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Tempest Winds
(Also known as Sprite)

Essentially, given how new I am to RPGMaker, I began to follow the official tutorial that rpgmakerweb is creating. But, at some point I got a glazed look in my eye and became... bored. Why should I even bother making anything if I can't make it my own? I decided I would. I decided to learn this program the same way I learn everything else: through hardship, and challenge. Limiting myself to what they showcase as the main plot elements, I aim to make a relatively small, but immersive epic about a man unwillingly thrown into a war against the most vile creature on the planet!


Kenta, a man dressed as a warrior, but with an odd trait: his hair is green as Spring itself. The trait of a species called a Sprite. Woodland spirits who protect the land's balance. He awakes one day at the hands of an old man, in the middle of a forest of sorts. He is told that, like ages past, he has been (once again!) arisen from the dead to stop the balance from being corrupted by evil! However: It's ben so long that he's been revived, that he has lost his memory.

Still in hope that this man has the talent he had eons ago, this mysterious old mage warps him into the middle of a foreign continent! Alone, all that is within the man's sights is a castle. Without much choice, the man begins his journey there. On his adventure he will stumble upon many people and beast alike, traveling through many different terrain, and obstacles. Will he regain his memory, or is he nothing more than a washed up has-been?

The story will be mostly serious, broken right in the heat of the moment by blunt humor. In other words, this is a comedy-based game. The goal of many parts is to make the player laugh, while at many other parts, feel tense. I see this done often, rarely done right. I'd like to see if I can pull it off as well.

World Development

And this is where the challenge begins. Every location mentioned in rpgmakerweb's tutorial, I will make, in the exact dimensions they specify, including the world map, dungeons, etc. But, this doesn't mean, I have to do everything EXACTLY the way they specify. The world map is small. About three continents, which aren't too big, but big enough to explore and find new places without being too cramped.

The top continent is the home of the kingdom. Two villages, and the castle. It contains a gigantic forest nearby, which is rather overgrown, as well as a river system branching through it. The Northern continent is connected to the Southern by a strip of mountains. The Southern Continent is quite vast, and contains plains, a small desert, and in the southmost part, an icy tundra, littered with impassable mountains and a crumbling fortress... likely lain waste to by the Dark King himself. It contains three villages, a mountain pass, and the Demon's Cave, which is the only way to cross the mountains in the snowy expanse.

While the plot is driven in the direction of the tutorial, I have obviously added many things. The forest and mountain pass are vital plot elements, and dungeons both, added by me. Rather than starting with two party members, you only start with one: Kenta. However, you do gain the second, and third party members in time. I may add more.

The third continent is more of an island, and home of the Dark King's castle. The only way to reach this castle is by air, which the player will have to find some way to accomplish this through the story. I plan on it housing a gigantic dungeon comprised of many rooms, monsters, and puzzles, eventually forcing the player to fight against the big bad himself... however I will likely add a plot twist that would make the last boss the *second* to last boss. Perhaps open a new dimension under the castle, similar to a certain last dungeon in FF2? But alas, I hate ripping off of other ideas, so I might not.

In the mountain strip connecting the mountains, I've added a flying island, connected to the ground by a large giant vine. I plan on this being an optional dungeon around the same difficulty as the final one. The entrance to the vine can only be met by airship.

The world's economy is peaceful. Other than a crazy dark king wrecking everything, it's just a small set of continents getting along while a monkey wrench is being thrown into the mix. Wouldn't be a fantasy if it was like the real world, ah?



Kenta: an amnesiac warrior risen from the dead. He holds within himself a great deal of talent, and power incomprehensible. However, without his memory, all he can hope to do is slowly regain his skills in time. He is just, an chivalrous. Uncertain of himself, he often relies on his allies for support as he regains a sense of who he was, and is today. A powerful physical fighter. He learns his abilities differently than the others, who learn from experience. As he travels, he will be bound to run into many powerful beings, who may in turn awaken talents and skills he would have thought impossible...

Bray: A young girl apprenticing under her older brother, Cyrus. However, she is quite shy and timid, often being the third wheel in conversation. She is, however, a very gifted healer, and can perform feats even her more experienced brother cannot with her healing spells. She seems to want to grow stronger as a person, forcing herself to do things she is normally quite scared to do at times. She's rather quiet, and gets interrupted when she speaks quite often.

Cyrus: An impulsive wizard who has recently begun teaching his sister the basics of magic. Hot headed, he's often the first to dive into trouble, as he enjoys 'the thrill of blowing things up'. Very protective over his sister, but in truth quite cowardly. He's usually the first to run away from trouble as well when the tide turns against him.

Things to work on before a demo:
-Need to finish up on towns

-Expand the castle to be multiple rooms

-Revamp the forest dungeon. I made it gigantic, decorated it all, added monsters, and suffered terribly at the hands of insane lag. In other words, Ima have to slice it down into multiple rooms. Also, need to replace the vine walls with trees or forestry. It looks terrible outside of what I added to the preset dungeon.

-Add a reasonable stopping point after the Harboria events, possibly in the unfinished town on the Southern Continent.

-Uses GTBS. There may be a bit of fine tuning involved with the battle system before I'm comfortable with things. I'll need to tweak animations, add more monsters, and maybe make random gtbs battles on the world map, while keeping them event driven in dungeons and other areas. this, I believe, would add far more variety to the game. Otherwise it would play out quite similarly to Chrono Trigger. And as I said, I really don't like being too similar to other things, which I guess is hard to avoid in the realm of rpg's anymore in some instances...

-Adding Details. Some things still look very bland and empty.

Give me reviews! Bad, good, etc. I'm all ears to suggestions! Since I'm still learning, anything is really good.
I approve, good luck to you on your first project, youve got the right idea ;]
I have to say that this made me smile, and that doesn't happen often in satirical RPGs. I approve of Bathos when used properly. Looking forward to the demo.
Tempest Winds
QUOTE (Adrasteia @ Sep 8 2011, 01:29 PM) *
I have to say that this made me smile, and that doesn't happen often in satirical RPGs. I approve of Bathos when used properly. Looking forward to the demo.

Glad to hear. Speaking of which, I've just now built up to the demo end, all that's left now is to add a few castle rooms, and, the worst of it all, gotta edit that ugly auto-dungeon made of vine cubes and turn it into a forest. Argh, that one's gonna need some planning ahead.
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