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Full Version: Indonesian high-school uniform sprite
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Hello, i'm Pachirisu. Well i'm using RPGVX on my project now, and i need some kaduki sprites.
To be specific, i need kaduki sprite that using school uniform. I need 2 of them, for boy and girls.

Here's a picture
1. Boy


>I prefer the shirt untucked. tongue.gif
>For the logo on shirt pocket, it don't need to be really detail

2. Girls



>Same like the boy's, i prefer the shirt untucked.
>Mini skirt! yay
>For the skirt, i want the model look like third picture (japan-style) but don't change the color.

What i really need is the uniform, so the rest is up to you.

I know spriting is not easy job, and most of you guys have your own project. Plus i don't have anything to offer to you for making those sprites. sad.gif
So if anyone interested on making these sprite or just doing it to help a pity newbie, i'll really appreciate it.
I'm not in a hurry for the sprites, so take your time. But if you want to make any of those, please do PM me.

I managed to learn frankenspriting on my free time, and here's the result.

It's not as easy as i tought. This one takes about 3 hours of my time. And it's not finished yet. The logo on the pocket doesn't look realistic

So what's left now is the girl. I'm really having a hard time doing the uniform. Any help will be much appreciated laugh.gif
BUMP rolleyes.gif

And also changed the request from Mack sprite to kaduki sprite.
You're making a game based on a school in Indonesia? I am just curious, since I'm Indonesian.
BUMP rolleyes.gif

And i updated my request.

@Ketski: yes, i'm making a game about school life in Indonesia. Btw salam kenal
these are not what you want but they may help.
The school girls have a short skirt on. Of course on a chibi that is about 8 pixels lol.

You want the third hairstyle, the bangs combed to the side and the little pony tails, right?

I'll keep looking.

glasses credit GrandmaDeb wink.gif Students cr Enterbrain

Don't know where the lab worker originated sad.gif

Offsite, T30 has a professor you may like
here, scroll down
and his young protege on the next page

credit enterbrain
Here you go! I made the girl and a boy that goes a little better with my girl just in case you want to use it. The boy has tucked and untucked shirt versions.

For sprites like these you should also try
nice one. thx a lot rhemmiel laugh.gif
and thx to GrandmaDeb as well! biggrin.gif

i think the thread has served its purpose, you can close it mod.

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