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Full Version: What color should a Drow be?
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Since this is not an original creation but an edit from a generated character sprite, it can't be in Resource Showcase, and it's a very narrow question to post in General... so, i don't know other place to ask, so please forgive me if it's the wrong place.

Ok, in this story i have a female drow character, but i'm not sure about the color of her skin. It should be gray, some shade of blue, or maybe black? What do you think?

Currently i have this sprite , but i wonder if maybe the skin should be darker, or maybe the black skimpy armor is just too cliche.
Drow are my all time favorite fantasy race and I pretty much follow them as outlined by D&D/Forgotten Realms novels and such and they're almost always described as having skin like polished obsidian. That being said most pictures you see from D&D/Forgotten Realms don't really have them with a "shiny" black skin tone, it's more dark and dull. Maybe like a dark charcoal. I'd just google "forgotten realms drow" or something.

EDIT: The skin is definitely way too pale on that sprite. But then again, as with everything, you could really do your own interpretation as well.
When you are unsure about skin/hair/clothes color for your characters, it's best to do several palette swaps of different color combinations and see which one fits the most. Right now, black wouldn't be such a good choice for the skin because the armor (you'd have to change the armor's color as well for it to work). If you want to go with a drow-like skin tone, I think using low-saturated blues and purples might work well. Going for pure grays (not cool or warm grays) sometimes doesn't translate as well for sprite work so sometimes it's best to use tints in your grays. :)

Keep on experimenting with different palettes until you come up with something you're satisfied with. :)

(Since you are asking for advice of color choice and not necessarily about RM/resources, I'll keep this topic here).
*points to Soruve* Yeah... that's definitely a good one. Heh... but as with any game I feel your own views of your own characters is what matters. In my custom setting (not current project) but elves are pale blue skinned with white hair with icy white-blue eyes, and dark elves are pale white skin and jet black/navy blue-mixed hair with emerald green or yellow eyes. (shrugs) just all a matter of your interpretation like Dark Jester said.
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