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Full Version: HI!
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Hello my rpg maker friends!! jolly.gif
I used to be a silent stalker in the community but now I'm starting to get active, seeing how many nice people are here smile.gif
I never gave my intro so err here it is
I'm a 16 y/o from Pakistan, I like anime, noodles (who doesn't?) Melodic death metal/orchestral metal
You can ask me anything you want smile.gif
I don't bite.....often
Welcome to the forums, and also

I was just thinking about that, but then I got an arrow to the knee
Oh God, please don't bring Arrow to the Knee jokes. The last time someone started this, I decided to stop them...
but then I took an arrow to the knee.
Seriously, though, don't start that here. I'm tired of seeing it everywhere on YouTube.

However, seeing as you like the same kind of music as I do, it seems you have a taste in real music. Therefore, that makes you cool, and I can forgive your ATTK jokes.

But hey, welcome. I hope I didn't piss you off or anything, it really wasn't my intention.
[oh poop, it was a double post. My mouse was being stupid. T_T I'm surprised it took me this long to figure out]
Kaptain J
Hey there, Ali. Welcome to the forums.
@blackmuffin: Now I'm pissed!! Behold is as I summon the power of the flying spaghetti monster! >:(
@kaptain J: Thankyou jolly.gif
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