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Some of you may remember me from a while ago. I put a lot into the parallax mapping push back in the day and worked hard on a game for vx that got lost in a catastrophic hard drive loss.

Since then, I've been hard at work on a platformer called Blight. Blight is an independently-developed platformer that spans four kingdoms as you combat an industrialized race bent on draining every resource available out of the land. Players are helped along by a pendant that gives them the ability to harness a wall of power temporarily. This allows the player to block projectiles, clear pathways, disrupt enemies, raise dangerous obstacles and ceilings, and float temporarily.

The game is being made by a one-man team, but one who is filled with diligence and passion for this project. It is something I've put a lot of heart and work into thus far and something I look forward to working on every single day. My goal is to complete work on a releasable version (one that I'm happy with!) by the end of the calendar year. I'm aiming for digital distribution, which includes places like Steam and Impulse.

Check out the Official Site

Thank you for checking it out! Let your friends know about it!
This looks pretty awesome, dude. This really is a form of advertising, however. I'll leave it open for now though.
@Jasonicus Prime: I removed any references to paying or contributing, just showing the game now. The plan was to post updates periodically--it seems relevant to the community, but doesn't fit in any of the RPG categories.
I'm moving this to "Other Maker Projects." Even if it wasn't made with an RPG Maker game, it wouldn't be the first non-Maker game in the board, so it's fine.

Plus, that makes it less "advertisy."

C-7, I hope you and your "team" make the most of the concept behind the game! biggrin.gif
If you had a sort of support bar, that'd be cool too.
There's a new trailer for the game up on Youtube for everyone to check out! It shows more complete gameplay, enemies, and levels from world 1!

This is completely amazing! I'll definitely give it a run when you finish.
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