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hey guys i am new to rmvx so this is my first project. im learning the program as im making this game so as time goes on this game will get way better (hopefully). i also might not keep the name. i think its just a placeholder for now.

NOW: there are a few spoilers in here. i had to include them because i have ocd. i know this is a bad idea because 99.99999999% of people ALWAYS click spoiler filters(shamelessly, myself included) so i can't make you not click them, and you already know that if you really wanna experience a good story line in my game once its done, you shouldn't click em. that's all smile.gif do what you want.

the idea for this story came to me when i was listening to the album "From Mars to Sirius" by my favorite band, Gojira. while the lyrical content of the album doesn't really have anything to do with the story line, it did inspire me to create a fictional world with characters. i've been thinking about this concept for a couple years now, and while searching for a game to help me cope with the mundane world that reciprocates my dream, i came across rmvx and i was wide-eyed at the possibilities. so, naturally, i jumped right in.


Altha. the fictional setting of my game. a large world, with various climates and unique areas. that's nothing special of course, most games are like this. dragons do exist in this world, and while i have yet to find a way to implement them in-game so far, that does not limit my imagination nor my abilities. so it is fair to say that one day, there will be dragons in this game. there are towns and castles and deserts and mountains and everything you'd expect from a basic fantasy/medieval rpg. the layout of the world is most likely to change in certain parts as my expertise with the program increases.


in Altha, dragons are prominent. there was a great, diabolical leader of the dragons and his name was Black Maw. He ruled over entire civilizations of Altha with fire and terror. as humans began understanding and learning how to defeat the legions of Black Maw, they started a hierarchy of elite warrior-kings. as generations of these leaders grew, they became stronger and more wise; more aware of the inner-workings of the dragons' minds. the kings and their offspring became more adept at harnessing the energies of the land, of their bodies, and of the dragons' bodies as well.

one warrior-king in particular, King Daerokos, was the greatest of all the leaders of any nation of Altha. the most cunning, intelligent, loyal and courageous of his kind. he was revered all across the world for not only having slain the most dragons of anyone in recorded history, but also for uniting nations under a tyrannical dictatorship of Black Maw. the people loved him the world over.

(i have much more history that relates to before the time of the game, based on inspiration from alot of the songs on "From Mars to Sirius" but i feel that would make this page way too long. if anyone is interested in the events leading up to the beginning of the game's story, just let me know; i'll gladly post it here for you to read biggrin.gif)

anyway, the events leading to the beginning of the game are as follows:

King Daerokos (henceforth referred to as King D) defeated Black Maw in an aerial battle. as Black Maw's body fell to the ground, right in the middle of a great battle down below (between opposing human factions {one of which was allied with King D and his people}) King D was crushed under it. now humans in this age knew that if you killed a dragon, you'd absorb some of its immense power, yet few knew just how to harness this power. the warrior-kings in King D's bloodline were adept at this skill (as aforementioned).

so, as you can imagine, King D had absorbed Black Maw's power, but the power was so massive and intense, it burned Black Maw's body and turned it into charcoal. when it hit the ground it shattered, covering the battlefield in black dust and soot. everyone stopped fighting and focused on the great black pile in the middle of the battleground. as light shined through it and poured over all the blood-soaked warriors, King D emerged, unscathed. the opposing faction's warriors fell to their knees and begged King D's forgiveness. lucky for them he was the forgiving type.

yet all was not well. the great pile of black dust that lay around King D, that gave him his amazing powers, turned out to be his downfall. the dust was caught in the wind, and it laid waste to entire nations, killing most anyone who inhaled the substance. before long, the dust had reached almost every corner of Altha. the people of the world began to resent King D.

the heroic deeds of his past were white-washed by angered leaders and peasants alike. King D's influence on the people was waning and he was guilt-ridden. the leader of the nation of Huurta, King Erinal, from the far, cold north, assembled a team of assassins to find and kill King D. when they found him, he was in his nation's capital city, Enel. King D could sense their ill intent and waited for them in a secluded location. when they cornered him, he slaughtered them without even exchanging so much as a glance.

unfortunately, there were witnesses. King D was spotted and accused by his own people, without any room for excuse. he could not reason with his people anymore. why would they listen to the man who brought so much death to all of their friends and loved ones? the people of Enel saw King D as a homicidal, mentally unstable ruler and rioted against him. King D fled Enel and the nation of Oshka.
he went to the south desert lands of Ibrenta and changed his name to Renethil. living his life in seclusion as an outcast, he has always been wary of potential followers and the like. as he finds himself being followed, so we enter the scene and follow his story as he flees his only sanctuary in search of redemption.

Characters: (in order of appearance)

King D in disguise.
this is the initial party character. he doesn't have the sunniest disposition in Altha, but he's no butthead. threatened by unknown followers, Renethil flees his home in search of another secluded area to live life in peace. but along the way he encounters situations, people and obstacles
that will test his merit as the last great warrior-king of Altha. will he continue his quest for self-exile? or will he clear his name in front of the nations of the world and reclaim his title?

A fighter in the city of Gurit. She doesn't take kindly to visitors to her home city, as most tourists only come to see her pulverize opponents in arena-style combat and, afterwards, crowd her for attention and praise. she's proud, but not too conceited. she encounters renethil on the street, asking him to take her from Gurit after she learns that he is just passing through and will be going far away.
she doesn't seem to like him at first, but after a while she starts to fall in love with renethil.

A monk of sorts. the term is used loosely as Thera has no religious affiliation. she just likes to meditate and be peaceful. she loves to use magic as her main source of defense, and she will give you more than a piece of her mind if you push her to it. Thera encounters Renethil and Lyra in the Lorokan Forest and immediately she seems attracted(not in a lovey kind of way) to Renethil, but she doesn't know why. she informs renethil that she would be a great asset as she alone knows the location of a stone that will help renethil find anything that he wants.

As renethil, lyra and thera search for the stone in a cave beyond Lorokan Forest, deep in the mountain range below the nation of Oro, a pitfall traps them and they are assaulted by a fire dragon. as they battle the beast, renethil becomes uneasy and orders lyra and thera to stop attacking it. renethl realizes the beast is not a real dragon, but a shell containing a great fire spirit. enter Javirice, who vows undying allegiance to Renethil and his companions for saving her from her living prison. she is all fire and all funny.
she also helps the party find the stone, which just happens to be her heart. go figure.

Prince of Oro. most of his family and friends and countrymen died from Black Maw's ashes. he is a very public prince, always patrolling the capital, Irador, and outlying cities/states in search of rumors and hearsay as to the whereabouts of the infamous King D. when he hears of a group passing through to the north that is carrying a stone that is said to give direction to whatever one desires, Prince Aldreth finds them immediately and offers his services.
not really a surprise/spoiler, he joins with hidden intent of using their "stone" (Javirice) to locate and capture King D.

As the party heads further and further north, they come across a small woodland village named Fenertor. the one person who stands out is Larcen. he is there hunting a great, mythical snake-dragon. Renethil offers that the party rest in Fenertor, yet at night, he finds and meets up with Larcen and joins him on his hunt. After Larcen and Renethil fell the dragon, they agree that Larcen should join the party, as he is dexterous with a bow and arrow.
When Thera learns of Larcen joining the group it is revealed that they once knew each other.

that is the list of characters so far, forgive me for this page being too long, and for the dramatic or overly exaggerated theme of the story or anything like that. i hope you like it so far, please let me know what you think and please let me know if you would be interested in helping me flesh out this story in rmvx!!

also if you want screenshots of the maps i have done so far, let me know! i only have a handful because i just started. and naturally, they're of the starting area! (NOWAYOMG)

more to come!
Spoilers should not contain actual spoilers! Just a rule of thumb. Most people will use spoilers to categorize their topics.

I like the thought of a 'concept album' RPG. smile.gif Unique.

Also, I'd like to see some screenshots. smile.gif It's always cool to see a new RM'er coming forth.
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