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Full Version: I really want to learn...
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Hey all, I'm sorry if this is the wrong place but i didn't find anywhere more fitting than here to put this.
I really love to draw, But i suck at it so bad :\
Any of those who have any experience in this area, please share your wisdom..
Such as: ways to improve, technique, practices.
Im talking about drawing on paper, i also want to learn to draw on the computer but first i want to get good at drawing on paper.
Thank you for reading, sorry again if this is the wrong place and anyone who is willing to help, thank you so much <3
Show us an example of your work first. Then we can move on from there.
QUOTE (godslittledude @ Apr 25 2011, 10:27 PM) *
Show us an example of your work first. Then we can move on from there.

Will make one tommorow to show you, its around 4 am here right now and im tired like hell x3
I have no work because i usually throw them out.
Thanks for trying to help :3
It's good that you decided to learn by using a pencil and paper instead of a computer. A good way to learn techniques is the old fashion way of doing things because you have to implement them yourself. Beginners in drawing unfortunately tend to flock to the filters and other short-cuts when drawing on the computer. :/

But yes, a sample of one of your works will help us figure out where's a good place for you to start. While you're getting something ready, I'll give some advice.

Draw what you see, NOT what you *think* you see. This is something that a lot of artists struggle with at the beginning. They tend to draw people or objects how they picture what they would look like instead of looking at the object more closely and actually SEE what they are trying to draw.The best way to learn to draw is observe and study what you see. Look a a spherical object (marble? tennis ball?) and just spend a couple of minutes just observing it. What is the form like? Where are the shadows dropping? How are the light source bouncing off the object? Once you got a good sense of the object, begin doing some drawing studies. Do more than one drawing of the object. Once you got a good sense of what you're drawing, change the light source and see how the shadows and highlights change depending on where the light is coming from. Then draw. Try this with different objects, preferably ones with simple texture if you're not sure about your skill level yet.

Relax your hand. Don't worry about making mistakes, just free your hand and draw. This is another thing that beginner artists struggle with. If you're too cautious of what you draw, you might do one of a couple of things. You might draw too heavily - which makes your drawings look like you were drawing with your wrists instead of with your fingers! You'll make your drawing too stiff - If you want your drawings to be dynamic, being too cautious about your lines can really hinder what would otherwise be an interesting drawing. Straw lines - STOP THIS EARLY SO IT DOESN'T BECOME A BAD HABIT LATER. Straw lines are when you are too conscious of your lines to the point you pick up your pencil and draw small lines all the way. This creates all these little lines in your work and makes it look messy and stiff. You want to draw in strokes! Again, DON'T WORRY ABOUT MAKING MISTAKES. It is better to have more dynamic strokes than very stiff and self-conscious lines. A lot of artists have this bad habit and it takes a lot of practice to get yourself out of it. I used to have this habit too, and even now after all these years pops up once in a while on bad drawing days. :( Bad habits die hard as they say. So learn early to not do straw-lines! The less strokes you make when drawing, the better!

Straw lines are bad. >.>

I'll give some more pointers later once I see your drawing. It helps to know exactly what you need to improve on. :)
You might also check out this youtube tutorial that is somewhat helpful in teaching you a number of concepts. You have to watch like 4 before you actually draw, but yeah.

Probably one of my favorite bits of art advice ever.
QUOTE (PentagonBrody @ Apr 25 2011, 08:17 PM) *

<3 Coelasquid. Her art is impressive, and when I read that post it inspired ME to almost try doing art... and hell I don't even like doing art.

But yeah, that is a really really good article on a lot of the practices of improving. Actually, a lot of the advice she gives there apply to basically improving at EVERYTHING.

(also, I swear she draws Jared for the sole purpose of contorting his face into as many bizarrely entertaining facial expressions)
Thank you all for the amazing support, after looking at the long article of Coelasquid and the advices i got here, I researched abit on human proportions ( Boob starts a few cm after shoulder, elbows are at the end of the ribs, Wrists are at your crotch) And I think im ready to try to draw something, Im going to try and draw Lightning from FFXIII, Im not going to copy a picture of her or something, im going to make one of my own but use a picture of her to see the details she needs to have, as soon as im done ill edit this post or post a new reply(depends if someone will write after this post so i wont double post.)
Here it is:
Help please : (
Well..... I'd say I guess just keep practising, and don't convince yourself into thinking your drawings are ugly. (Geez, I'm such a hypocrite.")
It can be really helpful to watch talk shows or dramas though, if you want to study the face. Movies too.
But... I have to admit, the sooner you start, the easier it'll prolly be for you. .-.

My math teacher once told my class about a study he heard.
It said that all people who're aces in their discipline had to have had at least 10 000 hours of practise. Although, that's of course not a sure-fire guarantee.
But time and patience is good to have. And don't give up. '^'

On a side note, if it helps to give you hope, I used to be horrible at drawing hands when I was a kid. (Not like I'm amazing or anything at them now, but hey, they're definitely better than how they looked before, lol... =_=")
I used to always draw them behind people's backs. But then I realized... how can I expect to get better if I don't even try? You learn better from mistakes than success, so practise what gives you a hard time. Don't be the best, be your best.

Pentagon posted a really helpful article. I read it too, I thought it was great. .u.
If you want to get better at drawing cartoon-anime things though, this is actually an exceptionally helpful book. It's pretty outdated, yeah, but it's one of only 2 "drawing anime" books my sister ever bought, since it actually helps.
And I mean it; the artist does a very good job at explaining general things, not just girls. It's not boring either and is also great for more advanced people.

I really recommend you buy it or borrow it. It's the only "drawing anime" book I'd say anyone should consider reading.
I see...
Well thanks for the help ^^
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