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Full Version: I'm back from an extremely prolonged leave
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Hey guy's, it's your long lost pal Nakuto here. I've been gone for quite some time, I think a little less than 2 years. I've dumped many projects that I worked on (that and the numerous restorations on my lap top), and I've gotten the chance to get into a good video game design school. Really stoked about this, and I wanna freshen up on my skills a bit, hopefully turning it into a playable game for you guys. All I need is some help with coding. That's my wall when it comes to design. If you guys could point me in the right direction for a good tut or if you could even show me yourselves.

Well guys, it feels great to be back. Look forward to seeing all of you out there, hopefully we can help each other in the long run.

This is Nakuto_Inaru, finally signing back on.

P.S. What is this RPGMaker VX Ace that's coming out next week? What's so new or different about it?
Virus 9
Hello and I am glad to see a person who I bet don't have a clue who I am. Look in this forum for Tutorials on Scripting and for Ace...I will explain about that.

Ace is a new Advance (Sorta) version of VX made by the Company's sister (Or so I heard) that allows new Functions like making a Credit scene without trouble. More Map Selection were your able to add as many map tiles as you want. A character Generator, New look to the Battle Background, Better function to the Area battle map. Give the Demo a try by downloading it here. (Demo you are allow to do what ever just you can not create the game. When you have Demo you can't share your project and there is no time limit to the Demo.)
Well thanks for the info mate, seems like they fixed and added a ton of new stuff. I'll be sure to get it as soon as it comes out. As for you, I think I've seen you around here in the past weeks that I have been lurking. I'm hopefully going to pick up my old project, Runaway, and give that a big boost. I'm making a cut-scene for an English project of mine (Dante's Inferno to be exact) right now, calling that 8-bit Inferno (32-bit technically, but what the hell). Glad to hear from you though, look forward to seeing more of you.
Virus 9
I am known on here as a Forum Demon. Getting to know me well might be your worst mistake. And I don't plan to get the Ace at least if anything not now. Seems pointless to me really except the Map Tiles.
In-game character designer. N00bish requests shall be a thing of the past.
Virus 9
There Generator is nothing that great. It is like going to a Sprite/Face Generator site.
Neon Black
Agreed with RPGL on Ace. It's just like VX with all the common scripts people use anyway in my opinion. Nothing that can't really be done with VX already. Haven't tried the demo myself, though I may just to see if it's gonna be worth... well... I'll stop there.

Anyway, welcome back to the forums. I'm sure you already know, but be sure to read the rules and please enjoy yourself.
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