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Full Version: Most Helpful (2008 Nominations)
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Vote and discuss your responses here.
Big Ed: I suggest you reply and decide who you want your vote changed to or you're disqualified.
I think I may have voted for Grandma on this one...but if not, she's my pick.
Duly noted.
Put 'em all in our VX hall of fame... and even though she seems like she is gonna lose it sometimes lol, I think Grandma is the most helpful. However, for sheer volume of helping others since time immemorial, it would be Jason, and for sheer figuring-out-event-problems, you have to hand it to Aindra. A very fine crew.
I think Granny Deb made a total revolution on help and support topics actually. Jason and BigEd too, as well as Aindra. Jason has been here since I can remember btw.
I totally expect GrandmaDeb to take this one. I can't even think of all of the times she's helped me on here. Although I was surprised that Pinedavx wasn't on this poll he was helpful too.
Wow, only 3 votes for me? Thats pretty effed up. I guess my 1900+ posts were just filler. dry.gif
No way Jason!

You always have intelligent, helpful posts!
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