Theirs a huge Beanie War Going on. The two factions of Beanie are the peace loving Light Beanies an on the other side is the evil loving hate fulled Dark Beanies ruled by the Evil Count Beanie. Count Beanie been ruling the Land of Beanie
with an iron fist for 100's of years tell one beanie joined the faction of Light to help over throw him an his evil Dark Beanies.


Side Battle System with Animated Battlers an Monster Battlers.

3D Parallax Maps.

Explore the land of Beanie in a dark dreadful atmospheric feel.


Light Faction

Mr. Pea

Joins the Faction of Light to fight against the Dark Beanie Faction
The Leader of the team. Always puts his friends first above his own.


Mostly helps Mr. Pea fight an use his ice powers to heal the team when needs to.
Is soft sighted an doesn't take bull from anyone.


The tank of the team. She uses fire magic an skills. She also is the buffer of the team.
Is kind an often rushes in to help her team mates when they get into jams.

Dark Faction

Dark Beanies

Cold, hateful minions of Count Beanie an the sword of the Dark Faction army. They will stop
at nothing to accomplish their goals. They are a thorn in the Light Faction side.

DAZ / RDNA / Renderocity for use of the models
Fancy Ferret for coming up with the Happy Pea character
Nightwalker for the skills I use in the game.
Mr. Bubble for his SBS
Moghunter for his battleback xp script
OriginalWij for Fixed Pictures script
modern algebra for the animated parallax (Haven't used it yet)
BigEd781 for FF 9 Menu
Master I for ff 12 shop menu
BulletXt for your light script

Screen Shots

Mr Pea an the Beanies