Before making a request, please check the Master Script List.

So, you're creating a game and have stumbled into a brick wall. Perhaps you're conceptualizing your game before hand and realized RMVX can't handle certain features by default. Your next step is to search the forum in case there happens to already be a script in existence that will handle your needs. Can't find one? Time to make a request!


However, when you decide to do so, please list as much detail as possible within your post. Remember: Just because the logic works so well in your own mind, doesn't necessarily mean it'll be crystal clear to others. These details will give potential script writers a better understanding of what exactly you need your script to do from beginning to end. It will also save loads of time for the scripter - and you.

What kind of details should you list?
  • A general overview of what you'd like the script to do.
  • Details on general window sizes, transparency, etc, if applicable.
  • Details on each function (Ex. How much gold is taxed when buying an item?)
  • Should certain functions be controlled or activated by in-game variables or switches?

I'm sure if you think about it long enough, you can think of several others as well. Also great is the person you takes the time to make mock-up screens, or even takes screens from other games as examples(if applicable). Also, if you desire something that resembles a system within another game, save everyone some time and link to it. Oftentimes you'll find is a great source for generalized information - but the more detailed, the better. You may even cite a source from, which is a better choice under such a circumstance.

Not all scripts are alike, and maybe you don't need something that technical. Regardless, taking a little extra time out to fill in the details will ensure the end product is exactly what you requested.

Don't forget to say thank you!

Happy requesting!