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Full Version: Two script requests
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This is my first post here, and I've found some neat scripts, but I need two things which I couldn't find by searching.

First of all I need a script that makes an event follow the player exactly, I'll use it for a dog that follows the player.
To be specific, it stays behind the play whenever it can, and doesn't move unless he does. If the player tries to move back into the event, then the event will move through him too. It should also move at the same speed as the player. If you've ever played Pokemon Mystery Dugeon, then your partner in that game kind of acts the same way.

Also, I need a script that allows the game to have two types of currency. An event would probably call a script to change which currency it shows when you open the menu. As for shops they should only take the currency that is "Active" at the moment.

If you need me to go into more detail than that then ask. Also if I can do either of those things without a script, then enlighten me. XD
I would really appreciate any help towards this.
Hey Blue MArio, and Welcome!

Did you check the Caterpillar script that makes events follow you?

Check the Script list for it...
Thank you! I found the caterpillar script, and it makes the party members follow the player. Can I use it to have a certain event follow me?
E.G. The dog is not literally in my party but he follows me.
Oh, and I didn't know if I should post that in the topic for the script or this topic.
Good question (about where to ask!)- but I think the idea is that the caterpillar script lets whatever event you choose follow, so it should work fine for the dog.

Good luck on the other one.

I think just a script snippet would work, but you do know you can change the name for gold in the database, right?
So if someone can get you a script line to change it, you should be cool.

Ummm, sorry , I had forgotten all the features you wanted for your $$$ - it may be more complicated...
<end edit>

Best Wishes!
Well to be honest, I don't know enough about scripting to take a little bit out and apply it to an event.
I just love how members here will show you something if it's been posted instead of bashing you for not finding it yourself...
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