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Date last revised: JAN 31, 2008

Hello there. This is where I'm gonna place all my ideas for my up coming project for the RPG Maker VX. Basicly for now this topic is gonna be my online notepad so I can ensure that all my ideas and whatnot are all in one place because I have a habit of losing notebooks with tons of information in them... =_=

Anyways, I'm aware that this topic will be open for public viewing so if you see something interesting please feel free to comment on it whether it be positive or negative feedback just so long it's constructive. =)

Not sure if this is allowed though so if any board admins have a problem with this I'll gladly take this topic down for the time being until I've got enough information to put it back up.

There may (Will) be spoilers in this topic!

Askay, Etsuko, Katsu, and Algus all belong to their own band of mercenaries. Work is scarce but they've managed to come across a job for the village of Demrik. They're too clear out a group of cultist like madmen from Demrik's mine to the north who have been killing anyone who draw near. With the mine shut off, Demrik has lost out on their economy coming from the mine's ore that they trade and desperately need help to reclaim their mine.

The group reaches the mine and instantly conflict with the cult there and also, to their surprise, imperial soldiers of the kingdom are among them. Deeper into the mine the cult has unearthed the entrance to an ancient underground temple that guards over a certain key that a certain someone wants to get his hands on to unleash and harness and awesome power in hopes to achieve his goals. (Got a little cheesy at the end I know but I'm trying to keep spoilers at a minimum. =_=)

Magic: Magic is highly shunned upon in this game. Those born with the ability to cast spells, whether they're healing or destructive spells, are usually casted out from their village and forced to fend for them selfs. This happened with Etsuko when she was around 14. Forced to reveal her magical ability to heal her father of a deadly illness, she was instantly casted out of the village even with her father saying the same. (This'll probably get worked on alot more.)


Askay Umazake

19 years of age.
Sword wielder.
Occupied as a mercenary in a band of fellow mercenaries.
Fights for money and other riches but weighs certain events with reason. (Will help those he's paid to fight if their cause is more peaceful of sorts.)

Etsuko Murashima

18 years of age.
Mix of light sword wielding and support magic. (Light healing with a bit of offensive power.)
Certain events caused her to become a mercenary with Askay in her past. (Not quite sure of what this is yet though. ^^') Will have a love interest in Askay. (Gota have the mushy stuff. xD)
Sweet and timid. Acts upon emotions more then anything which also leads to her being emotionally hurt quite easily.

Katsu Ibaraki

21 years of age.
Fist fighter. Well built.
Another mercenary in Askay's band but later will turn into an antagonist when his greed is intrigued.
Even though an ally, Katsu undermines Askay at every turn.

Algus Alwind

48 years of age.
Two-handed sword wielder.
An ex-knight now gone mercenary. (Still gotta figure out how this comes about.) Leader of Askay's band.
No longer held down by the laws of knighthood but still exercises knightly manners.

Faces: I'm gonna be using the faces that were edited by Rabu so I figured I'd give him his credit here right off the bat. I must say, nice job on the edits too. They all fit perfectly in the chat box and look fantastic in game. Give a nice professional sheen to cutscenes.

Music: I got a hold of the BGM files that will be included with the release of VX and I'm not a huge fan of it. =/ So instead I'll be using the BGM files from Ragnarok Online. They sound so much better but at a cost they're about 2MB for each... =_= But it's worth it I think. Graphics and sound are two huge factors in a games enjoyability. Am I right?

Script: So that I can get the full advantage out of Rabu's faces I'll be useing Woratana's face script which can be found here: Thanks for the effort you put into this bud. =)
looks pretty cool. could we have some screens maybe?
I'd love to post some for ya but the thing is is that this project is REALLY early in development. ^^'

I havn't even started on maps, items, background, or a simple beginning conflict or plot. But when the time comes for mapping I'll give you a nice chunk to gander at. As for now though this is all I got. =(

Thanks for the comment though. =) (That was fast too. >.>)
Hmm the Asian sounding names always seem to put me off it has nothing to do with their history or location.
QUOTE (Badger @ Jan 31 2008, 04:08 AM) *
Hmm the Asian sounding names always seem to put me off it has nothing to do with their history or location.

Yeah, I know what you mean... =_=

But when it comes to me coming up with more English sounding names they either sound riddiculous or are so common that they're boring. =/

So what I tried to do was find names that translated into English words that matched their characteristics. I realize that there's a lot of people out there with your same opinion on Eastern names but I tried to sorta meet both ways on this one. =/

Of course suggestions are always welcomed if you have any in mind. =)
Well the thing is name sounding is too plain it kinda shows that these people were normal people not heroes from birth (unless thats what you were going for)
QUOTE (Badger @ Jan 31 2008, 04:58 AM) *
Well the thing is name sounding is too plain it kinda shows that these people were normal people not heroes from birth (unless thats what you were going for)

Ah, no no, not at all. I just wanted names that sounded interesting is all. Basically I'm not emphasizing too much on the names history. (If any at all.) All I looked for was names that translated into words that matched the description of their personalties. But now I'm starting to repeat myself. X_x

Basicly I just wanted names that sounded interesting and are easy to pronounce. To me they leave a nice ring in the ear that keeps intrest. They're not meant to reveal their history or birth status just to have it so they have a name that sounds nice. Basically I'm not to fond of names like Bob, Sue, Steve, and Maggy because otherwise those are the only ones I'd be able to come up with. X_x So I decided to use Eastern names instead so they wouldn't sound so common. =/
So far, so good..but you know you could of posted this in the main projects forum: This for projects using a RPG Maker, OTHER than VX wink.gif I'll file a report now to help ya out!

Eh...? Oh gee... I miss read the forum topic. =P Yeah, if someone could move this to a more fitting place, that'd be great. =)

Also, thanks for the comment Tay.
Alright, bump time.

I added some more information of another character in the game and also posted how the game's story will start out. Also I've added a little bit of how magic is looked upon in the game. It'll all get revised latter on down the road but it's just to give you guys a little more to comment on. =)
Well, i have been keeping a look on this project for some time and i can say that the storyline is catchy. You said it though that the end is a little cheesy but save it from spoiler wink.gif

Anyway, i'll look in it for update.

Yeah, I think I'll have my girlfriend doin' the story writing. =P

I'm not all that great at it. ^^'
I did not say that the story was bad... it's just the ending, a little too cliche but the beginning was very good.
QUOTE (SilentBackstabber @ Feb 1 2008, 03:49 PM) *
Well, i have been keeping a look on this project for some time...

How is such possible SBS? This project was only posted up yesterday tongue.gif
Ugh, did you draw those?

Why does everyone here seem to be able to draw so good.

Not trying to be racist, but I suppose its Japanese, and Japanese have it in their blood to be able to draw good chibis.
@ Jax: What the faces? Lord no! They'll be supplied in VX's RTP.

And don't feal too bad. I'm no Davin Chi myself. =P

@ SilentBackStabber: I know you didn't say it was bad. I'm just gonna have my gal rewrite it so it pitches more smoothly. =)

She's got a knack at writing stories and givin' you that "goosebump" feeling.
I would be more than happy to write up a small portion of the story for you so that you can see what it's like. Will need editing of course, and I'm sure it will be revised numerous times. With some hard work and effort I'll see what I can do for ya. Just need some more detail and I'll see what I can come up with smile.gif It will be something different for a change and keep me busy at home. Well, maybe I could think of something at work too, but that can be a little difficult some nights o.o
Using Japanese names is alright but making up words that sounds Japanese is the wrong way. Askay isn't even close to being a Japanese name.

I recommend choosing words that have meanings to them or even just actual Japanese words. Also names from Japanese historical figures works too.

Something like Kenbu Ritsumei could work for Askay. Kenbu means sword dance. Ritsumei means peace of mind.
Whoa whoa whoa! Askay is here to stay! I've used that name for countless characters in MMORPGs and other RPGs like Final Fantasy and Oblivion. I know it's not Japanese and I'm sure others know aswell but I couldn't make a game without it. It's like a trade mark or so to speak. =)

All the other names besides Algus Alwind are legit Japanese though. I already forgot their meanings but I know they're legit. =_=

But I've also been thinking over what Badger commented on and I'm thinking he has a point. I'll probably be renaming some of the characters but I still haven't decided yet... Trying to figure out what's more comfortable for me as a creator and then I'll be making changes once a demo is out once the populace has stabbed my neck enough. X_x
Someone can have an english or what ever first name and a japanese last name. They could have had family that was japanese or something. I'm kind of out of it, hopefully you know what I mean xD
if u need any help with the game, I'd be glad to help.

My forte is titles done on photoshop tongue.gif but i can do other things too tongue.gif
@ +Kitten+: Yeah, I get what you mean. That could be a good approach on the names but then again some Japanese name nazi (Not portraying to anyone commenting on this thread.) might get all bent outa shape from it. =/

I'm probably gona take a night to ponder over it and get something sorted out then.

@ techi: Thanks for the offer but I'm still a little bit early in developing most of the main background of the game. I wana get the backing and main story done and over with first before I start asking others for help. But when the time comes that I need something (And I probably will.) I'll definitely take some helping hands then. =)

Thanks to some friends I've got my hands on a full translated version of VX so I'll be starting production of my game finaly. =) Expect some screen shots soon hopefully.

Also I've given some credit to Woratana for one of his scripts that I'll be useing in the game.
You shouldn't double post in a row.
Technically I didn't seeing there's a two day range in between the posts. Plus it's allowed by the thread creator in this section of the forums as long as they have some kind of update to their project.
Okay, I didnt know that, thanks for the pointer.
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