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Full Version: Timed Button Presses
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Good day Community,

Recently quite a crazy idea struck my mind: Timed Button Presses. I'd like to have in the game special 'thing' like button presses but handled a bit differently: pressing a button on time (two ways: regular one where image appears and the player must press the corresponding button quickly before its image will go, and Dissidia 012 style like Yuna has in her EX Burst - the button appears and around it a ring which would shrink into the button's image, and pressing the button when the ring was like perfect with the button's image would grant points, too) would grant points, chaining a sequences of buttons would grant points (altough little more with each successful chain press), also there would be holding buttins for certain amount of time which would also grant points, and button mashes.

Also, I want something like what I call "memory sequences": the memory sequence relies on that certain chain of buttons appear on screen for a brief time and then dissappear making the player to use his gray matter to recall the sequence from his/her memory; each correctly input sequence would result in points. Although it's possible to have button sequences and button mashes through Shanghai's scripts I really can't work how would I add point system to them; believed me, I tried but my scripting abilities are awful.

I'd like to see the "pressing a button on time" like here, but instead of the "SUCCESS!" image, the amount of points earned would be printed on screen.

Additionally, I need different script calls for each Timed Button Press type.

Also, points would be stored in a variable with possibility to change the storing variable during the game.

I realise that it might be a difficult script, or a 'simple' event, but nonetheless I'd really use that. Feel free to ask and/or give hints (I really don't know if this is the best place to post it...).

Have a good day,

  • March 15th, 2012 - Added more info.
You need it for combat or in the game on the map ?
Oh, sorry for the late reply... Currently, I need it for map, battle would be appreciated, but it's not mandatory.
"Snipe, Snipe, Snipe, Snipe, Snipe...!"
Would you request be similar to Dance Dance Revolution(DDR)?
Hm, could be, but I don't want the game to be a dance game. It's going to have a dark theme and dancing is not really in "a dark theme." But, I want different types of button press thingies. Call them Quick Time Events, but each type I requested differs from one another in some way.
Kaimi why don't you let the player DANCE IN THE DAAAAARK =0 It's dark and you can dance =D
Here is a dance event system I made. Check it out, you might be able to use it.
Very funny, HungrySnake. sleep.gif" You better go finish those other requests and find some more time for other problems.

EDIT: Sorry, jesse120, but I don't need dance in my game.
DANCING ALL THE WAAAY. Haha, I'm just hanging around Kaimi, scripters also have a social (internet) life!
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