The Land of Magic Tale of the gods

War of the people

Destruction of an Empire

For many years, I have loved video games, especially RPGs and have always dreamt of making one. Then, suddenly, when I discovered RPG Maker VX, I saw that that opporitunity had finally arrived. Since then, I have gone through multiple games (all of them forgotten now) and never had the desire to finish them. That was when I realized that being a developer was tough, and with all the other things in my life, that it would be a challenge to develop a game that people will enjoy. However, I am willing to take those challenges if people enjoy this game that I have always envisioned but never really got it to where I wanted it until now. The release of the recent Japanese expansion pack (that's what I call it) my true passion for Japan (which I have always had) and for creating a game, can now be combined in one. Now, I think that my game is finally where I want it and I have decided to release this post.

The game - The Land of Magic Tale of the gods, War of the people, Destruction of an Empire - as the title may suggest is set in the Land of Magic, although it has a name - Mahoukoku. In this world, people have the ability to use the mana around them, and the chakra in their bodies to perform amazing feats of humanity, magic. Magic however, since its discovery many years ago, would prove to be both a good and bad thing. It would be used to both establish and destroy and empire, and help create and kill the people. In this aspect, some people view magic as a bad thing, and say to leave magic to the "gods" and that humans should have nothing to do with it, while other say that it brings us closer to the "gods" and some even go as far to challenge them. But, in this world of many kingdoms, magic has helped to create the dominant force of the world, the kingdom of Autolumn. Dominating the northern part of the only known continent, Autolumn is the largest and most powerful empire of the face of the world. Autolumn did not get its current height of power however, without the help of its most powerful weapon, magic. It was also said that the "gods" have had something to do with the great rise of this empire, and also had something to do with its ultimate and soon to come destruction.

[UPDATE] 9/8/2011

The world map of The Land of Magic
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As history shows, the known world is dominated by the world power, Autolumn. Autolumn keeps the known world in check, and is the economic powerhouse of the world. However, all this power has severe consequences, for the lands of which Autolumn have acquired so rapidly, are not getting accustomed to the rule of the tyrannical monarch, Boukun, who interstingly enough, has no magical power of his own. After many people and kingdoms were conquered, it was discovered that not all people can use the mana around them, and the chakra in their bodies, to the extent of using magic. They are often laughed upon in Autolumn society and may be why very few know of their "un-magical" king.

The king, having come from a magical bloodline and ruling over the vast empire of his father's whom has just died, can not believe that he does not have the ability to use magic. Maybe this is why he so desperately is raging war, trying to prove himself in a magical world. Be this as he may, this is not his only flaw. He is also well know to be a tyrant and hates the common man, and especially anyone who can use magic. He uses his empire's great military to conquer in his name without being on the battle field (unlike his father). Perhaps of his consciousness of this, he is known to be paranoid and always taking his anger out on the populous. He has increased the tax across the empire extensively, as to pay for his new war to capture more and more of the southern part of the continent.

The Autolumn empire, so large and estensive, was divided into three distinct parts by Boukun's father after he conquered it. The west was called Heiwa, the east Seiha, and the middle Naka. The king, unknowing of these names and instead referring to all three sections as an empire, would soon know them well, for a revolution is brewing, and the "gods", the people, and the empire itself are the driving force. Revolution was first brought up in the east as to protest the taxation of the mining industry (which is the bulk of Seiha's economy). The protesting was soon put down and proved that the new king simply does not care for his empire. Soon, revolution would be common talk among the entire "empire" and the king will not stand for it. Anyone caught talking of it was thrown in jail or even killed. This would go on for years until in the western section of Heiwa, an entire village was burned down for speaking of revolution. Outraged, the preople of Heiwa got together, and declared their independance. Their enemy was now the strongest Empire on the face of the known world, and even though they faced this tough foe, the people of Heiwa are fighting for freedom, a Republic, and escape from tyranny, and this may prove to be all they need.

Religion is very important in the lives of the Autolumn people and those of Heiwa and Seiha, but this is now being challenged. It was once said that the gods crowned the king, and if they allowed such an un-just ruler to be king, that the gods did not care for the people, or that they do not exist at all. During the conflagration of revolution, the people of the shattered Autolumn empire find them selves fighting each other not only over ideals, but religion as well. The new countries can be separated within each other as different territories of religion that are now fighting them selves! This makes the war even harder as revolutionaries now have to untie them empire, and them selves.

The Revolution that is now taking place is becoming common talk in the eastern part of the empire, enough so to make the people of Seiha to declare independence and fight Autolumn as well. The tyrannical monarch now has a war on three fronts, the Heiwa people to the west, the Seiha people to the east, and the people of the south of whom the king was already fighting. Perhaps this will be an easy task, or perhaps this will cause more problems in the world, but whatever the case, the world will be changed forever. Now, this is where the story, the story of the War of the People, and the Destruction of an Empire, begins.


Hajime town - the capitol of the newly formed Heiwa Republic


Name: ???
Age: 18
Country: Heiwa
Class: Ninja
Religion: undecided
Description: This, is you, the hero who is yet to be discovered in the Land of Magic. Being a native of Heiwa, you have grown up being accustomed to the talk of revolution and perhaps because of this, you have learned the Heiwa secret art of Ninjustu. You are immediately appointed as a soldier in the Heiwa army for both your skills and knowledge. Growing up as a follower of the god of wind, you used to worship him regularly, but now you are beginning to doubt whether or not the gods may even exist, or if the god of wind is the one who you should be worshiping. May you unite the people of the shattered Autolumn empire and end tyranny?

Name: Mikata
Age: 23
Country: Heiwa / Autolumn
Class: Monk
Religion: Light
Description: A monk taught in the ways of ninjutsu as well as healing, Mikata has served in the Autolumn army before he retired to the mountainous region of Heiwa. Now choosing not to serve Autolumn for its corrupt nature, he proudly serves the Heiwa army in an effort to create a government for the people. He deeply worships the god of light, as most monks do.

Name: Boukun
Age: 37
Country: Autolumn
Religion: unknown, thought to be darkness
Class: none
Description: The current monarch of Autolumn, who has no magical abilities, and is trying to retain his father's vast empire. He uses force to get what he wants and is now paying the price for it. He is thought to be a follower of the god of darkness, but this has never been officailly proven.


  • Plot centered around the diplomatic, religious, economic, and social issues of three empires
  • Side view battle system (not decided yet, may change to a different battle system)
  • Currently, 2 classes (more will be added later)
  • Demo will most likely include upto level 20


Currently, none but will be added soon.

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