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"It Seems the twin headed dog has finally broken from its leash"

*please read first =]
Hello everyone, despite my computer having recent issues, I have managed to make some time to get some work done and a bit of time to put create this early project thread(thought it still needs a lot of work) for a small side project I have been slowly working on "Ethereal Gospel: Orthrus". If you are familiar with my previous project then the same should sound familiar to you. Ethereal Gospel: Orthrus is essentially a side story that actually takes place a few years after the events of the original story. I am also using this project as a guinea pig for features to be in possible use for Ethereal Gospel Part 2: Immortal covenant(working title) as well as drop minor hints as to what may come in the 2nd part. It is also a small way for me to revive the the project as a whole as many around here seem to think it is dead, (I'm not gonna lie, it isn't that far from the truth, but I will still try :]).

Also this will be drastically simpler compared to the original and part 2. I will be using the default battle system(with some minor tweaks) and game play will be a bit more traditional. Original resources will also be scaled down a bit(maybe).

For now I do not have much information or even screen shots for this current project, but as time goes on I will be gradually adding information.


2025- Two years after the "Genetic Conflicts of Lundia". A majority of newer generation Genetics have died out from mental breakdown and the Anti-abnormal(armed) Forces have relieved many of it's soldiers with the state of emergency cleared. The Brother and Sister--Brock and Maia--that were big players in the conflicts resigned from duty during the aftermath of operation"Nazareth". They have since moved to the state of "Pleroma" and settled in Sophia city. Now acting as independent Mercenaries in this state with high crime rates and strong influence of drug trafficking and even many abnormal events not limited to Genetics. The story takes place here and the two have created there own company called "Orthurus" and seek to make a name for themselves to get better work and pay.

However; things start out very strange for them when taking on there first job from a mysterious contruction company. The client request them to help deliver an unknown package together with a few other mercs. But upon delivery the entire team is betrayed by the company when reaching the
destination and killed. Brock and Maia managed to escape, but are pretty sore about the whole ordeal and now seek to find out just what exactly happened and find out more about this "contruction company". They end finding out that this unknown package they deliviered is only a piece of the bigger picture and realize that this company has some ties to people in very high places.

This leads the Brother and sister to get caught up in something far more than they exspected once again and realize that there are greater forces at work here beyound anything they ever dealt with before and the secrets they could never understand in the past now slowly become to show up again and become dragged to the light.

Ethereal Gospel:Orthrus will mostly focus on the relationship between Brock and Maia as well as explore many other religious concepts like its predecessor. The General story will be significantly toned down, as the game will be basically played in the fashion of mini-stories and short scenarios that you can choose from in any order and will have key antagonist with each. Eventually a main plot will unfold but will be told in a nutshell. Also not much of the past will be revealed to prevent spoilers for the oncoming main project, though hints will be dropped to get you interested.


Brock N. Larkins

A former member of the Anti-abnormal(armed) Forces back in the state of Lundia at the Creet city Branch. He and his sister Maia where the top
Abnormal Investigators at there branch and where key players in the Nazareth operation. Though certain events from his campaign as an AAF soldier still
linger in him negatively and even certain question still unanswered, he has mostly overcame his obsession over needing to know the truth.

Following the events of the ordeal, Brock coined the idea of leaving AAF as he knew that things were going to change soon with the large decline in Genetic activity and knew only boring paper work where in store for he and his partner. Maia mostly agreed with him and thought they could do better working on there own as guns for hire.
They resigned from AAF and started there own company which retained the same name as there partnership title "Orthrus". However Brock knew getting good work on there own would not be easy without making a name for themselves so he suggested they go to one of the most dangerous cities in the country that would be in good need for there services.

Maia L. Larkins

The sister and former partner of Brock in the AAF. Like her brother she was a top A.I. and quite a fierce woman. She too has been a bit scared from certain events from her campaign, but like Brock she has managed to move on and forget about those days as they are too bothersome for her to think about anyway.

Maia was strongly in agreement with her brothers idea to leave the AAF and is really the one who gave the idea of working as mercenaries instead. She too saw the days of paper work and fetch errands drawing near with the decline in abnormal events. She of course found this boring and wanted to put her combative skills to better use. She formed Orthrus with Brock and the two moved into an old dinner to use as there headquarters and home in Sophia city.

Strange sentient lifeforms that exist on the imaginary number(spiritual) side of reality. New information and theories on this race has only recently had any relief. They are a strange Parasitic like race that integrate themselves deep within there host biological frame and feed on the "Chakra" of human beings. However in exchange they give up "Mantra" which halts the growth and many physical changes of there host.

Before these studies Vectors are beleived to be the reason behind Ghost or spirits and are often still called these terms by common people.
They are very intelligent and more than likely know many secrets of the universe that we do not. However they seem to only be able to communicate with or threw there host and can only be directly connected to one at a time. If they want to communicate with many people at once, they must do so threw there host by simply passing on information or by directly taking control of them by Neural interface.

Vectors are made up of an imaginary substance only known as "Aether" and are categorized into two "general" class types of [D] and [A]. D-types are much less malicious compared to A-types and usually keep a much lower profile when drawn into the Material realm. Vectors originally do not have a defined shape when in there own realm, but if they "terraform" the substance that sustains them in imaginary space condensates into "Aether" giving them a material form

*Brock and Maia both posses a vector link in this story, however as to how they obtained them in the first place...well you will have to wait until "Ethereal Gospel: Immortal covenant" to find out ;]


Sophia City

A City with High Crime and abnormal events, it is currently one of the top 3 most dangerous cities in the united states. Before the Genetic conflicts, this city suffered from several other abnormal conflicts, one that supposedly even completely destroyed a part of town and is now even considered haunted by locals.
Organized crime is also prominent here and illegal distribution of the new popular drug "O'gotti" pulls in billions a year. A new Governor was recently elected in the State of Pleroma and is bent on cleaning up Sophia and has passed many new state laws in effect. Though many have high hopes for the city to be saved, to many it is still looking very unlikely.




The study of imaginary space(the other side)

In Hinduism, Mantra is a sacred sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are considered capable of "creating spiritual transformation".

Scientifically, Mantra is a theorized Building block for Sound and this has also sprung new theories that Sound may have the power to alter the physical world(and possibly has influence in the spiritual) itself and can have strong influence over time and space. Studies related to Vectors and Chakra greatly compliment this theory as they each seem to have a strong relationship with Mantra. The "Terraforming" processes is a good example of the relationship of Vector and Mantra as well
as the unseen barriers they can generate.


An unknown substance that seems to make up the physical body of vectors when in material space, not much is known about the element other than
it is surprisingly quite fragile if there is not enough chakra supporting it and breaks down over time like anything else. This is why vectors must drain chakra from living organisms in order to sustain themselves in the material realm, or they must go into some form of "Limbolization" to drastically lower the amount of chakra needed
to keep the Aeither from deteriorating and general protection from outside elements.


In Vetrology terraforming is a phrase used to describe the process of Vectors crossing over from the Imaginary realm to the Material one. Though the process details are still only theorized, many hold a lot of support with most ideas on how the process works. A common idea is that Vectors are forced out of imaginary space when running out of the life force energy that sustains them in there realm(this is believed to be something similar to Mantra or even possibly chakra).

So essentially it is as if they are dieing and cross over to the next life. However there are a significant amount who reject this theory as it strongly contradicts the behavior of Vectors once they are materialized, as they seem to actually be in the "dieing state" when they are actually in the material realm and strive to survive by taking Chakra from sentient life.

There are those who have actually managed to form "Links" and develop relationships with vectors to find answers to the truth of how it works as well as answers of imaginary space itself, but anything of great significance has yet to be discovered as most host lose themselves from trying to open themselves up to much for the vector spiritually.


Stands for "Deva type" and is the lesser common type most people come in contact with. However they are much easier to restrain and are used commonly for "link" experiments on subject host by Vetrologist. D-type vectors have a much more sutle behavior compared to there A-type brethren yet there actions are relatively the same; Finding a matching host with the same Atman(dominant chakra), linking with them and forming "limbolization", feeding on the host Chakra and giving up Mantra in exchange.

However in the initial encounter a "D" vector may force itself on the host, but not actually make a complete link with them and instead simple hibernate within their spirit to regain some of its strength before for presenting the "contract" and forming the pact of a link. In other words The host must agree to allow the vector to form the "Link"

Vectors giving up the Mantra in exchange for chakra acts as a balance on a host "spirit" as the vectors seem to have the ability to alter and form Mantra into ways necessary for them by an unknown method. However this does not work as well on themselves(forming mantra to act as a substitute for chakra) as they require a much larger amount of chakra compared to Material beings, thus using this method of altering Mantra can not really balance out this process and can only temporarily prolong their lifespan in the material world, hence why "limbolization" is the more practical method of survival.


Stands for "Asura type" and is the more common vector said to be encountered. It is also believed that these kinds of vectors are the reasons behind many Historical mysteries, ghost stories, urban legends and even some conspiracies. They are much more vicious in nature compared to D-types however there survival instinct is still the same process.

The key and only real difference being that no exchange takes place when a link is made and it is not optional(as it is for those who form links with D-types).
They do not respect or recognize the will of sentient life in the material world and see them merely as prey. A lot of times they will not even form links with a host(sometimes they do this as a way to deceive them) and will simply drain there chakra directly by destroying the body of the prey itself.


Orthrus will run a in a slightly different manner than what some people may be use to. The reason is, I want to keep this project as short as possible
but still be fun and interesting to play. Though I admit this is mostly made for people who are much interested in Ethereal Gospels story and style.

The game will be broken up into scenarios which you can choose to play in any order and you will unlock others as you progress further in. Leveling up will not really be a big factor. Instead you will need to be more strategic than anything and also puzzle factors may also come into play. Mini-games will also be a new addition added on for more entertainment factor for those who are interested.

Here is the current summary list of known/Planed features

-Frontal view battle system-with certain addons
-voice acting
-Mini-games(will be listed later)
-Scenario selection
-Experimental Chakra system

More will be listed later on.


This is Generally again a pretty stand-alone project, though there are some things I would like more help with than I did before on my last project, here is a current list:

-Promotional artist, basically someone who would be interested in doing any promotion artwork or graphics for this project. It does not have to be all that good of work either. Im trying to give other people a chance to improve on there work for a decent project. Besides I cannot do nay of my own artwork for the time being as I no longer have a tablet. So I figured it would be nice to give others a chance.

-Spriter, not in dire need but if you want to have a chance to get your work out there and improve this would be your chance. I will take any quality sprite work or edits if you are interested. So it's pretty much the same as the above.

-Scenario Writer, this I will need to be a bit more picky about as I can really do this entire thing on my own, though I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of ideas others may have. So If you think this is something that really interest you and you are a good writer and idealist then you may PM me on more information regarding this(as well as the above.). However I will be scouting someone for this myself as well so if you want the position you will need to be pretty good.

Thats all for now, over time more may be added to the list. Again just PM me if you feel you are at least interested in any of these.
New information added in terms and characters for anyone who is interested In some of the written portion :].

Some more character profiles and organizations are expected to come next. Screenshots will take a bit longer.
Character artwork will come soon though as well as some soundtrack demo's.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my project :]

I'll be changing the background but I think the dogs and the thing in front of it would be a great logo start. This is a setup for your smaller images, like EG has

So I'll be trying to get that one out soon, I updated the site with this image though so the Projects page doesn't look funny with that huge image.
Looks good Neo, thanks a lot, for the new graphic, fits much better. Give me the link to the website when you can, So I can put it on here :].
Hey, this is probably my first post. So is this the 2nd part of the demo?
I definitely want to play more.
QUOTE (Pheyt @ Mar 29 2011, 08:20 AM) *
Hey, this is probably my first post. So is this the 2nd part of the demo?
I definitely want to play more.

Not Quite, this is actually A separate Project being made along with part 2. This one will be shorter
and simpler and move way faster(in terms of leaghth). I am also using this as a test for feature planed in part 2.

Though these will take some time admittedly as both are being planed out to from the ground up.
Hiya Rixis, I'd be more than happy to help ya as a Scenario Writer. PM me a topic and some key importance and I'll be more than happy to write something for ya.
Do I smell a sequel coming soon Rix?
Looks really good! I can't wait to see some screenshots and play a demo. smile.gif
if you need help with some music i would like to help
Is this still being worked on?
Unfortunately..No not at the moment ...things are crazy rigth now around the forum and I had to take a hault on this. infact im sorta starting over and proubably should take this down. Technically I am still doing this project But it's going to go differently than I planned. The reason its taking so long is becuase its taking time to get various resources for this which are mostly orignal and free so it takes a lot of time.

Anyway You can exspect to see this thread up again here and on the official site later.

I have another seperate side project I am also working on that you can check out here if you are interested, the only reason it's doing so well is because its really small. Anyway it has some connections to Ethereal gospel.
Thank you, Rixis biggrin.gif I played Ethereal Gospel and enjoyed what there was of it, so I hpe you get to go back to working on it soon. *nod*
Luckily I have decided to continue and I am rebooting it a bit. I plan to take ideas and plans I had for orthrus and put them with the Original EG. This will reboot the game.

Thanks for being a fan and supporting, it really makes me want to continue on the series. :]
hey since your not around on MSN right now, and I'm gitty of waiting, I'm posting it here.

Not much for the little pink light, might take that out if you don't like it. I'm just not sure about it.
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