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Full Version: Compatibility bettwen these scripts
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Well... actually i'm using the Yanfly Zealous Battle Engine for my project, it is cool, very cool, but I have some question about this script an the Compatibility with another script:

Basically what I want is to change the Battle HUD of the Engine with the HanzoKimura script:

But, i dont know if this could work (give error when i try to put it in my project with the Battle Engine), so thats why i come here, ┬┐somebody please can help me with this? ┬┐Something that i can or you can do to make this script work?

Thanks and sorry if my English is bad xd
Please upload the demo that replicates the error and show us what type of error that occured before the game crashes.
Here is the demo:

Actually is a Demo with all the script that i use in my project (yeah, a lot of script), maybe the error is with one of them and not with the one i think, anyway, the two script that dont work are YEZ Battle Engine Zealous and Battle Status Display Tweak, with the other's i have no problems.
I think it is better that you request a script for visual alterations to YEZ Battle Engine and drop the Battle Status display tweak.


1. The battle status dislay tweak is from STR scripts. Hanzo did some alterations. You did not include the actors' HUD graphic.
2. I tried to import the original scripts as well as the graphics into YEZ and YEM. Same problem for both.

Can you give me the demo from where you get the scripts from?
Well, i will do that, thank you.

The script from Hanzo if from the Valkierie Open Source:
The other if from Yanfly Engine(s).

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