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Full Version: Ship TILESET
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When I said I wanted a ship tilestet, I meant like in the Map editor a Ship tileset, As in the deck for a ship. I didnt mean a vehicle for the ship, and I cant find one anywhere.

Like This but for VX
You weren't misunderstood, you posted a bad request at the time... anyway, there isn't any ship tiles yet, and probably won't be any for a while, I'd personally love this, IF it existed sad.gif

Sorry mate
It's surprising there were not tiles for a ship, but what can you do? You can improvise in the meantime and create one with what is available. Looks a little funky, but I have seen a few from other projects that look pretty good.
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I just came here to request this very same thing. Just what you have there would do for me though if you have that, so if you do can you tell me where I can download it?
Anyone have an example picture of how people have made ship deck graphics with the VX RTP?
I have plans to build ship tiles, although it's not anywhere in the near future since I have so much on my plate with this modern/future tileset. I'll let you know though.

There ya' go. Its the only one I've ever seen.
That will help for the mean time. It is just the XP ship cut up and placed on a tile. Not bad, though. It works fine.
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QUOTE (Sevith @ Aug 29 2008, 07:56 PM) *,28415.0.html

There ya' go. Its the only one I've ever seen.

Thankyou very much! I can finaly get on with the rest of my game now!
I have one Tileset of a ship. It's the XP Ship. It's Attached to this message. The boatparts 1 and 2 are charsets.

QUOTE (Sevith @ Aug 29 2008, 11:38 AM) *,28415.0.html

There ya' go. Its the only one I've ever seen.

It says "an error has occured"
Maybe because this thread is from 2006

Don't post in old topics

And how is the poster supposed to fix that?

Don't necro.

Edit: double closed!
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