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Full Version: Newbie wants to learn scripting
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Okay, so I'm a writer but I've been wanting to learn programming for some time now. We had pascal, c, c++, and visual basic during gradeschool and highschool (cisco replaced these courses midway) and I forgot everything learned already. I went to the ruby site and downloaded 1.9.2 version for windows. I also saw this book about ruby gems at the mall so I'll probably get that. What else do I need?

In this forum, at the top, there are pinned topics for stuff like this. Have yiu checked it out? Honestly, I learned by this: Techotopia -- Ruby Essentials and mostly by going into the editor itself and studying and command prompting in ruby.
Once you have the ruby verson you need go to "run" in the start menu of your comp once the box thingy comes up type "cmd" (without quotes) and once that comes up put "irb" (without quotes) in and you will enter Interactive Ruby. You'll need to know some ruby but it will let you mess around with ruby in a safe enviroment. This is for ruby in genreal and not RGSS2 which you'll use for VX. Techtopia is one of the best resources out there. Books are really good to. Check amazon, I got a amazing book that I'm learning from for like $3 and when the book came out it was like $60 so there a lot of free and very cheep resources out there. I'm not that amazing yet but I find that the best way to learn programing languages and game edtiors is by jumping right in with out looking back.

Hope this stuff helps. Also one thing to remember is that programing is suposed to be FUN! So make sure you have some!
Thanks, I already checked the pinned topics (still a bit groggy). ^^

QUOTE (FenixFyreX @ Oct 11 2010, 12:22 PM) *
...mostly by going into the editor itself and studying and command prompting in ruby.

This is what I found to be the most beneficial, after studying the online Ruby tutorials and guides.
Can someone help me, I did what aaronfeld said, but the cmd always says:

'irb' is not recognized as an internal or an external command...

I also tried running it as setup.rb but it says:

windows can't open file (something about the extension), I'm using windows 7 ultimate 32-bit...

I've read the techno articles and I'm itching to try and practice what I've read (the basics).

I'm sorry if I'm being pathetic here but I really can't get around the problem. What should I do now?

Please help, thanks...


I found a video on youtube that hopefully will be enough, I hope I get it right this time.
QUOTE (shomai19 @ Oct 12 2010, 05:38 AM) *
Can someone help me, I did what aaronfeld said, but the cmd always says:

'irb' is not recognized as an internal or an external command...

i was having trouble with irb at first aswell, it mite sound dumb but make sure that you have ruby installed on ur pc. i used the one click installer and i havent had any probs since
@phro: Yeah, thought about that when I back-tracked at the dl site. Didn't see the one-click installer, got too excited, I guess.
>.> For the sake of learning ruby.
Download version 1.8.6
It comes with full instructions and Interactive Help Console.
@Ice, yep I also have that. Installed it first.

Problems solved. ^^

*Begin summoning ritual*
*Slit's rubber chicken's throat*
*Dances like a kaduki sprite gone wild*

Conjuring mods to please close this thread. =P

end of summoning ritual*
Interactive Help might be better lol it's just that I like irb better. I believe that you do have to put in a command into cmd first and then install the gem but you said you fixed it so you should be good. Not to dump all sorts of stuff on you but check out FreeRide and RadRails once you get a little better. RadRails let's you pick the interperter so you could maybe pick VX's interperter but RadRails tells you if you make a error and stuff like that. I like failing missrably in RadRails and having it tell me that this is what it thinks the error is rather then getting a depressing error message from VX saying that it doesn't like my code. Idk if you want to go that deep but it never hurts to learn about what you are learning lol
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