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Full Version: Glacia: Chapter One v2.2 (Completed)
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Hey there! Glacia is a project that has been in development for more than 3 years now. We have released the final version of Chapter One, and we are posting this here to draw more attention to it.

Glacia is a retro/old-school JRPG style game following an epic tale of kingdoms, magic, and betrayal. This is the first of five chapters.

Glacia was initially conceived and developed by CaptainRegal in September of 2008. Since then, several people have assisted with parts of Glacia's design, and the game is currently being developed by CaptainRegal and DarkBox.

We've estimated Chapter One to provide between 5 and 7 hours of game play, and we'll be keeping it around this same amount of game play for every chapter that we release hereafter.

Rain Garshon, the naive young prince of Glacia, awakens to find his wife strangely absent from their bed. Unbeknownst to him, this marks the beginning of nation-shaking treachery that will turn his once blessed life to utter ruin in a single night.

This perpetrator of this betrayal, none other than his very own wife Lailah Garshon, has made it impossible for Rain to return to his kingdom. Now, Rain must travel the world of Elesca searching for proof of his lineage.

However, what he finds is something sinister waiting in his family tree. Before Rain can take back Glacia's throne, he must first discover if it was ever his to begin with.


Rain Garshon
"The Prince of Glacia. After being betrayed by his wife, he must
travel the world to find proof of his lineage and be accepted
back at the palace."

Captain Gaven Carter
"Gaven has been Rain's personal bodyguard for the last 10 years.
Because of this, they have grown very close as friends. Gaven has
invaluable battle experience."

Lailah Garshon
"Lailah is (or was) Rain's wife. She has seized control of Glacia
through force, murdering the King and turning the nation against
Prince Rain. Her motivation is unknown."

Blaze Trofield
Origin: The Hamlet
"A soldier of Firia, and Becca's husband. Blaze is dedicated to
helping Rain regain his throne."

Becca Trofield
Origin:Big Flame City
"A soldier in the Firian military. She despises killing, but will
always do what is necessary."

Spider Wessin
Origin:Flora City
"The most skilled archer in the Kingdom of Flora. Loyal to a
fault, Spider would rather die than break a promise."

- Completely customizable characters.
- Hundreds of build paths for every character.
- A massive game world, split into five unique chapters.
- A fun and easy to use alchemy system.
- No random forced encounters.
- A cool new skilling system, similar to LOTR: The Third Age.
- An entertaining mini-game in every major city.
- Puzzles in each area to provide fun and unique game play!


Title Screen

Stat Distribution

Equipping Skills


Poor Man's Cave

Firia Forest

Flora Forest Base Camp


Battle System

Forging System

Firia's King


Game-Specific Scripts:
Great Red Spirit

Battle UI:
Kikojui Frary

Beta Testers:

Special Thanks:
Mr. Neemo

Super Special Thanks:!

Glacia: Chapter One v2.2

Enjoy! Be sure to leave any feedback you have on the game here or on the game's page!
Has anyone ever played this?
Looks good. I'll play it today and be back with feedback!
Mark Avon
Woah another very interesting one. smile.gif
can anyone tell me what script those sunbeams are, I have really been wondering.
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