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Full Version: QUESTBOOKS (Minor Update 25th May 2011)
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QuestBooks V1.0
Download the fist demo here!


12th April Demo Launch Update: hey guys! finally the demo is here, so please, please. check it out. keep in note there are a few things missing, please report all bugs & glitches.


UPDATE: new demo to be released 18th June, with bug fixes, new maps, new missions & new features. features include an animated title screen & 3D cut scenes!

Writers Note: okay well i am still in super early stages of releasing V1.0 but i thought i'd post up the idea of the project so i can get some feedback. id love to hear some thoughts ^.^. Okay so, its a very complex project and its hard to explain, i have no idea where to start, here is the overall idea. QuestBooks is a Free-Roaming, Monthly Updating, RPG sim game. the very first thing you do is create your Identity, you enter your chosen name & gender. then you select from 8 different races, these are as follows...

  • Mortal (Human)
  • Elf
  • Dwarf
  • Wizard
  • Tribal
  • Ghost
  • Orc
  • Undead
  • Dragon
  • Demon/Angel
  • Mermaid
  • Troll
  • Goblin
  • Cat
  • Reptilian
  • Monkey
  • Insect
  • Werewolf
  • Vampire
  • Tundra

once you have done that, you then get to select what you specialize in, your perk if you will. these are as follows...

  • Warrior Extra Spirit
    the warrior is a brave soul, he/she is not afraid to die, and will die by the sword for their beliefs, the warrior can go into places many cannot, and the warrior gains 10% extra EXP everytime.
  • Barbarian Extra Strength
    the barbarians are brutal in their assault, they can smash through obstacles in their path and can take 40% more hits than any other race.
  • Ranger Extra Speed
    weak in close combat, but with ranged weapons there is no better. rangers are quick on foot and can walk/sprint much faster, they also have the ability to jump & grapple which is only shared with the ninja.
  • Scavenger When looting for items, you'll find considerably more worthy things
    the scavenger has a poor reputation of being greedy and selfish, but do not underestimate, they are wealthy and they find
    treasures only you and i dream about. when you find Dime, you find 25% more than anyone else would!! you can also steal more than just weapons from a dead enemy.
  • Magician Extra MP + Ability to perform magic
    Magicians, Mages, Wizards...whatever you call them, they are not to be messed with, slow in weaponry but deadly with spells, they can cast spells from healing themselves to causing mass destruction..
  • Knight Extra HP & Unique Armour
    Knights protect their own and they stay in groups of 4, if you choose the knight you will have 3 other knights in your party, extra HP & Unique armour that cannot be scavenged.
  • Dark Knight Extra HP & Dark Armour
    same as a knight but you can perform some small black magic, you also have dark armour, which cannot be pierced by ranged weapons or small daggers
  • Hunter Extra Speed + Hunting Equipment
    hunters make a good living, they can move fast and hunt any animal they wish, you can sell the meat or just eat it. they have amazing survival skills, they can climb tree's and have good hearing, you will notified if an enemy is closeby before it see's you.
  • Ninja Shadow Creeping Ability + Extra Speed
    the ninja is fast and steathly with unique weapons. you can hide in the shadows and go unnoticed by an enemy.
  • Civillian Basic Stats
    average stats, no magic, the most difficult settings, not reccommended for beginners, but you do start with more cash than other races. but you are very weak unless you have ALOT of armour.


Now as the story is concerned, there isn't much too it, but don't be put off. The idea is that your character writes his/her own story. Things you do can alter the game, for example, a group of knights say they will pay you to take down a group of Orcs in a forest somewhere, now you can choose many different paths from this, you can say yes, and help them out, or you could say no and walk away, you could haggle the price with them, or you could attack them. See your character can go down the route of Good or Evil.

but the general idea is war, there has been trading feuds between Tunesis (West) & Gnara (East). Gnara is a poor country but recently they have been struggling with their finances. they depend upon Tunesis' supplies of Ore to keep money coming in, but Tunesis have stopped trading Ore because of its expense. so Gnara cuts off trading Fruit & several other foods. soon Gnara starts making threats that if Tunesis do not start trading they will declare war...a month later and tunesis & Gnara are fighting. a year goes past and more countries are getting involved. there are now sections of each country controlled by different armies..its up to you who you befriend and who you go against. you can even just go it alone. the idea is that money is hard to come by, so you go on errands for people and in return they pay you.

Sounds a bit boring?

Not at all, i haven't got to the really cool part yet! i put a story there just basically back it up if somebody says, theres no story at all. the idea is just its plain fun. here are the cool features that make this game completely different.

  • Monthly Updates!
    At the end of every month, there will be an update. because you cannot make online RPG's with the engine, im making it close as i can to doing so. every month there will be new characters, quests etc. and for example Decembers update will be christmasy and every member will recieve a special christmas present
  • Custom Weapons
    combine many combinations of weapons to be as unique as possible, for example combine Wood with nails. or Brick and Nails for a throwing weapon.
  • Original Graphics
    Every graphic is originally made by our artists. as well as the music. nothing is RTP.
  • A whole forum devoted to the game
    There will be a forum where you can show off your character & finds in the game, where you can all socialize and enjoy the game. remember you can edit the game yourself and share Mods of the game and create your own levels!
  • Weekly/Themed Competitions
    for example, the best dressed for halloween will get a special pumpkin in their house or something along those lines. most unique character will get a special item. etc.
  • Design A House For Your Character!
    Design a house, post it in the forums on development and i will build it ready for the next update, you will get a special password sent to you to make it just for you. and there you go!
  • Mounting Animals
    You can mount boars, bulls, horses, donkeys, zebra's, dragons, bears, dogs, lions and more, each animal has a unique speed and some can even attack enemies, this can give you an advantage in some battle situations
  • Bank System/Credit Card - Created By Bugsteak
    Withdraw & Deposit money to keep it safe, because if you die you will loose gold..but fear not, you don't have to travel to a bank to use the money inside it, you can use the awesomeness of the credit card, you will also need a credit card to purchase property!
  • Zelda Battle System
    Still under construction, the battle system is hopefully going to be like the popular LOZ games
  • Casino Gambling System - Created by MilkyJoe
    become a gambling pro in the awesome questbooks casino, where you can play poker, roulette & fruit machines, cash in your dimes for chips and
    get yourself to the top of the leaderboards..the casino also offers job opportunities where you can get discounted dime to chip rates!

of course the game will feature huge free roaming locations, hundreds of characters to talk to, loads of quests, mini games and such.

Get Involved!

Written & Directed By Masterchief

Artists: MilkyJoe, Bugsteak

Mappers: Avatar176

Writers & Designers: Aaronfeld


Testers: StAlexia, Avatar176

Graphics: MilkyJoe, Bugsteak

Editors: Avatar17



above: the title screen
below: the character creation process
below: the town of Tundria, in the state of Tunesis


above: Nargia land plots

above: SUPER BASIC version of the Esc Menu

above: the first draft of the western islands map
An open-ended RPG? I don't know...
It sounds kinda...boring. The player SHOULD have some goal of some sort in the game.
you cannot make online RPG's with the engine

Oh, yes you can. Even though it takes more time, there are three
online scripts that can make your game be an MMO.

With that, I wish you, good luck.
You are able to do MMO's with the corresponding script, as Avatar wrote biggrin.gif It may take you some time to do it but you can do it, if you have enough patience and determination (even though both things are needed ever since you start making a game by yourself).

I love your idea, really, sounds pretty interesting even though others might consider it boring; and they got a point... because first thing you expect from an RPG is an adventure or a main storyline. Your idea might be used as well, so don't discard it just yet, to give a quick example about how you may like to develop your game: "Elder Scrolls Oblivion".

If you haven't played that game you should, really... I perceive your idea just as that one of that game and it is nice, but you must keep in mind that you must have lots of variables and conditions in every decision the player might take to create several endings or optional/alternate activities.

I'm interested in your project and I'd love to help you, maybe as beta tester since I'm working in my own game so I cant really distract myself with another one. There's nothing more to write i guess until you show us some screenshots and something to grasp the geography of your game, and I'd like to congratulate you about the idea of making a card game biggrin.gif maybe you can use that as a potential basis for making battles or so tongue.gif

Good luck, I'll be looking forward to your project -so don't lose the spirit just yet- biggrin.gif Maybe you would like to take a look on my game "Angelus" in the forum to get some ideas, as well as other very good games out there.

QUOTE (MasterChief @ Nov 16 2010, 11:36 PM) *
  • Mortal (Human)
  • Elf
  • Dwarf
  • Wizard
  • Tribal
  • Ghost
  • Orc
  • Undead

Interesting... So all races are immortal except Humans?

Anyway, looking forward to this, but you'll have to show screenshots to draw my attention wink.gif
StAlexia: Thanks a bunch, i'll put you down as beta tester, if you have any art work or ideas please send them forward...

as far as using a script for MMO is concerned, id have no idea where to start with servers etc. i'd need somebody to do this for me.

the game is going quite well, i'll be posting up some artwork soon. i've also got a few musicians currently composing some music for me, im not using anything RTP so it really stands out.

if anyone has any maps, houses, original graphics i'd love to use them.

i understand about storyline, im thinking of adding a main storyline that changes everytime i update it, but its annoying because i want something original and interesting, i dont want the usual evil monster/king taking over the world, army of orcs want you dead etc. i will sort out a storyline. even if the first version doesnt have it. future versions will.

sorry i have to do this but i need feedback

I'm glad you added screenshots. Some of the characters don't share the same style so it is a bit weird.
And you don't really need to bump 6 hours after your last post, its not like this topic is sinking at high speed wink.gif
  • Mortal (Human)
  • Elf
  • Dwarf
  • Wizard
  • Tribal
  • Ghost
  • Orc
  • Undead
  • Dragon
  • Demon
  • Mermaid
  • Troll
  • Goblin
  • Cat
  • Reptilian
  • Monkey
  • Insect

soo, if the other chars are immortal, and you die as a Human, It will be game over?
:| wait, just noticed, Theres some Huge monsters and everything like the Undead, Dragon, Demon, Troll and Then theres a Frekkin Insect? WTF!?! INSECT? ._. hmm.... wouldnt choose that one.

But anyways, looking forward to this, i like Making my own char. biggrin.gif
thanks guys, most of the characters im using for that are temp until i get my original ones done, but its just to give an idea.

and indeed insect, insects do have a few advantages over some of the other ones though.

and to answer the death questions, the humans can die from almost anything, the others can die, but only from certain things for example, elves cannot be harmed by normal weapons, they don't pierce their skin, but they can be killed by Fire Magic. humans also grow older and die in the game, the others do not.

Demons can be killed by water spells and light curses.

etc etc.

more screenshots soon
This all looks great. Ive been really interested in playing one of those "build your own character games."

Some questions on specializations.
Is there any advantage to using the civilian perk? It seems like everything else has a better bonus.
Some of these seem off balance. Like: Ranger = More Speed. Ninja = More Speed and shadow sneaking ability.

Will these be updated? This game does seem like it is in a very early stage.

Also. Are the dragons actual big dragons or just dragon-humanoid people?

Lastly. Maybe the next thing you add to this page is a bit of an explanation on the abilities of each of the races.
Blueblaze: thanks for the feedback.

  • the civillian perk is basically for people who are not interested in the battling side of things and more interested in getting rich and having a pretty house lol
  • yes the game is in a very early stage, these different combinations of character abilities and classes will be updated as soon as the database is almost completed..the ranger has overall more speed in everything, especially using bow's and long ranged weapons. where as the ninja has alot more speed when moving on the map, but is also unseen at night to enemies, if your moving through a map which normally has a large amount of encounters, the ninja is able to pass through without having to battle.
  • i haven't yet decided on the dragon front, what do you think? should you be able to control big dragons? or leave them as monsters? i dont know yet.
  • i will explain more of these in the coming weeks but i will posting a few screenshots today!!
i apologize for the double post, just letting everyone know there is more screenshots up now!!!
Milky Joe
here ya go masterchief biggrin.gif

its a faceset for an undead character you might want to use... early days though :L
I can beta, map, and fix those awful grammar problems
in those screenshots.
haha yes avatar, my grammar is terrible, mapping wise, im after a few villages and towns, if you could do some, that would be awesome, nothing in particular. you can come up with your own ideas smile.gif
Awesome. Just PM me what you want, or you can send the project folder. smile.gif
im looking for a battle arena. kinda gladiator style. if you could map me one, it would be pure awesome. if you google image "gladiator arena" it shows the kinda things im after.

This reminds me of some game I used to play before I got a brain. . . I think it was called AdventureQuest or something. But now that I think about it, they don't have much in common except for updates and such. Looking forward to this, though, it sounds waaaay more appealing to me than AdventureQuest. Also, I'm so gonna choose to be an Insect. >:3
thanks is a little simular to adventure quest! i haven't played that in ages.

if anybody has any personal house designs, you can put them up now. smile.gif basically just the inner map. and i'll put it in a land plot nice and early. smile.gif

No prob, Chief. But wait, you're saying we can post the interior of houses and you'll put them in the game? Like, as options for the player to live in?
yes exactly that. you design an interior, i place it on a land plot, and then you go a treasure chest outside your house with a passcode. you get the passcode when i PM you with it. enter the passcode pay upfront for your house (500 dimes for a small shack all the way up too 300,000 dimes for a mansion) and its can have as many as you like too. but you cant get it without paying in the game. for an additional $1 via paypal you can advertise in my game's world via billboards. so you can advertise websites/bands/games etc

first 5 designs of a small shack get it free. so get going

EDIT: also, this ties in with the monthly competitions. for example, the best decorated for christmas or halloween gets exclusive items/weapons/armour or even a pet.

pets are a thing im trying to work on, where if you buy a pet or tame an animal it appears in your house and acts a tamigotchi kind of thing. where you have to feed it etc.

EDIT 2: also keep an eye on the other forums for QUESTBOOKS TCG, which will be sold via a company called Conflicting Kingdoms.
Awesome! Hmm. . . I wonder how much an oversized tree stump would fetch?
hey, this actually looks pretty sweet! Makes me think of the elder scrolls. The only thing I have to say is I kinda agree with avatar. An rpg should at least have a climax for the player to work towards. nonetheless, I'm excited!
0_o lol

Chaike: thankyou my friend, yeah i agree, i wasn't too sure at first whether to put one in, i was trying to completely steer away from typical RPG storyline...i think i steered away from it a bit too much!!! lol. im currently writing a storyline. but its a storyline you dont have to stick too.
You mean like one long-ass quest?
yep, think fallout. for example you go after this badguy that did something really bad to you...but you get sidetracked by loads of other people, who give you small snippets of infomation on this person's whereabouts if you do things for well as side quests that people pay you money..


Here is the super basic version of the in game escape menu i designed & scripted myself..again, its super basic, later there will be icons and animations and such and more color.

Player Profile
this tell you everything you need to know about your character..level, stats etc etc.

Quest Book
a log of completed/uncompleted quests you have accepted

an NPC friends list, this where you can keep track of people you are dating, people you have hired etc etc.

The Wanted List
have you seen these people? search for them and reep the rewards for killing them or bringing them in alive, new people added all the time.

it really speaks for itself lol, its a basic inventory, but with the ability to drop items. or fast key to A, B or C.

again pretty easy to work

for exceptional RPG skills, includes forum awards that will be left in your house if you do really well or win on a competition, also includes in game awards like completing a super hard quest or mini game.

Update Log
keeps tabs on what version you are playing

an inventory of property that you own, if you have the fly ability it also allows you to quick travel.

the list of buisnesses you own or have shares in. manage stocks and staff here too. a very glitchy option atm, getting it fixed.

any suggestions please let me know!!!
Oooh. So, this could be an example?

(Before receiving 3 or more pieces of info on bad guy)
Girl: I lost my Dolly.
Girl: I lost my Dolly.
You: What did it look like?
Girl gives description of doll.
Girl: Please find my Dolly for me.
Choices: Yes/No
Yes: Side-Quest Accepted.
No: Stop talking to Girl.

exactly like the screenshot about the missing dog...there are lots like that.
Okay. This sounds like an awesome game, I'll definitely play it once it's done. By the way, will there be a gender select for before/after you choose your species? Because right now, I can really only see the cat and mermaid as female.
every race has a gender option right afterwards..if your mermaid and you choose male, it turns into merman...its a darker version of a mermaid..kinda Orc faced.
Apologies for the double post...for some reason the edit button isn't working =/

but here are a few updates on the project, i now have several artists working on bits and pieces for me, please please please send forward any work, get involved, its a massive project so the more work the better, the smallest thing ever counts...

i've come up with a idea for the game where you can buy for example a ship, and you can build onto it, paint it different colours, design your own flag for it etc...just trying to figure out how it could work..kinda like design a pirate ship or something...would be different.

im also putting together a little teaser trailer for youtube and my upcoming keep an eye out.

I really like the idea of this game! Been working on something similar myself. Sent a PM about how I would like to help!
Hello everyone, sorry i have been inactive due to christmas festivities!!!!

bugsteak: thanks mate, need all the help i can get, maps mainly at the whatever you feel like making and send it over, im sure i can use it.


notice to all designers: im looking for some town/village designs, with shops and houses etc, something pretty, grass & lakes and rainbows and stuff. smile.gif

sorry, i updated this but it didnt end up on the first page of the early project feedback...i need more feedback and comments on my project and designs!!
The JJ
I really like the idea, But if I were you, I'd keep it offline. Making a MMO on RPGVX a lot of hard work, servers etc.
Anyway, Can't wait for a demo. happy.gif
Yo I could help with quest writing if you want. Sounds really good! I just wanted to say from a post a long while back that Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion had an awsome story. One thing you could do and one thing I would love to help with is creating lore or history for each race. Elder Scrolls was the best at doing that and I've always wanted to do that in a game.
TheJJ: totally agree, i think yeah it would be awesome, but not for a small team to manage 24/7.

aaronfeld: thats exactly what im looking for, im in need of a questbooks "wikipedia" of races and heroes, history and religions etc etc etc. quest writing would also be amazing. tell me what you need to know to get started smile.gif

If I could get a copy of the game so I can get a feel for the style of play would be the best thing. After I play around I usually find places to put things in maps and load them with people and quests lol. If you want me to make anything in particular tell me and I'll get to it!

If you could PM with details about how to get the game that would be best.
hey guys just a quick message, thankyou to bugsteak for the maps & bank system. aaronfeld i will send you a bunch of maps within the week, i will PM you with a link where you can download it.

i will be releasing a kinda short prelude to the game soon called QUESTBOOKS: TALES OF TWINFALLS i didn't create it but i wrote it, thanks to Gremlin for putting it features one of the legendary figures in the questbooks world its pretty exciting stuff, so look out for that in the coming weeks, its about 2 hours long..
Glad to help, man!

Can I make a suggestion? More screen shots!
screenshots coming up within the hour! i'll be posting up screenies of the dwarven mines of Gnara & the dragon taming academy!!
QUOTE (MasterChief @ Feb 1 2011, 08:40 PM) *
screenshots coming up within the hour! i'll be posting up screenies of the dwarven mines of Gnara & the dragon taming academy!!

I got an idea how about a druid class and that has the morph abilities.
biggrin.gif didn't think about druids, thats a cool idea, more details pleasee smile.gif
ladies and gentlemen

sorry for the long wait.the demo is almost ready to be released and the website will live this weekend, with a few extra suprises too..theres a section of the website called WikiBooks...there you can find a wikipedia of the quest books world..everything you need to know is there...

the demo is looking great, and i'd like to thank eveyone for the support.. a huge 15 screenshots will be up 6pm (UK time) tomorrow, as im tired from work!

apologies smile.gif

feedback please!
Were you planning on sending me the game files so I can fix the grammar and spelling mistakes? : )
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