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This is a TECH DEMO, basiacly a demo that only represent the TECH used within the game. Mainly for testing purposes this is a way for the developer to flesh out the engine and than apply the finish project with the created art work for the final product.
With this TECH DEMO's release I am asking for everyone to break it some way, some how. I have months of pain trying to get all these event systems, and script edits to work all together.

!!! WARNING !!!
With that said, I warn you to NOT take the scripts and try to use them with your projects, just on the fact that these are completely mutilated. I have sliced and enhanced almost EVERY script with my database. These are placed together, and in the order they need to be able to work properly, missing one script or placing it in the wrong area could severally alter the game completely. DON'T TOUCH THE SCRIPTS! Just a warning.

Images I care about a lot, 1/2 are from the community and should not be placed anywhere not asked of you. My personal images are very important, and wish not to be added ANYWHERE but here. Please do not take any images from this project without the proper Credits, as well as a Reply here letting me know what, and on what. What you are using, and what you are using it on.

I am being very vague about info on the counts that a lot is still being fleshed out as well as I don't wish to give any kind of Spoilers.

Once there was a place that was filled with powerful magik, and people that worshiped it. There were grassy plains with amazing displays of creatures migrating and living their lives from day to day. There was a handful of people that were entrusted with the protection of this as well as guiding it. These people were very old and were given special gifts to allow long life and the ability to keep control of situations. Once the time comes they help others into taking their place to further on the process of saving the world.
Now, after a huge war between an awesome evil and the new protectors, the world has changed. In the process of trying to save the world Magik was completely drained and is now a flicker of fantasy in books and such. Each area had taken a huge hit from the battle as well as the draining. Though there are areas that are still green, most of the worlds landscapes how been barren or twisted.
With the disappearances of Magik and the protectors the world is now forced to deal with the evil ruler and the creatures that attack at night.
50 years after the War a group of people were able to recreate a form of "Magik" by creating a Alchemy type. With ingredients and such a person could create the same effect as Magik, not as strong or pure, but effective.

*NOTE* All this is subject to change! ALL of it, lol. Characters, images and story parts. For the most of it, story is basicaly the same.



There are a total of 15/16 characters that a re playable within the story, not counting the flashback characters.
There are A LOT more NPC type characters that will assist and live with you within the castle.

World is not as it used to be. Once a lushes green world filled with magik and bustling cities, is now a barren wasteland filled with evil creatures and twisted abominations.

Time Line

105 A.W.
Almost a hundred year after the war ravaged the land and turned it into a barren wasteland ruled by horrid creatures and abominations of land and monster.
A horrible enemy is reigning supreme with fear cloaking the world.

The initial time line was going to be:
Present [105A.W.] 1st game's time line. Trying to figure out what happen to the world and trying to find a way to help it.
Past [3E Y1205 B.W.] 2nd game's time line. This was going to be a prequal, story of your ancestors and how it became the world it is now. "Can't end well"
Future [200A.W.] 3rd game's time line. After going through both time lines it has became full circle and the time to right what as been wronged is now.

With the lack of time and such, I am forced to place all 3 of these time lines and throw them into one story.


Class system (Yanfly's SubClass) With ability options as well of special classes to draw magic from the monsters themselves.

Castle HQ system Earn a large castle and make it much more than it was.

Characters Age Your characters start off at a young age and as the story goes your characters age with the years passing like they should.

Synth system Create your items, armor, weapons, and even special skills.

Game Info Menus The game has many different menu type options that allow for following your story as well as feeding your grinding and collecting habit.

Custom Graphics/Script editing I have take years to combine special scripts that we not allowed together, along with editing each and every script to fit my needs graphically, as well as performance.

Event Systems I have created different systems throughout the game, from gathering materials, mini games, and a Day and Night with clock system. "Still working on"

ScreenShots long list




Alright here you go. New updated link! With new improvements and addons.

.:Game link:.

New Features

New porting system. - *
New Map discover action.
New Images and backgrounds for menus that didn't have them at the time.
New party menu
fixed major bugs, and some minor ones.
New Synth addon- Disassemble Shop. Helps in make more things.
New image galley, and unlock shop. Uses Credits.
New Class Query. So you can see info on classes before you chose them.

There are more I'm sure, but these are all I can remember at the moment.


I totally forgot to open port 2... so if you do use port, you have to Alt or Ctrl walk off island.... I don't remember which makes you able to clip.

Oh yeah. It is an open source game... with that being said anyone can use what they want, but I must warn anyone that chooses to use scripts.

These scripts are edited to fit each other, and without it's counter part, it will not work correctly. Some not so much, but it's still a warning.

If you don't have my font, just go into my fonts folder and install that.

Use WinRAR to extract.

[Download all parts and then just extract the Creates a folder, nothing is protected.]

Any bugs will be reported here.
Ethereal Viewer - after the timer hits zero the effects remain - FIXED
Shelia's Journal Quest bug - If book is picked up before quest starts, can not finish quest. - FIXED
Learn Skill Menu - Selection commands left and right keys need to be rebind - FIXED
Big issue with the ending Battle message being really small and hard to read. - Fixed
Synth-Script issue, now recipes do not disappear and can be re-used. - Fixed
Issue with Quest Icon displaying over a person not there after dark. - Fixed

Took out the old Party menu, and Added Prexus / GSorby Edit. Ofcourse with my own edits to that


for supporters

for testers

Looking great here man! Years of hard work isn't enough to say how much effort you put into this.

definitely can't wait till the real demo and story drop. Especially when you get some more of your custom stuff.

These are some really great looking features for sure!

keep going no matter how long it takes!


Looking for Testers. Break it if you can, and let me know how.

Rixis has helped for a very long time, and we are at the point where we aren't finding enough to fix.
I think we are in the need of new peoples out looks and such on this project.

Without a complete pass of bugs and such I am not going to be able to go further on with the project.

If you want to test, let me know and I can make a list.

Thank you for your time.
Bump still need testers.

Just wondering, is there something wrong?
I am surprised that not a lot of people volunteered to test your game, considering that you are among the most popular people out there... blink.gif
you'll get more peeps with spring break coming up =]
Thank you i appreciate the comments, I was afraid everyone was mad cause I left without notice again. I keep having money problems and loosing the internet then I'm unable to full fill the requests... lol. At this moment I have no job and I'm going to school at Devry for Web Gaming programing. So Not much time for anything, but Rixis yelled at me soo much telling me to release or I'll wake up dead, lol.
moved to project recruitment
We might end up meeting in RL, because I am studying Animations. LOL! Back to topic, how many testers do you still need?
At this point, I have Rixis and myself, then I have MagusDuality going to try it out when he can get to it next week. So as many as I can get at this point.

Rix and myself have been going through this for almost two years, so we're kind of getting to the point that we know it back and forth, and that's not really helping us break things since we know how it's supposed to work.

There's balance issues with the enemies, and skills and sorts, that has no issue on gameplay, so don't worry about that. I just want to make sure everything works together. At this point we havn't found anything that totaly disrupts the game, been debugging it for the last year in a half.

So do whatever you can to break it.
I'll take my hammer to it.

Well, right out of the ZIP, while extracting the main file I get

The same volume cannot be used as both the source and destination

Error 0x80004005: Unspecified error

Date Modified: 8/3/2011 5:43 PM
Size: 724 bytes

Type: Application
Date Modified: 11/28/2007
Size: 132 KB

Type: Configuration Settings
Date Modified: 2/19/2012
Size: 89 bytes

Type: RPGVX Project
Date Modified: 2/19/2012
Size: 10 bytes

Type: Application Extension
Date Modified: 8/31/2009
Size: 112 KB

Type: RPGVX Data
Date Modified: 9/4/2011
Size: 587 KB

Type: PNG Image
Date Modifed: 2/19/2012
Size: 312 KB

Type: MIDI Sequence
Date Modified: 5/25/2002
Size: 7.18 KB

09 Track 9
Type: Windows Media Audio File
Date Modified: 11/5/2008
Size: 5.02 MB

103 "DISSIDIA -menu-"
Type: Ogg Vorbis File
Date Modified: 5/27/2009
Size: 744 KB

... and so on, and so forth. In the end, the resulting folder path is Tarris > Audio > BGM and BGS (both empty.)
Thanks. The only thing i know for a fact is still messed up is the Day night system, it still has some bugs, but shouldn't effect anything. Let me know if it just horridly screws something up, but if it's just some tint issue don't worry about it, lol.


i extracted it fine. You download all 4 parts? Then just extracted the Just right click and extract should do everything else auto. I used Winrar to extract.

I think I may see the problem. The link says it goes to the right link, but it's acting like not. I will update the links.


Ok i have no clue WHY it does this. But the links are all right and everything.
Change the Tarris (1).zip to Tarris.z01 and it will work. I'll make sure to post this. Thank you for this.
I still couldn't get it to work. I tried installing WinRAR and extracting with that, and hey waddayaknow it worked just fine.
AH so it's a winrar only extract? lol ok thanks letting me know.
Master List so far:

Ethereal Viewer - after the timer hits zero the effects remain.

Ok after trying it out, I see. I must have not replaced that event after taking it out earlier... Ok thanks

In the future just to help out, could you let me know some steps or something to make it easier to catch?
If you went through Fast or intro is the main thing.

I forgot that before I let rix play, I swaped a bunch of on map para events for common events, and in doing so forgot to bind that one.... lol

Ok fixed, I forgot I had a switch attached to it that doesn't come on until you leave the home, after that it works fine... So i'll need to fix that. Thanks.
Ill be a tester :-) I havent really paid much attention to my project in a while so I have had alot more free time on my hands.

On a side note, Im not getting any luck with trying to download the links.
ok I'll try uploading it on Mediafire, this is annoying, lol. Damn new hosts.... sad.gif

It will be around 20mins.

Links updated. Mediafire links now, no need to change anything. Download all, extract
Ok, first of all, I must say that the game looks really good and it has tons of potential.

Having said that...

Issue 1: LAG

I'm using an somewhat old computer. Windows XP, 1GB RAM but pretty well configurated to get the best performance.
And still FPS wont go above 10 in maps.

Issue 2: Game.exe crashes

I wont go in detail about them. I recomend you to visit this topic made by Mithran:;#entry503189

If you use this patch remember to have 1 savefile BEFORE instaling it, becouse it crashes the game if you try to select "New game" (This only happens in your project)

Having used it in your project, I can say you have TONS of undisposed things.

Issue 3: Undisposed images and weird pop-ups?

I`ll write exactly what I did... since I dont know if they are intentional or not, I wont mention them.

- If you save outside the first house after getting your members, exit the game, reenter it, load and fight an slime...

- After wining the battle, go to the status scene of any actor, exit it and then go to the quest scene and EXIT it...

- Then just go to the party changer...

I'm sorry if I'm being a ****. As I said this game looks really promising.

Also, excuse my English.
wow this is awesome!!!! can't wait for the real thing if u know what i mean XD
@xaver, thanks for that. This is what I was wanting. Though I have never had any of the problems I will check them thoroughly. I havn't had any crashes since last year, so this is why I wanted others to try it.

As for lag, I used to have that problem randomly. I got rid of all active Para events and that seemed to work. But you have a good point I am using a super high end, I never thought what it would be like working on a lower end.
So thank you. I will try and repro some of the stuff and see what I can come up with.

IF anyone else has lag problems, let me know which maps if you can.

Could you let me know how to use that script, cause I can't get it to paste rigjt, plus there's no info on where to place it,lol.

As for Pop or whatever, are you talking about the pop up that shows up when you go into the party menu it pops up with a status or something? That will happen no matter what. I'm not sure that who I can fix that right now. I know what that problem is.
Ok, glad to be of some help.

First, the script...
# Graphical Object Global Reference
# A debugger script.

# Created by Mithran

# Created to address the issue of specific Game.exe crashes during play

The cause of a given Game.exe crash could be any number of things - anything that
doesn't create throw an error in Ruby, but causes an unhandled exception in one
of the 'hidden' classes.

After extensive testing, I was finally able to recreate the circumstances leading
up to one such exception that, if left unhandled, could lead to Game.exe crash.

1. A "GO" - Graphical Object (Sprite, Window, Plane, or Tilemap) is created
2. The Graphical Object is assigned a Viewport
3. The Viewport is disposed, but the sprite is not
4. The Graphical Object is claimed by GC (garbage disposal)

Due to the way GC is implemented, you are unlikely to see an immediate effect
when the situation comes up. It could be several scene changes down the line
before the crash finally happens. To make matters worse, following the exact
same course of action will yield completely different results, making it seem
as though the crashes are random. In addition, there is yet another circumstance
which I have still been unable to pinpoint, but I suspect has something to do
with the order in which assets associated with the Graphical Object are claimed
by the GC, that allows the GO to be cliamed without causing an exception and
thus making it even harder to find.

In essence: you could be suffering from an unstable game and not even know it.

So that is where this little script comes in. This does the following:

1. Creates a global variable backreference to every Graphical Object created.
This prevents them from being marked by the GC so long as the reference exists,
circumventing the final condition to cause this version of the crash.

2. Removes reference to the Graphical Object once it has been disposed.
This reallows the object to be marked by GC for disposal (once all other
references are removed). Since the GO is disposed, condition 3 is no longer met
and the object is deemed 'safe'.

3. Report on potential issues to the user.
This allows the user (given limited scripting knowledge) to identify potential
errors and fix them outright.

4. Prevents further Game.exe crashes caused by this specific issue.
Includes a 'lazy' fix that cleans up offending Graphical Objects when the scene

# Creates a global refrence list to all graphical objects, preventing them from
# ever being garbage collected. Objects from this list are removed when the object
# runs its dispose method, thereby allowing them to be GC'd.

# Has a built in layer to notify the player if the scene changes with live
# graphical objects in play. As a rule, this should almost never happen. Certain
# scripts have sprites that are used across every scene and never disposed,
# thus intentionally having an additional global reference (such as mouse script)
# As such, they should never generate a critical error. However, they can be manually
# exempted from being detected by this script by using the instance method
# 'gobj_exempt' on the sprite. In the case of Woratana's Simple Mouse/Jets Mouse
# simply place my script as low as possible on the scripts list, but above Main,
# to avoid conflicts.

GOBJ_NOTIFY_LEAK = false # when true, displays a list of undisposed graphical objects
# every time the scene changes. This includes all graphical objects
GOBJ_NOTIFY_CRITICAL = false # when true, displays information regarding critical
# graphical object disposal oversights on scene switch. These are the errors
# that could otherwise turn into a Game.exe crash.

GOBJ_DEBUG_FILE = true # makes a file (gobj.txt) in the game directory containing
# information about new critcal objects whenever a scene switches
# the list includes:
# the time the error was recorded
# the object's class and ID
# the scene it was created during (NilClass = in a script before any scene was created)
# and the 'caller', or the list of methods run prior to this object's creation
# the first line on caller will generally be the location of where the
# offending object was initially CREATED
# HOWEVER, the error this script addresses is that this object is never DISPOSED
# of properly. Knowing where the object will only allow a scripter to go back
# and properly dispose of the object at the correct time.

# if set to true creates log entries for non-critical objects that are not disposed
# between scenes. Only works if GOBJ_DEBUG_FILE is also set to true.
# if you have a game.exe crash that seems to pop up randomly after a while
# try using this and see if there are any unfreed objects at all

GOBJ_LAZY = false
# turn this to true and graphical objects with disposed viewports will be disposed
# when the scene changes. It is recommended this setting not be used and instead
# the code be cleaned up directly.

# --- End Setup
$gobj = []

[Sprite, Plane, Window, Tilemap].each { |cl|
class << cl
alias new_gobj new unless $@
def new(*args)
obj = new_gobj(*args)
ary = [obj, $scene.class]
ary.push(caller) if GOBJ_DEBUG_FILE
$gobj.push(ary) unless obj.disposed?


cl.class_eval {

alias dispose_gobj dispose unless $@
def dispose

def gobj_exempt
$gobj.delete_if { |a| a[0] == self }



class Scene_Base
alias main_gobj main unless $@
def main
if !@gobj && $TEST && $gobj.size > 0
p 'Live Graphical Object List:', $gobj.collect { |o| o[0..1] } if GOBJ_NOTIFY_LEAK
$gobj.clone.each { |o|
next o[0].gobj_exempt if o[0].disposed?
critical = o[0].viewport && o[0].viewport.disposed?
print "#{o[0]} created in #{o[1]} is a potential for Game.exe crash!" if GOBJ_NOTIFY_CRITICAL && critical
if GOBJ_DEBUG_FILE && !o[3] && (critical or GOBJ_LOG_NON_CRITICAL)"gobj.txt", "a") { |f|
f.print "\n-----\n"
f.print("Time: #{}\n")
f.print("#{critical ? '' : 'Non-'}Critical Object #{o[0]}\n")
f.print("In Scene #{o[1]}\n")
f.print("Caller:: \n")
o[2].each { |e| e.gsub!(/Section(\d+)\:(\d+)/i) { |m|
"Script #{$1} -- #{ScriptNames[$1.to_i]}, Line: #{$2}" }
} # close o[2].each
outp = o[2].join("\n")

o[3] = true # do not log again this instance
if GOBJ_LAZY && critical
} # close $gobj.each
@gobj = true # once
end # debug branch
main_gobj #original method


class Viewport
alias dispose_gobj dispose unless $@
def dispose
@disposed = true

def disposed?


ScriptNames = {}

load_data("Data/Scripts.rvdata").each_with_index {|s, i| ScriptNames[i] = s[1] }

Copy and paste just above main, belod all other scripts.
Read it and turn to true all the options you think you may need.

Be carefull though, becouse it seems this script collides (or something) with another of your scripts
and crashes the game when you select the "New game" option in the title scene.
So, before you install it, make a save. (The game doesn't crash when you select the "Continue" option)

Once you have it, play normally. Each time there is an undisposed graphic with a disposed viewport,
the game will return a warning window, simillar to thoose you get when there is an script error.
It will also create a log in the main folder of your game, so you can keep track.

I have already tried it out on your game, and I can tell most problems are battle related.
Im sure that it will greatly help with the lag aswell, once you correct them all.

If you want, I can try and help you locate the problems.


Also, about the pop-up window in the party manager scene, is the same pop-up window that appears if you press the...
oh... **** dont know how its called, but its just above the "Control" and below "Enter".
So the issue must be near that, I'll play some more with your scripts and see if I can fix it.
Yeah you hold Shift and it displays the characters stats.
I will try the script again. Thanks.
Ok I got it to work, it came up with the box, but I have no clue that that means.... lol. Thanks though, I might end up having to remake the whole game, sleep.gif


i added an antilag script to try and help with that. I had to take them off before for some reason, but I don't remember. We'll see if that helps. As for the crashing, still have not had any crashes, others say the same so I don't know what to do about that. Still trying to figure the disposal problems.

The pop up is By design, only cause I had not fixed it. lol It's supposed to show up, but only when you hold shift. So eh.

LordValdyr has produced some more critical bugs, that have now been fixed. I will update the first post
Bump update

Added a new video displaying the Menu system and it's features. Watch with Captions on do see explanations.

Update 4/14/2012

Fixed bug issue with the ending Battle message being really small and hard to read.
Fixed Synth-Script issue, now recipes do not disappear and can be re-used.
Took out Item Icon viewer script. No need now with Omega's Icon viewer program.
SSS-Disassemble script - For help with the Synth-script
mikb89 -Popup town name "Adds a little koolness"
Fixed issue with Quest Icon displaying over a person not there after dark.
Added more money and 2x as much items in Crack quest so the player can test Synthing twice.
Thinking of taking out Old Mini map, for Star's Image Mini Map system. Looks better.
Took out the old Party menu, and Added Prexus / GSorby Edit. Ofcourse with my own edits to that.

If I think of anything else I'll post it later.
Update 4/17/2012

New screenshots, upgraded the shops and such to match the rest of the game.


The map shot is showing the new Mapname hud, shows under the clock at all times. Also shows mikb89's Pop up name script in action. It's so simple, but useful.
I'm still working on editing the Map name hud. Going to add an Icon next to the name, or something. Not sure.

It took awhile to get some of the shops and stuff to look and work right because I had to add a second "sprite" to display when you go to a different section of the shop.
Other than that I don't think I have any updates on fixes.

Oh now i remember. Omega's achievement's script had a bug that no ones been able to fix, but it's in a minor section, so I just restricted access to it.
Edited out the Buy option in the snyth shop, replaced it with the Disassemble menu. So you can Disassemble, the synth in one area. Plus I don't want any to be able to just buy the stuff you make, kind of takes away lore and such.
Hey this game looks awesome. Hope you have not stopped working on it.
I look forward to more updates from you!
blink.gif This topic is going on two months since it's last post, your necro powahs are strong with you. Since this is a mod's topic I will stand aside for Neo to handle it, you may get slapped around with some TROUT be prepared.
Nah i'm still working on it, there's just a bit of a script error that has became to my attention, and I am having trouble squashing it...

on a sec note, I am also helping Rixis with some battle setups, and I need to get done with those...
Update: 9/17/12

Ok with the help of a forum buddy I have been able to fix a HUGE script error that was actually keeping me from continuing the game.

So with that fixed I would like to say thank you, you know who you are!

FIXED: Class Query crash when using left and right keys when windows are not displayed.

As of now I think that is it. I've trying to fix that since the last update... sleep.gif*

I will try and keep more moving on as soon as I can.


Not sure, but I should be going into the ARMY soon to help take care of my family troubles, so there might be some time where I am MIA...
Hey NeoSky,

it is one of the best an most original Projects I've seen so far.
Please keep on working on it smile.gif I enjoyed the demo very much.
Are you intending to make it a Kaduki SBS?
I actualy don't, only because I'm lazy and don't want to edit my charas. I have I think say 14 Main characters in the game, and then each character, save 1, has 3 stages to their person. Child, Teen, and then Adult, and perhaps Elder, not sure on the later.

So then that would be ... 14 * 3 carry the 1... divide by 86... 42. So 42 characters I would have to edit, Hell just getting the profile pics is hard enough, xD.

And yes I know the math problem up there was BS, XD. Still Yeah, I'm sticking with the one I'm using right now, plus I'm used to using it. I would LOVE to use one of Yanfly's SBS, but there was some editing in the charas there as well I believe, not sure haven't had a chance to check. Plus I lost all my demos and scripts I've been hording...XD

Glad you commented though! Thanks for the post, I also noticed I got about 112 downloads so far, so that's pretty kool. I just wish more people would let me know what they think, it would help alot. Getting can discouraged without the motivation... sleep.gif which sucks since I did spend hard 3yrs developing everything, but with kids and fires, and so on I hardly have the umph to get on with the project.

I am though working on it bit by bit, you notice I did fix a HUGE problem with one of the new scripts, so I'm ecstatic about that.

Thanks again and hope more people come by!
Really sad that it has not more downloads.
I'm really keen to know what the story of this game is about
Thanks, I have been working on the concept of the story for an easy 10 years on and off. I have started work on gaming dev when I was about 12, and i'm about 30 now, sooo. I've actually got a book of monster I've made, around 300 easy, and not duplicates with just different colors. All unique with their own skills and so. I'm afraid that though my lil house fire might have lost them... I'm not sure, I'm afraid to start looking...

But on topic I am still in concern about the project just because I don't have the complete time to do all of this, data-basing and script configuring are my major problem areas. Not cause they are hard, just because there is soooooo much of it. I have edit every script I am using, almost 80% of them now have new configure options and that means more work. Each character, skill, item, and so on adds even more to the table.

Getting help though is even harder, not because there isn't anyone that would want to help, are could, it's just I have a horrid OCD, and that does not help at all. Nit picking was once a great Dev talent, you notice things that other's don't, and when finished you have this polished awesomeness... but it took 3 years to accomplish.

Thus this Tech demo was that start. I wanted to make it where everything was working perfect together so all I had to do was place the data into a new project and then configure and place the rest of the story without having to worry about the Tech... Unforgettably in doing that I have created this monster that is sitting in the cage thrashing trying to get out, and I'm not sure I'll be able to let it out...

I started with a Trilogy and now not going into the Console industry as I was heading, I may not be able to do this, and be forced to make one story work with all it's extremeness in one package... I don't think it's possible and not sure it would be smart, in a marketing way to do that... So now i'm stuck wondering what to do next, and how....
Great games you've made! is this a non-commercial project? if it is i really want to use some of your script! (sorry for being rude, i just loved them!! xD )
please send me a pm if you allow me to use some of your script, it will be a great help on my current project smile.gif

Note: also, if you have slot for for a mapper or writter, i'll gladly apply smile.gif
This is a Necro by far.....

But wanted to update, I still want to make the game, but with work and life, I haven't had the time.

But there has been some new scripts i've been looking into messing around with, and that got me wanting to do more on the game, XD

I need a couple things... writer, databaser, scripter- to copy my configs and such. music person, and artist, XD. But i'll never get around to them... sleep.gif

You can use the scripts, but be warn alot of them are chopped up to fit my game without excess script. So half of them won't work by themselves.. XD
Tch! You can never necro your own game thread! That'd be plain silly!
Hey Neo. Just download and played the Tech Demo; gotta say, this is one of the most impressive projects I've ever graced.

As this is a Tech Demo, I'd like to point out a bug and a couple of glitches.

1. Walking about while tutorial plays.
This happened to me when I was playing the Mini-Map tutorial. While the tutorial played, I could move about and interact with the surroundings. I gathered seeds, transferred from a map, back and forth. You might wanna look into this.

2. Tina's portrait is wrong.
In one of the conversations in Gutter's tent, Tina's portrait is that of Ulrika, not custom one. As this is a Tech Demo, this will most probably be fixed, but what the heck, here you go.

3. Impassable tile while in the morning.
While in the Inn in the forest, one tile near a window was impassible when I first came there, but when I returned there after beating the Beast Bear, the tile became passable. It might be me, and this won't probably be in the the real thing, but you might wanna have a see on this!

I've attached pictures for the last two problems for you to see.

I've probably not completed the Tech Demo yet, so I'll play further and let you know if I see anything.
Ok I fixed the INN. It was because of a window light during the day that shows, I had set it to same as, instead of above. XD

Thanks. Fixed.

As for Tina's face, yea, totally a tech demo, sooo that is a place holder, as is half of EVERYthing there. I have to redo the art work to fit the game and so on...

Not sure, but was Tina's face ever shown besides that section? XD

Walking around during the event... yeah that whole event wasn't even supposed to be there, XD. It was a test for the tut event anyway, I will fix that, thanks!

PLEASE let me know anything else. Even just suggestions. you did a great job, hope you will help me some more. There has been alot of updates since the last upload... wondering about updating the link...

On a different hand.

does anyone want to help me? I know this is weird to hear from me....


I would love to continue this project, but I can't do it myself... I have seen this. I could have had this finished by now...

I don't want it to die though.
Macy's Hero, don't you think the whole Necropost thing is...well, stupid, in regards to projects? If someone goes without getting a single post for two months (not exactly unlikely) then no one is allowed to post? blink.gif

Anyway, I want to try your game out Neo. Unfortunately, I can't view any screenshots right now, but I did watch the video on this page. Your game looks pretty complex, so I'll be sure to try it out this weekend.
QUOTE (GrandMasterTrea @ May 1 2013, 08:48 AM) *
Macy's Hero, don't you think the whole Necropost thing is...well, stupid, in regards to projects? If someone goes without getting a single post for two months (not exactly unlikely) then no one is allowed to post? blink.gif

That's actually more something that should be directed towards me, not Macy. I'll explain how I go about doing things.

When someone necroposts on a game thread here is what I look for.

1. How long has it been since someone last posted on the thread?
2. How long has it been since the creator last posted on the thread?
3. When was the last time the creator logged in on the site?
4. What was the content on the post made? Was it relevant to the game or other related posts?
5. Who made the post? Are they known for not following the rules? Are they necroposting just to show they can? Did they post something related just enough to get past number 4 so I don't do anything for that one?

I take all these things into considerations when someone necroposts and decide whether or not to do anything and what to do. That is why you can find posts in these sections that are clearly necro worthy, but nothing was done or said about it. And of course you can't necropost on your own thread so that overrules everything.
Awesome! I can't wait to hear from you.

Yeah it's pretty complex even more now... I think when I start getting into the meat of it, I might bring some of it out, maybe add it for later installments if this one does alright.

Don't want too much at one time in a game.

I kinda threw all 3 games into one, so I had to add all three sets of scripts... omg was that hard, sooo much editing and creating... >_<

Oh well enough of that, thank you again, and I hope you can help!

If you want to wait I think I will upload a updated version with fixes. Let me know if that's what you think should be better?

I just fixed a huge bug that I'm surprised I never found.

After unlocking an achievement for making crack, it would bypass the Victory scene in battles. - Fixed.

I'm surprised that it didn't show up earlier... really surprised, actually has me thinking now... Oh well.

I'm playing though a couple times to get a view on the new bugs and stuff that needs fixed. Will throw out a new demo soon.
QUOTE (GrandMasterTrea @ May 1 2013, 08:48 AM) *
Macy's Hero, don't you think the whole Necropost thing is...well, stupid, in regards to projects?

I don't do any thinking Akod does ALL my thinking for me and brushes my hair in the mornings.

Neo I picked up an played this game around the first time you posted it looking forward to a new demo.
Well that should be pretty soon. i've been playing though and making list of things needing changed. After finding that bug last night, it should be a bit easier, 'cause the rest are just errors or images or something just small. Glad you liked it, I'm trying to get it out as soon as I can. Tired of just sitting around on it, XD. i'm hoping I can get help on it soon.

I'll post a recruitment thread later when I know what i'm looking for.

PS. Yeah I have my wife for that stuff as well, thinking? XD HA!

Alright here you go. New updated link! With new improvements and addons.

Game link

New Features

New porting system. - *
New Map discover action.
New Images and backgrounds for menus that didn't have them at the time.
New party menu
fixed major bugs, and some minor ones.
New Synth addon- Disassemble Shop. Helps in make more things.
New image galley, and unlock shop. Uses Credits.
New Class Query. So you can see info on classes before you chose them.

There are more I'm sure, but these are all I can remember at the moment.


I totally forgot to open port 2... so if you do use port, you have to Alt or Ctrl walk off island.... I don't remember which makes you able to clip.

Oh yeah. It is an open source game... with that being said anyone can use what they want, but I must warn anyone that chooses to use scripts.

These scripts are edited to fit each other, and without it's counter part, it will not work correctly. Some not so much, but it's still a warning.

If you don't have my font, just go into my fonts folder and install that.

Day and night system still has bugs. Day changing at 11pm not midnight.
Just a question though will there be faqs/walkthrough coming up?
i was just wondering cause I'm gonna test the game maybe i can finish unless there's riddle or mazes and stuff xD
well i'm off to test it laugh.gif
nah, not any FAQ or anything yet, if you want something I could I guess. There's not much to it as for needing help, but there are sooooooo many features that I might have to. Thanks for the question I think I will do something. Maybe a vid faq. idk. Thanks again.
Updated fixes V 0.1.5C

---------------For sure Major Bugs needing to fix--temp fix FTW----------------


Add image bg for Give item. - thinking about it

Stop character in mini map tut. - temp fixed - disabled

Overdrive gauge in menus -- can tailor new images to it. - Thinking

in skill menu- when choose to heal... no background? - working on it.

unlock port 2. -maybe change images before upload. - Fixing/Fixed

after synth- dialog messed up - ????

in item menu- valueables moves the cursor right??? - Thinking

The scrolling text doesn't tone anymore.....-temp fixed: added switch to allow tone. - Still doesn't at night- Temp fix.

Double it's night message - Fixing

Shadow image when dashing in vehicle- ?

fix waves at bottom of field studies- ?

D&N system?????? what's up with the times... - NEED Help!

---------------Text box over map names-----temp fix FTW------------------

Still under work.

return book quest question yes or no. - fixed

read this book- wisdom - fixed

More to come....


Once I figure the major bugs as fixed, then I will make the new Build 0.1.5C

C will be the last update for 0.1.5

After that we will go into Game Build 0.2

Still thinking about the FAQ and stuff. Thinking of placing a map or something that display the Test Zones, and what is in there. So kind of a guide to each area, and what to expect, with a check list.
I don't know why I haven't done this before, Neosky. But I'm downloading this now.

It looks pretty awesome. You've definitely taken some serious time on it.

I'm gonna give it a whirl:D
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