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Full Version: Animal Recolor
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Aden Sickle
The game I'm working on mainly uses animal for the party characters. And I'm kinda hard pressed for sprites and faces so could some one just make me some recolors on these face and sprites:








Nothing too outlandish (Ex: No purple cows).
I need the chicken sprite in 7 recolored to match the chicken face in 2.
I need a white wolf face. Use either of the wolf faces in 4.
A male lion and tiger sprite to go with the faces in 1.
I need the either of the dog faces in 4 recolored to match the dog sprites in 6.
I need the either of the cat faces in 1 recolored to match the cat sprites in 6.
I would like to have sprites based off the faces in 5.

Those are all the animal sprites I have so while not strictly neccesary, it would still be nice to have the following animal sprites:
They of course need to correspond to the faces I already have or I'll have to put in another recolor request.

Just to clarify. I did not make ANY of these faces and sprites and take absolutely no credit for them. I found most of them on a site which was composed of completely random symbols and a really funky looking link in the address bar, so I don't know who made them. (But it wasn't me.)

Okay, hope I didn't sound to demanding. I'd be more than happy to help who ever helps me in whatever way I can. Also, I don't care if other people use these if you don't.
Animal Sprites
Bat - Mack's set below under "birds"

Bee - XP

Birds - Mack (swan, seagull, dove, chicken, hawk)


Butterfly - Mack's set above

Cat, seated
Etoiler's stuff

Camel - Knuckleman

Pineda's topic for a chocobo

Pineda's topic chimp and face to match by Antares

Chipmuck - Gozaru

Dog, Chihuahua
Pineda's topic chihuahua dog

Downs, Dog cat and chicken - XP

Pineda's topic duck

Fox - Pineda

Fox - perhaps by TANA


Hornets - Dai


Weem points out that they are "top view" - in other words, the left and right facing sprites are not in profile.
I can live with that, though! haha I does make them look better if they are crawling on a wall, though.

Rabbit - XP RTP

Macys Hero's Graphics

Horse - RTP Edits


Walrus - credit needed

from Between Truth and Fantasy - Cat, dove, frog, rat, butterfly, chicken, bunny

(Usually I wouldn't post them because Between asks for no re-posting, but I am pretty sure they are all edits of existing stuff)

RTP recolors...

Wolf pup - Ragarnok

[-resources-animal sprites-]
Aden Sickle
Thanks to GrandmaDeb about half my request has been filled. I still need all the recolors I mentioned and the hawk/eagle and tiger sprites. I would also still like to have some animal monsters based on faceset number 5.

Thanks again, GrandmaDeb, you're awesome!

I've crossed out the animals I no longer need as well.

Well these may help with the monsters.
I found them on RPGMakerBrasil with no credits sad.gif


IDK if these wolf face sets will work - but they are Gozaru/Ruruga's (second one just color adjusted) (the white one is my bad edit)

I was trying to match the colors of this smaller wolf face by Shinobi.

<<edit>> I'm moving some of these to keep the animals together...>>
Aden Sickle
These are great. I guess I should have just sent this request directly to GrandmaDed. LOL.

There are 6 wolf characters in my game, so I need a white wolf face and then three more face and sprite recolors for the wolf. Technically they don't have to be recolors, just something that makes each one unique. I don't want my player to ever go "Wait which wolf is this?"

(On a side note which has nothing to do with this topic. My "F" key is being really stubborn and non responsive. Anyone know how to fix it? PM me the answer.)

EDIT, that Grey wolf is perfect. I don't think I'll use the other two though. Thanks anyway though.
Hey Aden,

I thought you might like these
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Gives thanks to GrandmaDeb who prompted me to post these



(sorry to not be of any help)
Can I just ask GrandmaDeb where she got the bunny?
QUOTE (IMP1 @ Jan 24 2009, 12:10 AM) *
(sorry to not be of any help)
Can I just ask GrandmaDeb where she got the bunny?

i'm pretty sure its a converted XP RTP char set
Cheers! cool.gif
Aden Sickle friggin awsome.

jim42, you are friggin awsome.

Okay, I've updated my original post by marking out the animals I no longer need.
QUOTE (Aden Sickle @ Jan 24 2009, 07:59 AM) * friggin awsome.

jim42, you are friggin awsome.

lol cheers mate, just trying to help biggrin.gif


FYI there are now Faces to go with PinedaVX's monkey sprites, Here


And Pine just released a fox Here
Add Antares' Monkey. There are 3 expressions. But hey...


EDIT: It's for Pineda's Monkey by the way
I also wanted to make a game like yours but with monsters instead of animals so I gathered a lot of monster sprites.

Here are some that can match your faceset!

I couldn't find the Other 2 monsters I'm sorry, those were taken from RpgmakerXP I think.

Oh and I got an extra rooster if you like it!

I've got Plenty More monsters, I f you want me too I can PM all of them to you, so you can choose the one you Like!
Ok, normally I won't be nerco posting... But GrandmaDeb recommended I add these recolours. Blame her not me laugh.gif

The reason the bottom four are odd colours is because the person I recoloured them for requested it wink.gif

No credit needed

Do you think is it possible to have a white horse for VX??
Hi Kaoslory, and welcome to the community.

This is an old topic.
If you would like to request a recolor of the horse sprite set, you should start a new topic in the resource requests forum
(a sub-forum of Resource Showcase)

You should easily find help there.

But if you go here and scroll down, you will see a white horse and a white horse with a brown saddle. wink.gif
Lol this thread is crazy, it might as well be the animal thread.
I suppose this Is an award-winning hijack...
Heres a recolored wolf-
Click to view attachment

I'll edit this post if I decide to do more.
Oops! I fixed that little screw up in the picture above (I think)-

Click to view attachment

Oh, I didn't realize Grandma Deb already did that one. Whatever, now you have 2 tongue.gif
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