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Full Version: RED WORLD: Room of a Thousand Years 2
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IXFURU proudly presents

A QUICK NOTE (to the people who downloaded it last time):
as of 2/11/12
Since the last update, I've added:
1)Close to 80 new maps.
2)A New Town
3)Three new Outer world locations
4)New Dungeons
5)Nearly 30 Quests (not all finishable yet)
6)Began Complete Graphical Overhaul(Still some things to fix), including reworked Sprites, faces, battlers. New Title and GameOver scenes and much more
7)Expanded Introduction
8)Several more cutscenes, including a double one (which will mark you finishing the storyline part of the demo)
9)New NPC Systems(In the process of implementing it)
10)AntiLag implementation
11)Several new battle scripts which enhance the battle scene
12)Two new party members
13)Expanded Fishing and Gambling scenarios
14)Changeable Conversations with Family Members
15)Skills complete through 20 Levels
16)New Feed and Capture Animals System
17)Added Credits and WindowSkin adjuster to MENU
18)I fixed the crap out of the JUMPING (see bottom of post)
18)All this adds up to about 20 hours Playable time. Keep in mind it can be longer or shorter depending on how deeply you want to go into it.

HISTORY: Mouse and Crow

RED WORLD is the 2nd RPGMakerVX creation of IXFURU. It's the sequel to his previously unreleased title Room of a Thousand Years. The original story followed the conflict between an evil immortal and a prison-room where he kept all his subserviant humans. The immortal, who refers to himself as RED CROW, is a sinister being who finds great delight in watching the imprisoned people. He refers to them as his 'mice'. And much like a mad scientist, he sets forth a labyrinth of sorts and sets them on course through its many twists and turns, promising that if one could reach him, he would give them their freedom. Of course, there rose a mouse who was equal to the task, and on his great skill, the prisoners of RED CROW's evil maze were given their freedom.
This project is set 110 years since the great Mousian escape. They've been set free on a world they hadn't known before, and the borders of their civilization are expanding. They've met natives and learned a new religion. They've fought wars and constructed a government. All the things civilized people do, has been done. And yet, they didn't escape the room alone...Hordes of monsters have escaped the confines of the prison as well.

SYNOPSIS: Shiny Things

There is much to discover in RED WORLD, and perhaps no one better suited to find these things than the people of a small town called FOSSIL CROP. That's where we find a long history of archeologists, dating back to the early days of freedom. For generations, the town has thrived on exchange of rare materials found by the group of daily diggers. Only today, just a short distance from town, in a well-known Mine, the diggers have unearthed something which should have been left buried. When the bad shiny thing is discovered, so too will be an old, yet familiar evil and the inevitable despair caused by bringing it back to life.
You'll play the part of a boy or girl (you decide); the child of the first archeologist who comes up missing. You become part of the plan to find your father in the familiar mine, but the dangers you will uncover send your life on an unexpected path. "There's something different about you," people will say. Even your mother will see you in a different light when you return. Will you end up walking the straight line? Or will you be lured into a life of crime and destruction. One things for certain, in RED WORLD, you may start by heading in one direction, but you'll soon find there's countless things to discover and you'll be diggin up secrets like your father.

WORLD: Twacks and Yenches and Kikks...Oh My!

So, your a normal mouse. You follow TROSSIAN law and live in close contact with other Mousian, ex-prisoner types. But there is people far different afoot. There are islander and people from a strange continent called TWACKYLVANIA. You've seen short-people playing in CASINOS and ghosty-looking fellows having a drink at the PUB. Where do they come from? And better yet...Why can't you understand a single word they are saying? Uhh. Here's the deal. You can't and you won't until you learn their language. That's right. You'll have to purchase a book at a bookstore and learn. Only then will you be confident enough to head to their lands and discuss the weather with them.
Weather. That reminds me. You'll want to stay out of the rain whenever possible. You'll want to try your best to keep from getting pelted with hail or coming down with the FLU. Once you catch it, everyone in the party will be at risk. The last thing you'll want to do is head to the MEDICS to get healed. It'll cost you days in bed healing to rid yourself of the many attainable diseases.
And that reminds me, there's three moons here in RED WORLD No, you won't be able to see them much, but when it gets dark out, you'll have to decide. Do you want to risk being out in the dark or would you rather REST and wait til morning. They'll be new creatures lurking about during the night, maybe it would be worth keeping a LANTERN handy just in case you decide to tough it out til morning.
Just be sure of one thing, you keep up with the days. MOM will have a birthday cake when the time comes, and you'll be sure to get something good. But uh, don't fish your days away to get to your birthday. After all, you're only gonna live a specific amount of years. Just like in real life. I don't know how long you'll have, no one will. Just know that from the moment you take your first step outside on an errand for your mother, you'll be counting down the days to your death, so you better get a move one. There's a big world out there.

CHARACTERS: Rams, Lizards, Mice and a Crow

Let's start with the mice

Though there is no set party members, you must start as one of the four children of a family.

The Eldest Son:
He is courageous and seems to get stuck doing all the hard stuff when father's not around. Getting out of the house and away from the drama is the best thing to ever happen to this character, and he'll be glad you chose him.

The Eldest Daughter:
She is most often helping with the household chores. She can sweep and clean and cook. But truth be told, she'd rather be out slaughtering MITERITES!

The Youngest Son:
This kid is stylish. He's got his hat on and he seems to be sliding more than walking. He doesn't look the part of sword-wielder, but don't let that lazy smile fool you!

The Youngest Daughter:
She's the baby. What more can you say. She cries. She doesn't like touching fish worms. She misses people. She likes flowers. Maybe you can do something with her.

The Ram and the Lizard are the two symbols of the immortal beings on the higher plain above RED WORLD. They are worhipped, and can be contacted. They are commonly referred
to as "The Gogs". The Ram and LIzard are at odds, with the Ram seeking justice and peace, while the LIzard likes CHAOS and WAR. The GOGS live in a realm above RED WORLD, known as VEN.

WOuldn't be much of a point in a sequel unless somehow evil survived the first one! In this case, it wasn't supposed to. RED CROW, or GLEPPER (which is his real name), has been sitting around the past century brewing about how unfair fate has been. How one little mouse had overtaken him and freed the people, at the same time destroying all that he'd worked so hard to accomplish. But is GLEPPER immortal? He's certainly no Mouse from this Red Earth! Maybe he's stuck somewhere between GOG and Mouse.


Dive in and Swim some ponds

And Battle while you're swimming

Blast walls like ZELDA!

Make Bridges with powerful tools

Play some wild, new Casino games

Battles in Customized Battlebacks

Speak with the Immortals

Customized Menu

New Title

New GameOver

New Enhancements, like JET's Notebook (Jet's the man if you didnt know that

SYSTEMS: Why my project is taking so long

1) D.I.D.S.> One of the most unique systems of the project. Distributed Interchangeable Divided Sub-Elements. These are parts of the COLOR ELEMENTS, which are found in almost everything in the world. They can seriously be found in the middle of the woods on a grass space, or in on someones roof. The possibilities are endless. The principal behind the DIDS are to build things with them, using a wrench:

Nearly every common item can be built. From Rations, to tools, even weapons and armor. The more you save the better things you can build. To build extremely rare items, find "BUILD BOOKS" to gain the knowledge and unlock the ability to change the game in a big way by manufacturing VEHICLES, SUMMON DEVICES and even unlimited TOOLS.

Find secret locations known as DIDWELLS, which reproduce unlimited DIDS each day. Find them and Check them after a few weeks, to gain a good DID bonus,.

Keep track of your DIDS with your DID SCROLL:

2)NPCS> One of the most detailed systems in the game. I've spent alot of time making each character more than just a three-line encounter in town. You'll have to work to gain friendships. You'll have be careful with what you say, to prevent NPCS from ignoring, striking or even battling you. NPCs can be killed, ressurected again. Some may go with you. If you're wearing certain things, they'll say different things. Some want to drink with you. Some can't see you because you're invisible. And hey! Which ones want to go with you? Recruit them! You can steal from them, or (newest of all) write them letters to rekindle lost friendships or criticize them and make them hate you. Earn their "INDEX" and see what they have. Then write a LETTER of REQUEST to ask for it, or just steal it from them. You'll be able to track the emotions of NPCS by viewing their "BondBars", floating above their heads.

3)GAMBLING> There's only three games right now. The third is new. Pretty basic. You earn GAMECHIPS. You trade GAMECHIPS in for your PLUMMIES back or REDEEM them for new prizes.

4)FISH> In Fishing Tournaments, for fun or to find Treasures.

5)ANIMALS> Study them...They may bite you. Feed them...They may tell you a secret. Capture them...Why would you do that. Hmmmm.....

6)INFLUENCE> Raise your influence to greatly increase the effect you have on those around you. Track your INFLUENCE on your REKNOWN SCROLL:

7)BANKING> Take out Loans. Repay Loans. Purchase Houses and gain BANK POINTS. Take out bigger Loans. Buy Storage Space to unclog the inventory. Or, er, for other reasons.

8)SCHOOL> Study your favorite of the 11 RED WORLD subjects. Take classes at SCHOOLS and perfect arts, learn new skills and increase your INTEREST in the subjects. Track your INTEREST on your INTEREST SCROLL.

9)WORLD MAP> Find and study the Three Maps. Location Map, pinpoints where you are and shows landmarks of where you have been. Straight Map is the commonly studies map of RED WORLD. And. There's another? Wonder what it shows?

RED WORLD also implements the following:
Large Party, WindowSkin Changer, Auto-Battle Toggling, Jumping, Swimming, Climbing, Shoplifting, Diseases, Curses, Map Enemies, Location Skills, Beastiary and good ole-fashioned treasure seeking.

Future plans include:
Compete in Sporting Events like Fighting and BLASTBALL, Start or Join a band and write music, enter a life of politics, SAVE THE WORLD!

KNOWN BUGS: Things that irritate me

1)LIGHTING: Okay. The LANTERN works well. So far. The MAGIC LIGHT works well. So far. But the darn "LIGHTING" skill, for some reason isn't doing well. It will light up just fine and say that it's lost effect when the time comes, but for some reason, it won't quit blinking after that. I'm working on it. Until I fix it. Here's the solution:

Go into the menu, select "ARTIFACTS/INFO/WORLD MAP" That's it. When the map closes, the LIGHTING SKILL should, too.

2)DISEASE: The FLU mainly. You can catch it by wandering about in the rain or snow or hail. Or from SWIMMING. So just keep in mind that usually it works fine. But once in a while, things will freeze up and you'll hear someone coughing! That's not good. I really think this system needs to be turned into a script. I have an old beginning to a script I was going to write for it. But I have long given up. (begs for help here). I just think it would run more efficiently if it were a script.

3)LETTERS: The Letter system is new and it isn't complete. If you want to practice/see how the letter system works, go to the first town and use the letters on those folks. Or to the newest Port. I've just started implementing it, and it will be done soon.

4)NOT THOROUGHLY TESTED: There are a few things which haven't been thoroughly tested. Like some items and skills attainable past level 15. I need to know some of these things:

a. This skill should not be usable during battle if silenced
b. This battler is playing another battler's animation before his turn in battle
c. This person keeps repeating this or something.
d. The game freezes at
e. Why do I have this. I've used this and it should be gone, yet it remains.
f. Why don't I have this? I was told I attained it, yet it hasn't appeared.
g. Umm....It said I got a SHOVEL, but that looked more like a potion!
h. Why is there a raccoon out during the day!?
i. I've done this, yet the QUEST JOURNAL says I haven't.
j. Whatever else you find strange.

FUTURE UPDATES: things I'll be workin on

1)continue to implement the NPC Letter System, re-doing the Thief System along the way.
2)Fix all Plummy-giving chests to state what they've given in a "Dim" box at the "Top".
3)Finish Quests, by creating corresponding areas.
4)Extend Gameplay by expanding playable borders to regions discussed.
5)Implement Skills Through LEVEL 30
6)Keep on going...

USEFUL INFORMATION: Things you can find out here without having to ask

scenario 1

YOU: "It's too dark, IXFURU. WTH, man?!"
YOU: "I don't have any MAGIC LIGHTS or LANTERNS, pal!"
ME: "Go to your leader of the party's SKILLS section and look under "SPECIAL". Find the SKILL called 'REST'. Use it. It won't heal you, but it will get you through the night!"


scenario 2

YOU: "Dang man. I can't find any new party members! This sucks! I'm getting my..."
ME: "Calm down, please. Take a deep breath. You have to make people like you. Watch the BOND BARS above NPC heads. When you've talked to them enough, you may get to recruit them."


scenario 3

YOU: "How the heck am I supposed to defeat these mosquitoes?!!!"
ME: "You'll need to find a good 'FIELD WEAPON' to shoot them from a distance. Until then, you'll just have to rely on the action button. Sorry."

CREDITS: Full list now available from the menu.

Modern_Algebra, Woratana, Yanfly, BigED, Midas Mike, KGC, Star, Original Wij,
Mithran, Synthesize, IceDragon, Reedo, Piejamas, Ikura, Punk, Jens009, Trickster,
Deriru, Omega7, Vixotic, BulletXT, DAI, Envelon, ScriptKitty, Dr. DJ, Mr. Anonymous,
Munkis, Shanghai, SuperOverlord, STR02, LoganForrests, Guyver Banes, Cozziekuns,
Alan Fletcher, Erzengel, Ziffee, Moghunter


HUMBLE PLEA: Me, asking you to help

You know what helps more than anything? Playtest and Feedback. Use the list of things I need to know in order to help me by simply playtesting. Just comment on the project and I'll make sure I try to correct the things you guys find. Even if it's just a typo error. I appreciate all the help I can get. You can PM me or even contact me on in THE FINISH LINE forum.

NOTES: What's included here at the bottom of the post
a)Download of RED WORLD: Room of a Thousand Years 2
cool.gif Link to orignal ROTY (figured I'd share it, even though it's pretty basic, with crap graphics.
c)Link to Application I created which vastly helped me finish the Jump System in the project. Feel free to use it yourself.

RED WORLD: Room of a Thousand Years 2

Room of a Thousand Years(the orginal):
My first game, custom, yet crappy graphics. No scripts. But a good 70 hours game play


Come Visit me at The Finish Line:

After a long creation process. . .

RED WORLD is ready to be tested. I tried hard to present the game in a better way this time, going deeper into detail about the things which separate it from other games. I also tried to add more screenshots and make things overall better. Hope to hear back from you. And if you have problems, let me know.
Well, not much traffic yet. Hopefully, things will start to change when the improvements are noticed.

man one thing i'll say for sure about this game, is that it looks like a lot to swallow at first 8U so many mechanics, but maybe it's just the wall of text that's scaring me XD
i'll definitely try the game out and get back to you on that!
There's a lot to it, Divaldi. I admit that. I don't want to leave out anything when I'm describing it. The more you throw out there, the more chance there is of saying something that will catch a potential player's attention. I didn't mean for it to be intimidating. I thought the only intimidating part was creating it. wacko.gif

Maybe I'll resize some of the red text. It does look kind of like some kind of warning, doesn't it. I just meant for it to get noticed.

Hope there's something in it for you, Divaldi. Thanks.
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