stratos. He has for the most part sobered up, but when he does find alcohol he has a habit of over doing it. He is also not very good with his money, and usually spends most of his income of random "junk."

He is a very calculating man. He is highly stubborn, and a bit of a loner too. He has taken an interest in Stentson, although that is partially because of Stentson's family ties. He is also close friends with Marylin. His past choices haunt him. He was an only child, and the only heir to the buisness. With his fathers recent sickness, his emotions have become even more blurred, and this shows greatest in his private space.

The Crew

The Stratos:
The Stratos is an Atmos-Class Cruiser. Made for speed, the Stratos is small, agile, fast, and light on weaponry. It is also equipped with state of the art sensors and an experimental warp drive, making it one of the most highly advanced ships in the fleet. Yet, its main mission is to patrol the outer-galaxy region, a very quite and uneventful area of space. The Stratos is able to hold a total of 4-6 smaller craft in its hanger bay. It also has 10 laser turrets total, placed in strategic locations (this is much less than the average 25 cannons per capital ship). The shields are also underpowered because of the small shield generator. In a combat mission, the Stratos must rely on other ships for protection due to its small hull, weak shields, and small weaponry. Yet, the Stratos is perfect for strike and run missions. To date, the Stratos has not yet been involved in any real militar battles.

He is the ships Warp Drive operator. (Because of the intricacies and instability of the Warp Drive on the Stratos, the ship has its very own Warp Drive specialist, while on any normal ship that job would just be given to the pilot.) He is an olded man and has been around ships and engines since he was a young boy. He is one of only a few select engineers who has training with, and the only one whose used, the experimental Warp Drive found on the Stratos. He is a conservative man, wishing to find the safest way out of situations. He often clashes with the more rash Marylin, but is still loyal to her to the end.

Higgans is the ship's pilot. He started his piloting career as a small buisness owner running a Currier buisness. He hen joined the military and won numerous metals in space combat war games. He has since gone on to pilot larger ships, until given the helm to the Stratos. He is a member of the aristocracy, and dresses the part. He belittles much of the crew because they are mostly of lower classes. He does respect Marylin though, partly due to her high political stature and partly because he respects her. Higgans is quite, and few really know much about him.

More to come...

Battle Roles:

Stentson: He is the quick one. Wielding the lightest weapons, and having a fast agility, he can attack more time in a battle than most everyone. His special attacks also recover quicker than most. Unfortunately, this also means that his attacks are weaker, and his defense is lower.

Marylin: She is the defender. Being a captain requires that you stay alive. Therefore Marylin has developed many different shielding techniques. She equips the biggest armor, and has the highest natural HP. She has a very low speed though, and weakened Spirit.

Alestin: He is the tank. Alestin caries some of the most powerful weapons, and some of the most devastating skills. He also has the ability to scan enemies to learn their skills. Because of his high offense, he has a lower MP than most.



-All Mack Style Characters
-Ziifii Wait Gauge Battle System
-Awesome Tiles by Zeroplumber, D*M, and EB
-Skills that need certain types of bullets or items to be used
-Learn Skills by Scanning the enemy
-Game Journal
-Item Crafting
-Email Friends
-Fly through space and dodge meteors
-Radar to find hidden items

And here are the scripts. Some of them are not currently in use, or are commented out, but it gives you an idea of what to expect script wise. Of course, there is a good chance that more will be added, but for now, this is pretty accurate. Enjoy.


Demo: Demo1.1
Only 25MB!


Due to the large amount of credits and links and such, I have decided to not put all credits here. Please refer to the credits text file included with the game for credits.

Authors Note & Support

So, tell me what you think of this project. I'd gladly accept any criticism about any of the game's mechanics and story. I'm also wide open to suggestions at this point. So please comment, and play the demo.

If you would like to support this project, please post this code into your sig. It would gladden me to see it there.

Great project, zb, it was a short but fun: even with so little dialogue it's easy to tell that the characters are not only interesting and but also well thought out. This demo truly left me wanting more. Does it have a definitive end, btw? I couldn't get to open the second door blocking the right hallway...
About criticism...hmm, the bullet system: it's kind of restricting, specially keeping in mind that your weakest technique already consumes 3 bullets.
I hope to hear more about this soon smile.gif
Glad you enjoyed it then! Yeah, it just sorta ended. I din't bother giving it an ending really because it was just a tech demo. But I really am glad you enjoyed it. It's insperation to make more for this. I might be able to get a better demo going since Wednesday and Thursday are short days for me this week.

I'm glad you're not complaining about the battle system. That realtime system is sooooo hard to balance its not even funny. I was afraid I made the enemies too easy or too hard depending on which one. As for the bullet system...I was trying to restrict the use of those skills so that you weren't always using them. It's just a matter of availibility of bullets, and how much I restrict them. That too is a balancing issue, and I think I might have to work on it...

Thanks again Saekonungar. Hopefully you'll play the next demo too! Now, anyone else play. biggrin.gif
Pretty nice pretty nice. I really enjoyed it and pretty much your other games as well. I found some cool sci-fi-ish battle music on newgrounds last night but it seems you already found some music to use in your game. My first battle I got imobilized thee times in a row so I died tongue.gif
I'll download this now. I'm a sucker for Sci-Fi settings like this. I'll do a wrap up of the game when I have a chance.
QUOTE (Smirnoff @ Sep 28 2009, 01:08 PM) *
I'll download this now. I'm a sucker for Sci-Fi settings like this. I'll do a wrap up of the game when I have a chance.

Glad to see another who enjoys Sci-Fi type things. Also, can't wait to see what you have to say about it.

So, here's a quick grapics update. Vizzy has finishes Alestin's face set, and it is awesome looking. Thank you so much Vizzy. I also have a title screen. Borrowing one of the screens from T.D.Labs, I made a quick title screen. It's not anything fancy, but I kinda like its simplicity. Tell me what you think.
Click to view attachment
I love the sci-fi feel of the title screen and the color, but I'm not so sure about the text I feel its quite out of place. (Of course that maybe JUST me tongue.gif)

Trying out the demo soon, as soon as I get back to my desktop and I'll give you my feedbacks biggrin.gif
I really like the text, but don't like the background. I feel it's too ambiguous and generic and would prefer something that shouted "In space!" at me, like a starry sky or something tongue.gif
I finished the demo although it took a while getting lost in space n' all. I liked the look of the indoor areas though found them pretty empty in terms of interacting with the scenery and learning about it. That way you can build more stuff about the mission. I really liked the Fold Space areas and on the 2nd area when you added the Parallax which made it look like a maze of walkways.

I like the battle script though it's tough to do anything faced paced with all the spinning and what not wink.gif I liked the look of the skills being in categories. Makes me think there's gonna be quite a few to use later on. The ammo system was really clever. It made me preserve it until I really needed it unlike if I didn't to which I'd just use Triple Shot constantly.

I'd easily keep playing this game when it comes out.
Haha, we seem to have some disagreement on the Title...we'll see. At this point, very little is really set in stone.

Thanks Smirnoff for your review. I know what you mean about interacting with the objects. That would be a really good idea, especially when looking at some of the computer screens. That would make it much more interesting. Thanks for that suggestion. As for the battle system...glad to see you found it balanced. Like I've said before, that is where most of my questions lie.

just finished the demo (I think? couldn't really proceed even after unlocking the first door with the lever). Your mapping is pretty great, and you put the sci-fi tile set to good use. That warping effect you had in the Fold Space area was a nice touch, and was exciting the first few times, but then I realized it took a long while to warp from location to the other, you should make the scrolling a little faster. The music was pretty much appropriate for the setting of the game and the battle tune was catchy. It might be just me, because I'm used to having fast-paced battles when I test my own game, but your battles seemed a little slow. You should make the wait gauge fill up a little faster. I had a hard time for playing a "tech-demo." I had to run from a few battles because I was low on health. My only hope of staying alive was leveling up to recover all my HP/MP and using that one Gift Box I found that healed a great amount. I love Stentson's custom sprite and face, however, it was weird seeing his face and then seeing those RTP faces during dialogues. Seeing two different art styles in one game? eh, not good in my book, heh.

also, I don't know if this has happened to anyone, but when I first went into the Fold Space area and quickly exited back out, Stentson's face was changed to Ralph's face for the entire time...weird!

Overall though, I had a lot of fun and hope to see a full fledged demo soon. I know you made a title screen already, but I was wondering if you could let me cook something up for you?
Thank you MrWaltz for your wonderful review. Don't worry, the RTP faces will be gone in the future. It's just a place holder for the time being. I've now replaced Alestin's face, so all that's left is Marylin. Other than those three, I'm not sure if I'm going to have any more faces...we'll see.

I was wondering about the speed of the transport, and you just confirmed it. It's become a bit faster now, and I think that helps a lot. I'm sorry about the battles...I still have problems with them, and I think that it doesn't help that I love difficult battles. I've tried to lower the stats a little, and beef up Stentson a bit. Laser Beam has also been lowered in power by a bit...that was too powerful.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I wish that I had a new demo out. I've gotten the next few maps done, for the most part, and this will conclude it to the point of going down the center path. Umm...if you want to make a Title Screen, that would be awesome. The one I have was just something I did very quickly, and if you could do something else, that would be really cool. Thanks!

Also, I have been releasing lots of information about this series on my blog. I have a habit of updating that with some types of information more than I do here. So, visit the blog often to find some of smaller stuff I'm planning. The blog link is here:

PS: after re-readng your post, you reminded me of the battle theme, so now I'm listening to it again...I love that battle theme.
the battle theme is familiar...where is it from?

here's a title screen I made. it's very abstract (that's my style ^^), but it also looks like a bunch of Mircadian ships being demolished. How is it? I can still edit the image in any way you want, or I can start from scratch if you don't like it at all.

First off, I need to thank you MrWaltz, that is an awesome title screen. Thank you so much for your time in making that!

Next up, we have a...
New Demo

This one continues the story. There are some other can now buy some drinks from the vendors. I've also updated all the faces for Alestin. Marylin, not yet. Lastly I've made the file about 1/2 the size of the previous download. That is good, no. Please, enjoy this demo, and the new stuff in it. If you find any problems, or have any suggestions, please post them. There are still things I need to do, like begin interactions with the environment, but I'll try to get to them soon. With the next demo I'd say I am in actual developmental stages.

Enjoy, and please comment.

Nice, still playing though. I'm in the Fold Space and it kind of confuses me on how I am because of the paralaxe. tongue.gif
Ooo looking nice and more puzzle like on the ship. I was looking through the tilesets edits and one that I thought would be a good fit would be Avadan's Sci-fi set especially his starfighters.
QUOTE (Vizzy @ Oct 4 2009, 09:14 PM) *
Ooo looking nice and more puzzle like on the ship. I was looking through the tilesets edits and one that I thought would be a good fit would be Avadan's Sci-fi set especially his starfighters.

I was thinking the exact same thing! I'd been considering messing around with those edits on my own project, and I'd in fact been looking at which tiles were used in Stratos to give me an idea of what I might want to do with my own game. I find standard RTP tiles, or fantasy tiles in general, much easier to work with than sci-fi, so it's all a learning process for me, to map something like that.

Anyway, this game impresses me, and I'm downloading the new demo right now. :3 I love sci-fi games, particularly ones that are well thought out, as opposed to just using sci-fi tiles for the hell of it. If you had a smaller support bar to link back to this topic, I'd be happy to display it.

Also, I was looking at your database, and you have a real talent for making animations. A lot of people just stick with what's already in the database because animations are something of a daunting task for most people (myself included) but not you! I'd love to learn from you. XD Animations are something I scarcely touch.
Thanks guys for your comments. I've been thinking about adding the Avadan tiles into the edits I've got, but unfortunately I've got no program that can deal with for now I'll just stick with what I've got. Maybe for episode two I;ll get on that.

Thank's Jaide for your comments. I understand what you mean about the futuristic tiles being harder to work with than normal tiles. It's taken me a while to get comfortable with them myself. Its just a matter of using them over and over again.

Thanks for your kind comments on the animations. Not all were made by me, the first twenty being made by someone else whose name I can't remember now. But believe me, that are tediously hard for me too. It's just I'm a perfectionist when it comes to them, and if every skill doesn't have it's own animation I go crazy. You can use them if you wish...although i fear a few may not work since I kinda deleated a bunch of the animation sheets to cut down on file size.

As for a userbar...I'm getting one soon I hope. Even I think its way too big.
My issue is mainly that.. I don't really know HOW to set animations up. It looks easy, but then when I actually try to do it they just look awkward and I'm not entirely sure why. Guess I just need to read some tutorials and study existing animations more. ^^

Anyway, your project will likely serve as some heavy inspiration for my own project; I've had the story and the characters for years, but have had a difficult time bringing it all to life in RM. Looking at and playing your game is inspiring me to work harder on my own. smile.gif
Hey Guy's. Just a little update. I apparently made some major eventing errors at the end of the demo...I'm sorry about that. I'll try to get a new version up this weekend, but for now you'll have to wait...I'm really busy today and the rest of the week, especially with my midterm coming up. So, again, I apologize for my stupid mistakes.

On the much brighter side of life, I now have an actual user bar thingy, instead of that ugly monstrosity that was in my sig. It has now been replaced by a nice normal userbar. If you want to support this project, please put this code in your sig. It would warm my heart.

Last thing, I'm almost at the point that I'm finalizing stories and maps and such. Before that though, I just want to know what are your suggestions for the game are. If there is anything you feel I should add/subtract/change then I ask that you do it. With the next real demo (not the fixed demo) I'll have this moved into project development, so at that point, I'll be mostly set in my ways...please give me opinions. Thanks. smile.gif
If you are needing a program that deals in transparencies download The GIMP, free to use and easy to make quick splices into the Tilesets.
all i can say is...Hell yeah! This is my kind of game, i love futurist(modern\sci-fi) games, so i defiantly support this project, and good luck! cause i know how hard tilesets like these are to come by,(unless there like vx tiles i guess) Anyways great job, im gonna look over your thread some more over the story. I dont see to many original resource in the screenshots to much but this still looks very promising to me as far as theme goes. So I will try a demo when i can, but it probably wont be anytime soon unfortunately xD! But again this looks very fun :3!
@vizzy: I've tried Gimp in the past...and it didn't seem to like my computer. I've been hesitant to download it again since then.

@Rixis: Glad you like what you are seeing. Yeah, it can be difficult finding modern tiles, but I keep finding some little by little. Hope you can play soon.

Anyways, next point of order.

New Demo (ver. 0.0.3)

That's right, a new demo is now out. This mostly just fixes some of the careless mistakes I made in the previous demo. There is also an added scene, and a new look to the messages. Th items from the vending machines now do something, and you can actually have Alestin in your party. There are a bunch of other minor fixes that ought to make the game a bit more enjoyable, at least if very minor things annoy you like they do to me.

With this demo we've already gone beyond the halfway point in this episode. As such, I'm now going to request that this project be moved to the Project Development Forum.

I just have one question...does anyone know any scripts, or ways, to transfer data from one game to another. That way everyone can transfer all there items from episode to episode. This is kinda a big problem for me, since I'm trying to keep the games short, and just make a bunch of them...maybe 13 (so its like a tv series)

Also, I have a script request. It is for a feature that I have planned for Alestin. It is really quite important, and I would like to point people there. So if you can script, please check out this topic.

Lastly, I really would like any criticism or thoughts you have about the game. Feel free to post here with your thoughts. I would love to hear what you have to say.

PS. post 501
Woot, nice to see this over here now. :3 I'll play the new demo soon and post a real review. Sorry for not having done it sooner. ^^;
I can't wait to see your review Jaide. A good review is exactly what I need now, so that I can pinpoint exactly what needs changinf before any near final versions come out. I would greatly appreciate it. biggrin.gif

Also, I really need to change the screenshots...they are ALL outdated I just realized. I'll try to do that tomorrow since I actually will have free time then. Something I seem to be lacking these days.
Hey guys, just a quick update here.

The first thing is that I have updated all the screenshots. Due to constant tinkering of a whole slew of things, all of those old shots had become horribly outdated. So, now they are all up-to-date, and reflect the most resent version of the game. Unfortunatly, this does not mean that a new demo is on its way. I'll try, but I don't see one coming until next weekend.

The other thing is I have a recruitment thread. So, if you are an artist, a scripter, or want to be an official beta tester, please go Here!

EDIT: I have just finished putting together my Credits. Yeah! This will finally make my credits comply with the vast majority of the Japanese resource sites I visit. Please read it over and such. So here it is. I'll update the main post with the credits.

Click to view attachment
Hey guys, guess what?

New Demo

So, this demo completes what I'd call the pilot episode. It's not quite complete, there are some things that need to be changed graphically wise, but story wise, its done. Also, there are a couple new features in this demo. One of them is the radar, which can be used to find hidden items and passages and such. The other is the TP system, which is part of the disc equipment which you may have noticed earlier as an empty equipment slot.

Another thing which I'm getting ready for is a crafting system, probably either the KGC or Yanfly systems. I haven't figured out which one yet. If anyone has used either one, and thinks one is better than the other, tell me. I'd like to hear your opinions on the subject.

Story wise, I'm pretty happy. I'm already planning out some big twists in the future, so be ready for that. This also means I've thrown out the idea of making a bunch of small games. I realized that it was not feasible, especially where the transfer of data was concerned. So yeah, I'm making this one long game, but I'm still hoping that it'll keep the game short enough that it's still feasible.

I'd also like to mention that I've gotten together a team. Welcome, Midget Man 12, ZPU, and Kyrie Notatio to Darkflame Games. Together I hope that we'll be able to put out
something even better than I could alone. I am still looking for a couple of good beta testers though, so visit the recruitment page if you're interested.

Another thing, I now have a forum for The Darkflame Games. Come and visit us. It's one of the best ways for you to be a part of the development. Come Visit the Forums!

Last thing is that the support bar has been changed a bit. Due to a change of heart in the sprite choice for Captain Marylin, I had to change the support bar. I think it looks a lot better now, don't you? The new code can be found in the first post.

So, yeah, after all of that, enjoy this new demo!
Hey everyone,

Well, it seems like its been a while since I last posted in this topic. The reason I've been kinda gone from this game, and everything, is that the last couple of weeks have been really hard on me, especially this last week, with the school play and all. (It went well, but it killed my voice by the end). Now, next week is exams, so I'm again going to probably not get much new done. After that though, I should be able to devote much more time into this.

So news: I guess the first one is...(drum roll)

New Demo!!!

This new demo is just an updated version of the last one. It includes new edits to scripts and such, as well as some small fixes here and there. Also, tons of grammar fixes. I owe a big thanks to Saekonungar for finding all those errors, and giving me lots of help with bugs, errors, and all sorts of odds and ends. This also has new music by Suichi, and new are by Kyrie. I thank them greatly too.

Script changes include updates to the battle system...which are awesome! Also, a new menu status thanks to PHLiM2. I really love his script.

In other news, I plan on giving the title screen a makeover. I'm just waiting on a couple of things, and it ought to work out. Believe me, it is going to be really good looking, and unique.

Also, I'm going to soon have free time again soon, so expect more common updates from now on.

Please leave feedback. I really appreciate it.
Why am I even mentioned here?It's not like I did something noteworthy. Anyway, I'll probably should give this a test run.

BTW, it seems the file got a compression error, while the menu works it gives a couple of succesive errors everytime you open it.

OMG! Ahh, how could I not mention you. I thought I did. I'm sorry about that. Without you I would never have been able to release this demo. Sorry again.

As for the compression error...I don't know. Maybe, I'll have to look at the pictures again in the menu. I never had that problem before. Maybe the files are Jpegs. I'll see. I bet you that's my problem

Anyways, any other comments. I only have one more exam left, and after that, freedom for 10 days! I'll be able to seriously start bck up on this project again, and I want to see some opinions and interest before I start back up.
QUOTE (zbdarkflame @ Nov 19 2009, 09:29 PM) *
OMG! Ahh, how could I not mention you. I thought I did. I'm sorry about that. Without you I would never have been able to release this demo. Sorry again.

As for the compression error...I don't know. Maybe, I'll have to look at the pictures again in the menu. I never had that problem before. Maybe the files are Jpegs. I'll see. I bet you that's my problem

Anyways, any other comments. I only have one more exam left, and after that, freedom for 10 days! I'll be able to seriously start bck up on this project again, and I want to see some opinions and interest before I start back up.

You misunderstood me, man, as I meant the exact opposite: you DID mention me, but I was saying there was not a real reason to do that to begin with. All I did was pointing out some typos and throw an idea or two, I don't think that's reason enough to deserve credit. But...thank you. smile.gif

Good luck with that error and exam. wink.gif

EDIT- I've been meaning to say this for a long time, but always keep forgetting to: that Zel avatar is awesome.
Oh my! A space adventure drama. This game looks to be all kinds of awesome and I'm personally a big fan of scifi/space fantasy and drama hehe. Can't wait to download the demo. Slooow internet. =)

I also like the idea of chopping the game up to smaller stories/episodes. Hope you finish, it sounds awesome!
QUOTE (Saekonungar @ Nov 19 2009, 07:57 PM) *
You misunderstood me, man, as I meant the exact opposite: you DID mention me, but I was saying there was not a real reason to do that to begin with. All I did was pointing out some typos and throw an idea or two, I don't think that's reason enough to deserve credit. But...thank you. smile.gif

Good luck with that error and exam. wink.gif

EDIT- I've been meaning to say this for a long time, but always keep forgetting to: that Zel avatar is awesome.

I'm sorry...Sleep Deprivation + Stress + reading to quickly = Formula for me missing things very easily and overreacting. But you did help a lot. So thanks again. smile.gif And thanks for the comment on the avatar.

OK, guys, a few quick updates, although nothing too dramatic. I just want to mention some of the new features that are being implemented into the game in the very near to present future. Most all of these will be present on the next demo, so I wanted to stir up some hype before then. wink.gif

1) A new email system: You will, throughout the game, get emails from old friends and important emails that progress the story. With the emails from friends you will be able to reply and if you reply in certain ways, the conversation will continue and you will be reworded for this with items, friendship, and even side stories. It'll be fun. If you've ever played the .Hack// games than you know what I'm trying to do here. This is all possible thanks to Yanfly's Common_Event_Menu.

2) As some might know from my thread on this in the general discussion forum, I'm planning to add a mini-game/story event where you are flying in a little ship trying to survive a meteor field. Although this is only in early development still, I've got quite a few ideas, and I think this will be fun. This will also be attached to a simulation room that will allow you to re-enter missions, and complete specific requirements for experience for the ship, and even items and upgrades. It'll be kinda like the gummi ship missions from KHII, except not as intricate. wink.gif

3) I am also starting on the item synthesis feature. This will allow you to craft rare items and equipment. This is also possible thanks to Yanfly's lovely script. And thanks to the giant iconset I've now got, I should be able to have a ton of different material items. If you've played with the radar at all, you'll find that you could have already found a few materials.

4) The radar...needs a revamp. Not sure how, but it'll be getting one eventually. I just hope that it will actually work the way I want it to.

5) Going to finally start using the journal script. I'll be using this like the journal in Tales of Legendia. The Journal gives a basic synopsis of the game, but it was really funny to read because the characters wrote it, and the way it was done, it just added to how well those characters were developed. (awesome game in terms of character development btw).

And as another note, I've almost finished the mapping of The Stratos. This was really hard considering that I was trying very hard to make it different in style and feel from The Damaged Ship that you were on in the Pilot episode. But, it is almost done. All I need to do after that is just populate the place with NPCs and I'll be fine. I expect the the bulk of the opening of episode 1 is just you going to be running around trying to get the player acclimated to the feel of the ship. It's not big, but there are a lot of different rooms so I'm going to make sure you know what they all are.

And that is my update. I'll try to quickly update the main post, and I hope that everyone looks forward to the next demo.
I just got done playing the demo and might I say...Awesome!!

Great work on the tilesets, also great work on the characters not too many games have custom charsets, even though theyre Mack chars, they match the facesets and everything. Excellent, excellent.........excellent lol.
Glad you liked the project Sofresh. I hope that it'll stay excellent! laugh.gif

So, we've got a new update. I've just updated the character section. Believe me, its an awesome update. This includes a short of some of the crew. The list will grow as soon as I figure out more of the crew back stories. I have also updated the features section with a picture of all the scripts. It isn't quite 100% accurate since some aren't realli in use and others are commented out, but it gives an idea. I hope that this update will keep everyone interested. As for a new demo, that's a little while off yet. It's moving slower than I would like, but alas, it is still moving. I've been having fun playing with and doing some graphics stuff with that. I've also gotten the basic idea for the beginning of the second episode. It;s gonna start off slow, but don't worry it'll pick up. Lastly, I've done a lot of work with the development of the crafting materials. I've made a ton of items that are meant to be used in crafting. Now lets see if I can use it all.

So, check out the topic post. Believe me, you will be glad you did. (artwork credit goes to team member Kyrie smile.gif ) I hope you like the update, and please tell me what you think so far. Bye for now.

Hey, just finish play the demo and got to say... I LOVE IT! Now I command you to go into the future and grab the finish game from youself and bring it back to now. XD okay, I'm done being a dork. But yeah I like where your going with it and enjoyed the battles. so I'll leave you be so you can keep working on it.
Hello Everyone,

It's been a while since I've updated anything, nearly a month actually, but I just wanted everyone to know that this project isn't dead, not by a long shot. So, here's a quick brief on what's happening.

Well first, I had a major writers block which crippled my will to RM. Then, my computer sorta picked up a virus. Needless to say that added some stress but it was quickly resolved. Firewall was freaking out and causing all sorts of weird issues. Yeah, not fun. So my computer was out of commission for a while, until last Saturday that is. Since then I've been using it sparingly, but it does seem to be working quite fine. Now with school I'll probably not be able to do much of anything until early Feb, but fortunately after that life gets a lot easier. And with my head in a writers mood, I should be able to get back onto this (and another) project in no time.

And now for the really juicy part so listen up. This is just in the early phases, but I'm planning on release 4-5 minigames that have to do with the "Future of Stratos" Universe, to stir up some interest in the game, as well as give me some back story myself. None of them will have to do with the main plot, but will instead delve a bit deeper into some of the smaller subplots that took place long before Stentson and friends. I expect those will all be up in early March.

Here's the thing. Each game will be password protected. Only after completing certain aspects of the main game will the codes come to surface so you can play one of the minigames. Again, this is all in really early development so nothing is set in stone. All of the minigames will be available to download from this thread, so everything can stay in one place. Please, tell me what you think of this idea, as well as any comments on the actual game itself.

And now I have reached the end. I hope that I will be able to keep up productivity when the time comes, and hopefully I'll have a ton of new content up soon. So until then, wait patiently and continue to play the most recent demo.

Thanks for all your support.
sounds awsome Ill surport you tongue.gif also glad to see your ok havent seen ya well *downloads* will download new version soon
I'm liking to info on Alestin. Maybe it's because hes a tank and i have a fetish for the color blue. One of the monsters in the screenshots rather intruiged me *it should be obvious* makes me want to try out the demo. I'll see when i come back from school, good job really. ^-^
I had intended to download this game a lot sooner, but it totally slipped by me. Glad I finally got around to it.

My first port of interest was the futuristic setting. I'm gearing up to release a demo of my (Currently unrevealed) project which also uses a futuristic setting and I was very eager to see what you had done with it. The ship we explore in the demo is very surreal, I can't really put it in a more apt. phrase. I assume you were going for something very original and strange when you designed the vessel because it's unlike anything I've ever seen. The 'space-in'space' section was just bizarre, but a very enjoyable concept. The teleportation effect was especially well done, with the blue energy animation.

I enjoyed the puzzles you put in the game, I managed to figure out the moving boxes thing pretty easily, but the little space craft thing took a minute to solve. I think that puzzle might work a little better if either the craft moved one tile at a time, or it was limited to moving only on the light tiles. When it flies off the grid and into the wall, it seems a bit messy.

Couple of things to point out:

1) In two cases I think the game tried to show some kind of picture (Like at the end of the demo where we're supposed to see a shot of the ship that fired on the Stratos) but it showed one of the screenshots in this thread instead.

2) One of the enemies, I think some kind of defence drone, has an ability called 'Castle Wall' I believe? I encountered this enemy a few times and when it uses that ability, it absorbs all damage. At that point the only thing you can do is run. It might be less of an issue after a few levels or once you get some decent ammo, but at the start of the game it was just unbeatable. Maybe this was intended?

The plot is very interesting and you can definitely consider me hooked. I feel like your characters certainly have suitable depth, I was really into listening to Alestin explain stuff and offer his theories. Your storyline has a very creepy vibe going on about it and I'm curious to see what you manage to create from this. I'm looking forward to any future news and content. smile.gif
From the screenshots and story the game looks awesome! Wanna try it so bad! biggrin.gif
Woah ZB!
I like this one happy.gif
Especially Stentson! biggrin.gif
Character art ftw! smile.gif
Geez! This totally puts my sci-fi game to shame! Could I please borrow the tileset? Pleeeeeeease?
...sometimes I wonder why it was this project that got put on the back-burner...

Anyways, thanks for the kind words. And I'm sure that your project is going to be just as good. Also, none of the tiles are mine, but are from all around the forums. Try looking through the resource directory, as it lists pretty much everything I used.
I read the character bios again...
Alestin Freeman?
A distant relative of Gordon's, perhaps?
Anyways, still looks amazing.
Marylin looks a LOT like Lightning from FF13 COPYRIGHT ENFRIGE!!! lol
great game
I think voice acting would fit perfectly
I find the sixth screenshot to be very... um.. weird (?) tongue.gif You do know that quarks are the building "stones" of protons and neutrons, right???
Wow, that's very promising alright.

It still will take a lot of polish, but i like a lot of what i've seen.
Ok i'll make some criticism:

First off: I really really think you should change the battle system. Maybe sideview or something else, to me it detracts so much from the game not being able to see
your characters fight, and with all the scripts available, it's so simple...

About the way it starts: Well, it kinda just throws you into a mission without any sort of intro (just a dialogue). that ins't too bad but having an intro made would be
nice. Even if it's just a show one, like music playing and some cool images.

The spaceship looks nice, but... it felt weird having a "balcony" part lol

The dialogues seem a little too direct i had a feeling of "what the fuck am i doing again?" while roaming around a dungeon without knowing exactly which way should i be going.
Not knowing what to do is usually not too bad but, it is if the game JUST started.

Anyway, i guess you will polish it up a lot yet, and congratulations on it, it's already looking nice ;D


I find the sixth screenshot to be very... um.. weird (?) tongue.gif You do know that quarks are the building "stones" of protons and neutrons, right???

I barely know what protons and neutrons are ;p
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